Monday, May 29, 2006

Catch up, some sox pics

It's been a while since I last posted because I have been putting 50+ hours in a week at work and on a personal note, a close relative was diagnosed with cancer. They had successful surgery, but it is the second time cancer has formed in that her body in the last 24 months. It has weighed on my mind much and reaffirmed my priorities, to cherish every moment that I can enjoy life on my terms, spend time with my loved ones, and that work is after all, just work.

This past weekend, I did get the opportunity to go to Curt Schilling's 200th victory. My future father in law received complimentary luxury box tickets at Fenway, and it was my first experience in a luxury box. Beautiful sightlines, all of the food and alcohol was free, and the seats were padded (yes, Fenway has padded seats!). Baseball Analysis: Schilling has good movement on his pitches and that saved him. The Devil Rays were making great contact against him in the first, and when hits started to drop, they scored 4 runs on him. His top speed wasn't 97, more like 94. The hitters had the timing it was a matter of adjusting for the movement. Schilling settled down a bit, threw some more splitters, and went out after 7 innings to thunderous applause. On the other side of the diamond, the Devil Rays looked like a good young team that has terrible pitching. If they can develop one arm to go with Kazmir, they could make a move in 2-3 years. I think Lou Pinella set them back with his antics. After the game, the crowd was mostly still there and chanted "We want Curt". It was loud and exactly the thing that brought him to Boston. After a couple of minutes, he stepped out and tipped his cap. The crowd went bonkers, and Curt soaked in the moment. As a connection to that champonship team from 2004, he will forever have a place of honor in Red Sox lore.

The pics I am posting are of Curt warming up before an inning, Curt's curtain call after the game, and replicas of Pedro Martinez's Cy Young awards.