Friday, February 29, 2008

Fire Alarm Gabrielle Union

I stumbled upon this photo of Gabrielle Union, and had to include it. I give her special props for fighting off Hollywood's demands that actresses either get implants or get anorexia,a nd in some cases, both. You keep fighting the good fight, especially considering you are 35 now.

Sadly, she was in that direct-to-video quality movie "The Perfect Holiday". It was one of those movies that employs the lesser known half of black Hollywood, has terrible jokes, and does no one a favor. It's like 90 mins of your life gone. I catch these films on BET or Showtime every Blue Moon, and usually hate myself afterwards for even watching 10 minutes of them.

I hate typcasting, and I hate token characters even more. If I had a tv show or made a movie, groundrules would be:

1. Casting based on ability. Since my show would not be a vehicle for a person, it could be cast by ability. Think of the success of X-Files, The Wire, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, etc. All had good casting that had little to do with good looks. I'd even throw Lost in there. In fact, David Duchovny told the casting directors of the X-Files that if they did not hire Gillian Anderson and went with a bimbo, he'd walk out.
2. Women have to look more normal than they do in every other show. More womanly shaped. Sure there might be an anorexic looking character, but looking like a woman would be a must.
3. No tokens. If a character is of a minority or a majority set in a minority setting, there must be a reason for this that is perfectly logical. It always shocked me growing up how every sitcom or drama had Jewish characters, yet I knew none growing up. I went to college, and that changed everything. Still, I then had to educate my Jewish friends on how the non-NYC world demographics. I think the sitcoms messed them up more than it did me. Worst example of this was the black guy in the bad ski movie "Out Cold".
4. Backbones. Characters would have backbones unless it was established that a character is a pushover. I think far too often female characters are portrayed as complete pushovers, unless this character is labelled the "bitch". Guys whine and pine way too much over one girl for multiple seasons. This might happen in real life for a couple months, but then the guy starts whining and pining for someone new.
5. Black, female characters would not be sassy. Not in any way, shape or form. Gay, male characters can be ugly, old or not in shape. Dads will not always be dumb. Kids will not be smarter than their parents. Stereotypes would be minimzed.
6. Characters do not learn life lessons. Most adults I have met do not learn lessons and rarely change. Same as the show.
7. One British character with a British accent. This would then allow for me to have an episode where we bleep out half of his dialogue because he keeps dropping the c-word since the Brits use it non-stop and don't consider it bad.
8. One character gambles on football which would culminate to the Super Bowl episode where he won a ton of different bets and proved that gambling can sometimes end on a decent or happy note.
9. Adult characters would drink alcohol on the screen. Remember Christine Baranski's character on Cybill, and how she was always drinking but then CBS kow towed to pressure and stopped her drinking and then the show jumped the shark? yeah? Booze would not be blocked on my show.

There are more of course from my partner in the show writing.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why Is Anyone Worked Up Over This?

So what. There is a punishment for every crime. I hope people realize that the streets are way safer now than in the '70s or even 80s. Were'nt there suppose to be a generation of superkillers entering America in the mid 90s? Oh yeah, didn't happen. I am thankful that the world conservatives were so scared would come to pass in the early 80s did not actually happen.

I'm also reminded of this awesome NY Times oped that discussed how when combining mental health institutionalized patients, America actually has fewer people 'locked up' now than in the 1950s. The difference being that the average profile of someone locked up went from middle aged, white woman to young, black male. I could not find that oped. I did find this, which discusses total incarceration as well. I did find this NY Times article which discusses this idea.

Excellent, I did find the NY Times oped about this exact idea. Thank you NY Times for removing the charge for reading old articles.

I think our prison system is pretty piss poor. I think most prison systems are pretty piss poor, well except for those Asian countries where they cane you for smaller offenses and then send you to those jungle prisons for bigger offenses. That's not piss poor, but it is bad ass and barbaric. I would never want to step out of line there. Sentencing used to be exile and death. I recall from my British history class that there were countless crimes that were punishable by death, but if you could get a member of the aristocracy to write you a note, you could get off with a fine. That's a pretty scary system. We brought that system over, and then the Quakers had to ruin it with this idea of prison and rehabilitation. Yup, cause stewing in a cell over getting caught and doing hard labor is going to make you go straight.

Prison has devolved into something far worse. No one gets rehabbed. Is that more of a reflection on many people not realizing what they did was wrong and therefore, never learning? Maybe they only learn to not get caught. No one gets decent treatment to be a better individual when they get out. It is time out, except with fighting, gay sex, and tattooing thrown in for good measure. It's like adult "time out" crossed with home videos of the biker gang from Mad Max. Who would ever come out of there ready to integrate with society? It is one of those problems that is so awful that we do not know where to start.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


While a history buff growing up, I never really delved into the classics. College gave me that opportunity, and I enrolled in several courses in Greek and Roman culture and history. So much of the dramatic and comedic storylines we see today on film or read in books come from the basics of Greek theater. The Greeks and Romans created the political basis for our own democratic republic. I often think of my Greek Culture professor who explained that thankfully we took more cues from the Romans because the Greeks used the same word for custom as they did for law, which made things confusing at times. That was one of the many tidbits of information I learned in those courses.

One thing that I truly loved was the mythology of Ancient Greece. Fantastic stories that could centered around humans, maybe have human and God interaction, or revolve aroud quasi-God figures and Gods, or any other combination. I remember vividly the Minotaur. The Minotaur was a bad ass, half-bull/half-human monster that ate people. As the link above takes you to wikipedia for background, note the interpretations of the Minotaur. In my classics class, we discussed how we still do this to modern days but substitute important figures of our modern world to fit into a narrative to explain certain behavior or the world around us. Example numero uno would be the assassination of JFK. Why would one man kill our president? No way could it only be one man? Let's make up a story. Even better, let's make up even more mythical reasons why people would have wanted him dead so you know that if you ever get to a position of power, you better watch out. "They" are always watching and in control.
My personal interpretations was one I put forth in class. Yes, I once had an original thought! It was a simple one at that, but it did have a moral. My interpretation was that the Queen of Crete had a love child who was dumb in the olden days sense, brutally strong and insane. Like teenage boys with FAS who don't know their own strength but add insanity. He roamed the halls of the labyrnthine palace and would have fits of rage. To appease him, the ruling family would leave human sacrifices (the young boys and girls) out for him to attack instead of members of court. The grotesque nature of the beast was a representation of the grotesque view of illegitimate children in Greek culture. It was something alien, yet human and familiar. The family would not kill it, and endured it in a sense. The beast being in the center of the labyrnth of the palace represented the child being the center of the royal family's problems and shame.
Greek mythology is full of such wonderful stories that are incredibly dark at times. Not every story ends happily, and if written by Sophocles, someone is going to maim themself or commit suicide. I enjoyed learning that the stories of Oedipus or Electra were a commonly known framework that different writers would take a stab at and use to create a trilogy of plays. I only wish more of these stories had survived the Dark Ages. We know Sophocles version of the Oedipus trilogy, but what of Euripides or Aeschylus? How would they compare? Sadly, we will never know.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Even More Frivolous Reasons to Vote For Barack Hussein Obama

The recent media lovefest with Barack Hussein Obama has sickened me. I like Obama, but I know if he were of the GOP, he wouldn't get the fanfare he is now. I like some of his ideas here on his website. I say some because he's pretty far left at times. Then again, so am I. He is less for change than he says he is, and he never really seems to say much of substance. He's like one of those deep college guys who dresses in black and just spouts off nonsensical oneliners to try to impress chicks with how deep he is, "wherever you go, there you are". Wait a second, he's more like a fraudulent preacher like in that underrated Steve Martin movie. Because the media and his own campaign has come up with no real reasons to vote for him over the vastly superior candidate (on paper resume), Senator Clinton, I am going to add my frivolous reasons to vote for Obama.

1. As stated here, he has handed white people the ultimate "get out of jail free" card for the next 20 years. This is worth it to all people who tell jokes based on racial stereotypes from time to time. Read this posts, as it points out a pretty true statement. You can call white people any racist term under the sun and even use it on TV, but by golly, do not call a white person a racist.

2. He looks good on HDTV. Seriously, I think HDTV might alter the careers of newscasters, reporters, actors, and even politicians. I think this might hurt McCain in the debates vs. Obama. No wonder why everyone in Hollywood is going the Botox route. HD is the worst and best thing ever for sports, movies and porn. No Barbara Walters filter can save McCain in HD.

3. Speaking of porn, this gives porn producers with IQs of 30 (90% of them) a reason for shooting interracial scenes with a political theme. Believe me, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal was a gift to those retards in porn who made tons of movies with men in grey wigs and brunettes in black berets. A black president would be a booster shot to them. Heck, a female president with a big ass would be as well.

4. We should try having a cokehead in office. We've had alkies, pot smokers, and Kennedy and Nixon were both on serious medications (amphetamines and/or antidepressants). Why not a cocaine user? I love how he used drugs to push questions out of his mind. Way to make "escapism" sound deep. Watching all of my friends in college who did cocaine, I never met anyone who did a "little" cocaine.

5. He smokes and is on the nicotine patch right now to quit. Can you imagine a smoker back in the White House? I have friends who semi-annually try to quit and by day 3, they are a mess. If a stressful situation hits them, it is actually scary to witness. I want to have a president who smokes like a chimney and does that grampa thing where they talk and growl as they smoke when you disturb them. "wha...whattayatalkin' 'bout? Bomb Iran... jeesusfuckincriss... gimme a second herrrrrre.. (inhales with that painful, squinty eyed look on his face)... Let's do this".

6. Black comics who have struggled to put together 30 minutes of material for 10 years will no longer go hungry. A decent impersonation might land a black comic a spot on SNL. Before we get a feel for his governing style, horrible jokes that play on stereotypes will be used to get laughs. This just needs to last until his first scandal or big decision. Then, we can make fun of him like every other president.

7. Speaking of SNL, this might cause Tim Meadows to kill himself. Tim Meadows was on SNL for what, 15 years, and maybe was in 3 good skits. One skit was a skit where they dropped the cue cards and Will Ferrell, Chris Parnell and Meadows did a great job of adlibbing. A black president would have given him job security for 8 more years. He just timed his departure from the show a little too early.

8. The USA could rub it in the noses of Europeans that we 'transcended' our racial past and voted a member of a minority the leader of the free world. I use transcended because that is what the media is saying when he wins a state. Like voters meditated and found the meaning of life, which is voting for Obama. Seriously, could you see Germany voting for a Jewish or African candidate... or France voting for a Muslim candidate... or Britain... or Italy?
9. He's got that 'newscaster' voice. Just sounds like a newscaster on the national news broadcasts. If I am going to hear bad news in the next 4 years, I'd at least like it to be from someone with a nice voice who doesn't fumble over his heards because he did too much acid (ahem, Prez Bush).
10. With the Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, we will see if they have the ideas to lead our country, the willpower and vision to shape a comprehensive and intelligent foreign policy, and the ability to govern rather than just be a reactionary party. It is sad to say but for the last 30 years, the GOP has been the party of ideas. Not all of them have been good, but they have had different ideas to tackle the problems facing this nation and world than what the politicians of the '60s and '70s gave us. This will be a true test. I can see the Democrats stepping up to the challenge and then putting in motion a strong Democrat majority for 20 more years, kind of how the Democrats dominated government after World War 2, causing the GOP to drift towards the center until the nation was fed up with New Deal/Great Society programs and the disastrous Jimmy Carter presidency. I can also see the Democrats doing ok on domestic issues but fumbling horribly on foreign policy, and therefore, they will get the car keys taken away from them in the executive branch in 4 years and will not be trusted until the war on terror has reached a different phase.
Just remember: "Yes We Can!"


Pilobolus performed on Saturday night at Butler University's auditorium. They perform a very interesting form of dance that is extremely athletic and unique. If they come to your local area, check them out. The ability to make simple motions and simple combinations look incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing is a result of genius. Multiple times, I sat there watching this and thought "I wish I was stoned", but then thought "How the hell has no one else thought of using such simple movements in combination to create such a complex looking puzzle of bodies"?

The image to the right is just a nice static image of the type of work they do.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Man Child

As a man writing about gender issues, I always feel required to state that I am a huge supporter of the feminist movement in that I believe in equality for all, and that women should be on equal ground with men in the workforce, schools, etc. This article talks about the 'man child' or 'child man' idea. She attacks the state of modern "single young men", and I wanted to draft up an awesome response to it. Someone beat me to the punch by using brilliant arguments and refutes pretty much all of her points. This fellow nails just about every counterpoint I could come up with on the head. There are a couple of things he leaves out that I wanted to bring up.

In her first couple of paragraphs, the author compares a 26 yo male from 1965 to one of modern times. She contrast how the 1965 youngin' would be married to his HS sweetheart, have a kid and be saving up for a house while the modern 26 yo isn't doing any of those things and therefore isn't an adult. What defines an adult? I would say working a job and paying bills is adult. Not all adults pay their bills, but I consider that adult. Is the author so blind that she only considers a man an adult when he is married and a father. That is sexist, and I am offended. Joking. One convenient point she is avoiding in that comparison is that the man in 1965 did not go to college, while the man of today to achieve financial comfort, most likely has to go to college. That is a 4 year period of buffer that delays a lot of different things because a rational person might think "jeez I am in college, getting married or having a kid right now might be a bad idea". That's a pretty adult choice. To not give this any thought is a rather dumb way to handle the idea of people (not just men) seeming to take a longer time to grow up. After all, the average female age for firt time wives has gone up rather quickly in the last 20 years, hmmmmm.

My second big gripe was this: what do you put as a value of spending your adult time and when a man spends his adult free time hooking up isn't he hooking up with an adult woman? Jeez, I guess the author never thought of that. Here's a direct quote...

With women, you could argue that adulthood is in fact emergent. Single women in their twenties and early thirties are joining an international New Girl Order, hyperachieving in both school and an increasingly female-friendly workplace, while packing leisure hours with shopping, traveling, and dining with friends [see “The New Girl Order,” Autumn 2007]. Single Young Males, or SYMs, by contrast, often seem to hang out in a playground of drinking, hooking up, playing Halo 3, and, in many cases, underachieving. With them, adulthood looks as though it’s receding.

This author has a very good point on women achieving in school & the workplace. Yah equality! I do think there is something at work here that a different author, Christina Hoff Sommers, has discussed in her book "The War Against Boys". Somewhere in time we forgot to tell boys it was good to do well in school. Plus, eggheads don't normally get laid a lot. That is for another blog post. What I find horrible in the above paragraph is that men who drink, hook up, hang out with friends while playing video games are considered underachieving while women who shop, travel with friends (if they have any), hook up and dining with friends are considered adult. She never says it, but these men are obviously hooking up with these same women unless they are gay, so the women are hooking up, she just chooses not to write it in. This author has written that shopping, eating dinner with friends and traveling is adult, but if you want to drink, play pickup basketball games, and play video games with friends, it is immature. What she fails to consider is that men and women use different activites as the backdrop for socializing with their peers. I'm not discussing needs shopping here, I am discussing young woman, let's go girls shopping. I consider shopping as a social activity to be the ultimate lame-o act in our consumerist society. I associate shopping with empty headed girls using credit cards to buy outfits and girl things while drinking mocha-frappa-frosty-chinos. If a guy friend said "Let's go shopping", I'd stare at him for a few seconds and say "you need something". I know the men going shopping thing was explored during the metrosexual discussion, and once again, that was considered bad for men. I do not know about you but shopping and dining with friends do not give a person the adult stamp of approval. It just means that you like to spend money on yourself.

The author fails to consider that playing video games is an arbitrary setting for guy time that in days of yore were spent hunting or at the American Legion or Elks Club playing cards. The author also comments on how these men are commitment-phobes. Is this such a fucking news flash? Men has always been accused of beign afraid to commit. It is a natural "problem" with men. Do I think men have become a bit more immature in the 20s. Sure, I do. Do I think the fact that 60% or more of youngsters go to college has a hand in it? Yes. Do I think women getting married later, being hypersexual in their behavior, and wanting to have a career first so they put off motherhood and marriage has a bit to do with it? Yes. Do I think that women view men as an accessory at times that they display for social approval from their circle of friends and others just as much as men view young women as sexual 'devices'? Hell yes. Did the author want to just rip on young men and how they are letting down young women? Sure. Do I think that the ascent of the cult of youth culture has made huge portions of society regress? Yes. That all sounds just about right.
To consider men only adults if married and a father is like in olden days when childless mothers or spinsters were looked down on socially. It is wrong. There are many different variations of adult. I have met teenagers that I consider more adult than 40 year olds. I have met grandparents who are pretty darn childish. I am a bit more spiritual in this view and think that we never stop growing, we never stop changing. To say a 26 year old man making 60K annually that is unmarried, childless and plays vidego games is immature is a block headed statement. That is someone living life and figuring out everything about themselves before they rush into marriage or fatherhood and later find out their true wants and leave, fucking up someone else's life.

***I think the funniest bit in the whole article (and if you read it there are many ironic funny sentences) is when she said "Sex and the City" was about 4 30-somethings and like they were positive role models. I thought Kristin Davis' character was the only 30-something & only decent character, and I thought all of them just wanted to have as much sex as possible and never settle down. They were horrible characters. I personally loved how a sentence in this woman's article read that a woman was frustrated by being the breadwinner. Hahahahaha, welcome to the club; how the times have changed!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Annoying D-Bag at the Museum

So the wife and I went tot he state museum that is in the heart of downtown. We learned about our new state and had a laugh at how new everythign is in their historical record. I really dug the natural history element with the fossil record and the formation of the state through the sands of time. That was super cool, but I wonder how the serious Christians view that. Do they just say "This is a crock, the Earth was made in 6 days". Do they believe in plate tectonics that cause continental drift?

There was one individual who made the visit a bit interesting. This fellow had his wife and child in tow and had a really loud voice. He sounded a bit special, but I might be confusing special with stupid. At the display of the contributions of the state to the 20th century war efforts of the United States, there was a model of the USS Indianapolis. The dumbass said to his daughter, "this is a replica of the ship that carried the first atomic bomb. after the bomb dropped, their ship was sunk and sharks ate them all. it was god's punishment for doing a bad thing". Now as a lover of history, I had to refrain from correcting him right there in front of his kid and calling him out for stupidity. Over 300 men survived, so technically not all of the men died, which would mean some of them were not in fact punished for being a part of the bomb dropping. The lover of a good argument in me had to refrain from sitting there and arguing the merits of using the bomb then. To simply state that it was god's punishment for their complicity in that act is a fricking slap in the face. I was really fired up.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tom Servo!

Tom Servo rocks. He was my favorite MST3K character. I'd buy my wife a replica Servo if I could get my hands on one. I liked Servo's design a lot because while he had no eyes, the empty gumball shell made it look like he had a giant eye seeing all.

I hope that the creators of the show start to release season of this show on DVD. I think this would be a huge seller. I'd like just to have 10 or so episodes to pop in and watch anytime. "Hercules vs. the Moon Men", "Mitchell", "Manos", "Alien from LA" and "The Wild Wild Wild Wild World of Batwoman" would be on the top of my list.

If they only released the 'movie' on DVD, I would be content. That movie has more one liners than the average new comedy. I know creator Joel Hodgson was or is involved with the Jimmy Kimmel Show, but if they did reunion shows from time to time, I would be happy.

Random Observation while Reading "Arabian Sands"

Currently, I am reading the travel book Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger. I barely made it past 2 of the preface and thought "this author sounds like one interesting man and this book is already excellent". The book is a reount of his travels across the "Empty Quarter" on the Arabian Peninsula. It is extremely interesting, and the author has that British knack for telling a story with wit and a wonderful sense of time. Throughout the book, which was written a while after the actual events, you get the feeling of lost innocence or a lifestyle that is watching the sands slipping through the hourglass. It is quite beautiful to read, and I will probably buy this author's other travel books.

My observation is in how this does relate to the current state of affairs in the Middle East and the 'war on terror'. The author notes how the Middle East has advanced from 1946 to 1970 (let alone the last 25 years after this reprint) is akin to the British Isles advance between the Middle Ages and present day. To go through such a rapid advancement due to sudden oil wealth in such a short period might cause some cultural, social, and economic problems. It's something I wish that our leaders would read and absorb. The 'other' side was living a dark ages lifstyle until recently... and some of their members still do.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Evangelical Colleges

I have a coworker who is getting their degree through a local university. I always support coworkers in their quest for more education, especially if they do not have a Bachelor's degree. This employee takes one course at a time in a rolling class set up. It does sound interesting. This individual mentioned taking basic economics this month and next, and they know I was an economics major in college. I have told them that it can be very dry at times, and that a lot depends on your professor. This person responded by stating that the professor has discussed economics and how it relates to the Bible.

That's when my head hit the brick wall.

I looked at this university online and, surprise surprise, it is an evangelical university. No wonder they would relate basic economics to the Bible. You know and I know that the Bible is full of graphs of indifference curves, supply and demand graphs, and mentions John Keynes all of the time. Wait a second, it does not. I'm going to lend a hand if the person does ask for assitance, but I'll also have my BS radar switched on. This school might as well be stealing students money. What are they going to have a class on World War 2 and mention how Jesus sent troops to North Africa to counter Rommel's moves? I am definitely for a little bit of religion in people's lives if they choose it, and technically, this person is choosing to go to this school. There is a part of me that is repulsed by the idea of these universities out there doing this on a much bigger scale with students. It does not feel right.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Karma is a concept that most Western folks know as do good stuff, good stuff will happen to you, do bad stuff, bad stuff happens to you. That is a pretty wide generalization but not a horrible one. The actions you take in life will through cause and effect eventually bear fruit in your life or future life. The neverending birth, death, and rebirth cycle had to have some consequence for bad actions to get people to behave well, so the karma concept can act as a way to encourage good behavior. There is a hell in Hindu belief where you exist until your bad karma is run out. I like that idea. Hell should not be neverending, which is why the Catholic concept of purgatory always appealed to me. My Hindu friend in college would toy with the karma idea by doing good things int he hopes that he'd do well on a test or maybe get a specific girl to reciprocate feelings for him. I always knew this good karma build up had failed when he'd knock on my door and ask my roommate and I if we could tell him good websites from which to download "movie files". Karma is a fun concept and can have different interpretations.

Karma is on my mind right now as the New England Patriots might be the most perfect example of what can happen when you build up a lot of bad karma. Let's review. The Patriots first cheated while fielding one of the best rosters in the NFL if not the best. The Patriots then ran up the score on bad teams. In games versus good teams, they would tack on TDs in the waning seconds in an effort to stick it to them (think about the Dallas game). When an opposing team had a Hall of Fame coach at the helm, the Patriots managed to run the score up to 52-7. They looked unstoppable, but cracks did appear in the armor after the first 10 weeks. Unfortunately, bounces, penalties, and every other lucky twist would happen to help them on their quest for 19-0, the perfect NFL season. Beyond poor sportsmanship, their fans, known for being smug, took their smug attitude to another level and really made the rest of the nation dislike the team during a quest that everyone should have supported. Seriously, everyone should want to see a juggernaut go undefeated.

Did karma lay asleep on its watch? No. It decided to show up at the worst possible time. During the Super Bowl with the highest viewership ever, and second in total viewership behind that MASH finale, the Patriots were defeated by a solid team with a lot of fire. The reward for such a sour winner season was a humiliating defeat on the game's biggest stage. Throughout the season, I kept hoping a team would knock them off, but I did not realize the grand karmic retribution that was in store for the Patriots. Karma might not always be on time, but in this instance, the wait was worth it.

(Can someone please tell me why 105 million Americans in 1980 watched the last MASH? I loved that show when I watched it on reruns, but 105 million when the country was maybe 225 mil in size, c'mon?????)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl

My wife's homemade chili.... $10, but I don't know because I don't do the shopping.

Cell phone calls to Giants fans and my parents... free because it's a weekend.

Spending 15 minutes pacing back and forth and knocking on wood every 30 seconds as the Patriots performed the biggest choke job in the history of the NFL....


Super Bowl Predictions

Patriots -11.5 over Giants - I hate the Pats, but I have to go with the smart money here.

Prop bets:
Over for Plax Burress total receptiosn at 4.5 (-135 odds)
Over for Kevin Boss total receptions at 1.5 (-180 odds)
Over for Tom Brady total passing yards at 300.5 (-105 odds)

Weird prop bet:
Eli Manning +5.5 yards more total passing yards than Peyton Manning in last year's SB (247 yards). (even odds)

Enjoy the game and commercials.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Schedule 1 Drug Definition

The United States defines a Schedule 1 drug as (hat tip: wikipedia)....

(A) The drug or other substance has high potential for abuse.
(B) The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
(C) There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

People, besides the stoners I know, feel that this should not apply to marijuana. Marijuana does have a history of doing the rescheduling dance. I think in a bit by bit breakdown, it can be abused like nicotine or alcohol but is there any specific side effect beyond the risks posed by smoking regular cigarettes? No one gets addicted to weed. No one. if you told a stoner tomorrow they had to quit or you'd kill them, they could stop. Heroin users can't say the same thing. The drug can be used for medical purposes. It can for AIDS patients and glaucoma as it does relieve pain, or it does cause food cravings which help cancer and AIDS patients bulk up. There are obvious pharmaceutical drugs out there that do a better job, and the nation's MDs are happy to prescribe them for your use. Lack of safety involved with use of the drug? What? How can anyone think of marijuana use and consider these stoners a danger? These people can barely get out of their own way. They do not have motivation to do anything, especially things that involve coordination or physical exertion.

It seems obvious to me that cannibas should be rescheduled. I am a firm believer in legalization and regulation. Give it a low barrier to entry so smaller farmers can grow it. Make licensing subject to the same laws as liquor licensing. It is doable. I think a big push against legalization is because if it were legalized and no horrible societal side effects came about, people might not see it as so bad, which would completely erode the moral argument against it. This would make people question the moral side to their other arguments in law and society and make them uncomfortable. No one gets addicted to marijuana, so the damage to your body is akin to smoking cigarettes.

I feel like I go through this every year. I feel like I look around and see more and more hypocrisy in our laws, and it upsets me. The cops in my hometown would tell us say no to drugs, and they installed a cop in my high school to cut down on drug use. It did work as the hallucinogen use did drop off a cliff, but they still did not nab the drug dealers in my town. We all knew them, so why were they not arrested? On top of that, we have prozac, lithium and zoloft to make us feel happy, which is what marijuana does to a lot of people. One is legal, the other is banned. A doctor could suggest therapy and diet alterations to improve your mood, but they will probably give you a prescription for an antidepressant. A bartender can pour you a cold one and listen to your problems and make a profit. A drug dealer can get you a bag of weed for the same escapism, but he's going to jail if caught.

I'm not going to touch on how ecstasy was sold at nutrition stores into the '90s.