Sunday, July 30, 2006

one month of marriage down....

our weddng went as smooth as possible and was as we had wished it to be. it was pretty emotional, and if you talk about it with my grandmother, she's still crying about it! the honeymoon in mexico was a good choice. i recommend going the all inclusive route to anyone. here is where we stayed for 7 days of paradise. it made life very hard to come back to and work nearly impossible to come back to for the rest of my life. i recommend for everyone that the wedding you have be the wedding you want.

coming back to regular life, i was amazed how the 'living together' stage really helped the transition to married life. it's not for everyone, but living together eased us into married life. the cats were happy to see us again. it was great to finally get back and start a life together.

i might as well comment on a bunch of things.....

so israel withdraws from some 'occupied areas', then gets rocket attacked and has two soldiers kidnapped, then attacks the people whoa re attacking them, and israel is considered the aggressor? i don't get that reasoning. they gave up their settlements and went back to pre-1967 borders which are recognized by the UN, yet the other side attacked them. why doesn't the UN support them? Oh yeah, the UN is full of anti-semites.

looks like the housing market is finally slowing/cooling off. i wonder what happens to people who put 0% down or 3% down and overpaid for houses? how screwed over are they? Hold on, why the heck would someone ever put 0% down? That's a stupid idea. It will probably take 3 more years before wages catch up with housing prices to bring the ratio back to historical norms or housing costs come down to bring the ratio to historical norms along the coasts of the USA. Home prices are more 'sticky' than other goods, so I see a small amount of price drops in 'hot markets' and a wage catch up. Sadly for my wife and I, we feel we will have to move from this 'hot' housing area to afford a home and children. Yup, we're looking for affordable family formation, and yes, I do believe this writer has a great point when he says it separates blue from red states.

The investment climate is a poor one right now, and I have a decent amount in cash besides my older spx index investment. i feel like we're at that point in 2001 where the markets were waiting to go down significantly and needed some catalyst so that psychologically they could crap out. Sometimes investors and traders are like the old Soviet henchmen of Stalin who were so afraid to stop clapping for Stalin out of fear that they would be the first to stop, ahem, and murdered for it.

I'm gearing up for my first fantasy football league since back to back league championships several years ago. I wonder if I can keep the magic going. I will post my roster after we draft.