Thursday, March 26, 2009

Haiku Comeback

notice the smallest lines
it will crack, what will be left
sad, unfulfilled soul

The Cutler-McDaniels Fiasco

Supposedly, the broncos leaked a line to the fox news channel in denver that they are worried about cutler's drinking, which was then quickly denied. this was placed on the website (type cutler drinking for the cover up coverage) and then erased. some people are calling shenanigans as cutler is diabetic and said that's a low blow by mcdbag and co to a guy who effectively managed his diabetes to 4K passing yards. the mcdbag regime is making me sick and if this were a non-belicheck disciple he'd be torn apart by everyone. i really want the lions to pull off some kind of trade for cutler and watch the broncos go down in flams so shanny and cutler can have a good laugh. What sickens me is the defense of mcdbag by the media. Some guys are backing cutler, but it is shocking how many "analysts" and talking heads are defendig mcdbag and not questioning trading a 25 year old franchise QB.

This is what blows my mind about belicheck disciples: they all have a huge attitude without a winning history to back them up. they are trading on belicheck's name and copping an attitude with everyone else. Pioli gets a pass since he built the team with belicheck. Weis has had an enormous ego at ND yet has not won anything of any importance. The hawaii bowl???? we now know that was a ploy to get the stud LB recruit of this year's class who is from hawaii. Weis has spent more time whining to the press about unfair treatment and BCS rankings than post game victory press conferences. Mangina got chased out of NY but had a horrible attitude towards anyone and everyone. people didnt like playing for him. mcdbag is starting off by trying to trade the best QB under 30 in the NFL for matt frickin cassel. Cromeo didn't talk much. He actually wasn't a d*ck. he just lost a lot except for one magical year with derek anderson.

Despite all of this, the media laps it up because these guys are packaged as mini-belichecks. They got that hard nosed education under his wing. Sure worked for Weis. Sure worked for the Magina. Mangina's team folded like origame in weeks 12-17 last year, which is a very unbelicheckian (trademarked) thing to do. Teams are not getting the genius. They are getting his students. McDbag is the most suspect as this guy because 1. ran a decent offense until randy moss and wes welker showed up. and 2. drew up one of the worst and most arrogant gameplans of all time when he played the NY Giants in SB 42. It's got to be tough designing an offense that has a future HOF QB, the 2nd best WR of all time and pro bowlers along the offensive line plus a license to run up the score in order to pad stats. Who should the media be showering with attention and puff pieces in his new job: the coach who blew the chance at 19-0 because he got cocky and waited until the last drive to adapt or the guy who made the best SB defensive gameplan ev-ah and upset the greatest offense ev-ah? (new england accent required)

Each year that passes where the Pats keep winning 10-11 games with or without brady and the more his minions fail in new places, the more I respect Belicheck. Has anyone considered that he is a guy who would succeed in any endeavor beause of his innate abilities and intelligence? Has anyone considered it is just him, and what he has cannot be bottled, sold or passed onto minions? It is said that Socrates wasa genius and each step that was further down the line from him was a watered down wine from Plato to Aristotle to Alexander. No one could capture his methods and genius in his unique way. That is a bit of hyperbole, but what in sportswriting is not nowadays? the only upside to this whole mcdbag-cutler drama is that there might be a desperate team that is willing to trade for cutler and rejuvenate their franchise. could number 6 be suiting up for the vikings, the Niners, the Bears? who knows, but mcdbag will probably trade him straight up for a box of footballs.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking Advantage of the New Bank Bailout

Since Obama and Timmah Geithner have a new new bank bailout plan, which is secrelty justt he original Paulson plan from last fall just with a new name, I am all ears. Not just ears to learn about it to make fun of it, but to take advantage of it. This article spells out a view of why it will fail. I also want to point out that the debt we create to pay for these bank shenanigans is just money young people will have taken out of their future wages. The same young people that blindly supported Dear Leader Obama.

With this plan, a private firm just has to put up 7.5% of the purchase price. I'm going to start a hedge fund an call it M-squared, maybe Untz Inc, or Ow Investments. Say this $100 million MBS or CDO investments have a winning bid of $70 mil. I would only have to scrounge up $5.25 million in investing equity. The loans granted by the FDIC would be non-recourse, so if the investments go bad, we don't owe anything on them. All we need is to generate an income stream from these investments that covers the opportunity costs of the $5.25 million.

As the article states, the winner no matter what is the banking industry as they rid themselves of this crap. Potential winners/losers are the Treasury and private equity. A loser is most likely the FDIC, and since the FDIC can make up for losses in the premiums it collects from banks, I guess losers are good banks that avoided this junk. We privatize the gains and socialize the losses. Somewhere in all fo this, JP Morgan is going to end up making out big time as they wrote down their assets a ton over the last 4 quarters. They might get mark ups with this TARP 2 program.

Why would someone not try to get in on this action? Say the yield was set around 5% on that original $100 mil. You buy it for $70 mil, making the yield 7%. Still, you have an unknown chunk of that $100 mil lot that is just gone, never to return, which you could discover is more than the discount you bought the lot for. What is left that you can get your % back on? That is the great unknown. One thing to consider is that right now, government bonds, supposedly safe corporate bonds, money market assets and stocks are returning shit. Wouldn't someone want to take a chance to get 5%+ on this when the govt is bankrolling 93% of the operation? What if the govt steps up it's "mortgage enslavement act" on underwater and struggling homeowners and finagles people into staying in their homes paying you back?

Remember this is all to protect the banking interests. Protecting foreclosed families is really protectign the banks those families owe money to. These funny money solutions help banks, they do not help you. With this "change" administration being once again an admin for the banks and by the banks, I want to be a part of the inside. I want to be too big to fail.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"He's my Third Favorite Black President"

We've had soem good black presidents in the past, and no I don't include Bill Clinton who Toni Morrison once called America's first black president. I am talking about the great black presidents of Hollywood fictional universes. These guys, along with Tiger Woods rocking the PGA tour, set the stage for Obama, and he should send them a greata gift. Knowing his gift giving abilities, I don't think he's sendign them anything more than a Furby.

1. President Palmer in 24 - This president made critical decisions and had to trust the right people, amazingly he did this often and usually int he 40th minute of an hour long sequence. He stuck to his principles, and managed to make some good decisions when it came to situations. His wife was a problem. For some reason, Fox wrote his brother in as president after killing off President Palmer, which is a joke and he was really really lame. Like the Diet Coke President Palmer. This president also gave pretty speeches and had a good speaking voice. It's why he does All State ads now.

2. President Beck in Deep Impact - This president learns of a catastrophe, creates a two pronged plan of attack to survive by 1. training a crew of astronauts to fly out and destroy the comet or alter its path and if they fail, 2. constructing an underground shelter to keep a 1 million people alive. He manages to keep this a secret for quite a while. This is effective leadership. He even gives pretty speeches in the movie. Side note: Deep Impact would make a greta porn title.

3. President Obama - He reads off a teleprompter really well. He likes to give interviews for the media. He's really smart, whatever that means for this office. He promised change, but there's no change so far. He's having a problem appointing senior people in his admin which is one of the most important jobs for the POTUS. He's a big fan fo saying what an audicen wants to hear even fi he contradicts himself right after it. His initials are "BO", wait that's not a positive. We're only 60 days in, and I am shaking my head.


Monday, March 23, 2009


A teacher I had in high school once gave me some advice prior to going to college. He warned me against getting a PhD and told me to enjoy my time learning in the classes I took as an undergrad. He argued that getting a PhD would suck the soul from the subjects I loved. In his view, modern higher academic learning was finding a small niche and learning everything about it. As he said, "One day someone will get a PhD for becoming the world's expert on the last line of MacBeth" (Mr. Q was a Shakespeare fanatic). While I did not have the drive or desire to get a PhD, I did witness this expert on minutiae vibe in my friends that did apply for PhD programs.

Spreading this idea to the greater forest of humanity, we have become a society obsessed with appearances, not just physical and social, but mental. People want to appear smart or have others think they are smart. A manifestation of this is the crazy obsession that fans of sports have taken to statistics and others have taken to pop culture. Stats are a great way to compare and contrast players. What has become sickening is the way that some people argue about stats or cling to the latest stats about sports (especially baseball), like this is the only argument for a player's value. They are tools for assigning value, but they are not the be all end all. Mostly, these debaters are unathletic d-bags that never played so they make up for this by becoming the stat go to person for discussing the sport. This would be like a group of 9 year olds talking baseball and one kid claiming to know more about the game and players because he read the backs of every players' card. Lame.

Pop culture has gone this route as well. People do not just read a book, see a movie, listen to an album, but they consume it, discuss it at great length on the "internets", create a blog for it, make a list, pick up all the latest news and be a general fuckstick with the world of said item. This is not horrible, as people have been fucksticks or become obsessed with movies, music and art for a long time. What is horrendous is that there is a condescending attitude toward those that do not "get it", and a sense of superior being because the person does "get it". This sort of reminds me of the attitude a friend had when she first went gay. That used to be the province of people at art exhibitions when a mainstream 'rube' would not understand the modern art piece of junk on the wall. Now this attitude is flung at anyone outside the circle of knowledge of some pop culture item. It's pop culture. It is not Kafka's "The Trial" or the history of Australia.

I might be a bit too upset by this. What bothers me is that never before in the history of human civilization have so many normal, common people had what amounts to libraries of information at their fingertips in a free format 24 hours a day and it goes unappreciated. We have this power & access, and yet the Internet feels like a portal that spread misinformation and entertainment crap news as a primary output. There are good sources, websites, authors, etc that use the web. I wish this would get more focus and kids would learn this first... rather than how to surf or go to E! television blogs. Please give us little experts on philosophy, chemistry and history rather than who banged who and leaked the video to the internet.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Wall-E. Those bastards at Disney got me. They managed to make me emotionally attached to a character that doesn't really speak and is sort of alive. That's also a nice debate, what classifies something as alive? I would debate my frosh year roommate on fire being a living thing or not monthly, so I know robots, if they achieved sentience, could be alive. Wall-E is in the R2D2 vein of robots in movies where he's a small robot limited in his communication, and he has all the wonderful humanoid personality traits you'd want in a sidekick or pet dog. Who wouldn't want a Wall-E at their house just to hang out with, watch a movie with, play some frisbee or cards with? Wall-E sells this movie. They gave him a normal joe job and enough human characteristics, that we could feel a bit worried when he was close to 'death'. Of course, when you're a robot with replaceable parts, you can't really 'die'. Disney even takes a crack at that at the end.

In the aftermath of parents rolling their eyes at the environmental cramdown message in Happy Feet, Wall-E has an enviro message, but a much lighter one. There's a nice message that technology is there and wonderful, but you can make it work for you. It just requires your input and guidance. I loved the quasi-Blue Man Group way that Wall-E would treat certain items that we may assign no value to, but he found fascinating. My wife and I chuckled at Wall-E discarding a diamond ring to keep the clamshell box that it came in. There is also that "last man on Earth" element to the story, yet it is a robot doing it's programmed job.

Sure Wall-E's design is a rip off of Number 5 from "Short Circuit". They just shrunk him down, and made him childlike in many qualities. For one brief moment, I thought Disney might kill him off to show children that sometimes huge sacrifices are made for the good of everyone. Then I said, no no no, this is a Disney movie. No f-ing way. They must keep him alive for any potential direct to DVD sequel. Wall-E, in this world of terrible, modern Disney creations, you are awesome.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The NSync Limp Bizkit Paradox

People watching. Adventurous conversation. Pushing the edge. I enjoy figuring out how people work. I probably should have been a psychiatrist, but I'll enjoy my life of getting to the bottom of a person's brain through conversation. I love the Socratic method of calling people out on their douchebaggy behavior by getting them to contradict their stated beliefs. Socrates was awesome at this. My views of my gender are pretty low, as most men are douchebags. It's OK, because women are not any better. What I have noticed in recent years has been a strange paradox in how men behave in modern America. Part of this is crafted by marketing execs and part is molded by modern American women. I call it the NSync-Limp Bizkit Paradox.

Ask most women what they want a prospective mate to act like and undoubtedly you will get a series of characteristics that are completely contradictory. The sensitive tough guy. The bad boy you can bring home to mom and dad. The funny outgoing guy who will shut up and listen to all of my lame stories. Because the key to mating with these women is meeting their prerequisites for an ideal mate, men have become that which they think women want. What you get is a bunch of guys who work out non-stop to look tough but love to shop for new tank tops at H&M. Even better are the guys who love to shop but drive cars with tinted windows with their chains on.

Marketing execs and advertising campaigns have done a good job of crafting this idea of what makes a modern man. Like most things in today's society, it is surrounded by the self and your image. It is also an image that fits their mold. They will have a consumer identity that traditionally was for women in post-WW2 America. Men wear makeup now. Yes there have been metrosexuals for years, but the metrosexual idea spread mainstream. See, women dated these metro guys, which made every other guy take on some of those characterisitcs to keep up. They also were bombarded with ad images and movie characters that perfectly articulated this image.

The NSync-LB Paradox is the idea that these guys are still trying to be tough in a butch traditional male role but take on traits formerly reserved for the fairer gender. They must both be the sensitive soft NSync boy band kid, but also the tough, edgy rap-rock Limp Bizkiter. There is the problem that guys must still be "macho" to their male friends and male relatives. They then overcompensate for their feminine side with aggressive male behavior. The nationwide obsession with celebrity news is something that was formerly a female dominated world with magazines geared towards women. Men now consume those entertainment goods and services at levels their fathers and grandfathers never would have.
This is a paradox that while named after white music acts does cross racial lines. I think everyone who has had a black, male friend has arrived late to a party because they hate to wait for him to get a brand new hat that matched his oversized t-shirt that matched the trim on his sneakers. He would never shy away from calling you a "fag" for doing anything remotely femme, but you better compliment his braids and go shopping for new jewelry with him. I had a friend in the Navy who introduced me to a guy who was both the most effeminate & most masculine 25 year old I had met to that point. This guy would get in a fight and kick some ass, play tackle football with you, and then talk about "The Princess Diaries" and get upset if you wore a horizontal striped polo like he did that night. Being a man goes far beyond what you do, but it should make everyone laugh to look around at what some macho men of today act like in broad daylight in front of their girlfriends and wives.

The Great Collective Realization

Much of the recent commentary from politicians regarding the Financial Fuck Up of 2008-2009 has been about demonizing one group of people or the other and assigning blame to everyone else but the themselves. I have said this multiple times, but we just need to take our lumps, change our ways and move on to a brighter future. Part of this demonizing and blame skirting is because individuals do not want to accept that they were part of the problem actively or worse, unknowingly an accomplice to the problem. When we as a nation (and other nations have their part to do) accept the problem is the entire system, structure and framework of the modern economic world, we will then be ready to move on. Unfortunately, coming to this conclusion and accepting the part we all play will cause us to also evaluate things we have done as a society the last 20 odd years.

Somewhere sometime int he past Americans decided that if they wanted somethign, they needed it now. They also decided that everyone deserved a lot of goods and services. Not access to them, but deserved the actual good or service regardless of being able to pay for it with cash. Somewhere along the line no one was to be disappointed or be allowed to feel bad or even have a sleepless night. A movement developed that did not look at failure as a personal thing that you learned from, but as an outcome that should be avoided at the detriment to others and even if it happens you shouldn't be called a failure and should still get a medal. That's a good policy for the Special Olympics, which celebrates people with disadvantages still trying to do what others think they cannot. It's not for perfectly able children and young adults that run into an obstacle. If you never learn that you suck, never feel down, never feel like you're not good enough, you will grow complacent. You'll not have motivation to do better, to achieve, to work for something.
That feeling eventually crept into what we did with our financial lives and even with our business plans. We evaded manufacturing in the US because of environmental or labor regulations for that extra $.01 in earnings per share. We sold out the process for making something as long as we retained property and design rights for stream of passive income. As the idea spread down to individuals, we stopped thinking of the cost of a car, ring or house and started to think only of the monthly payment. We wanted gratification now and at the lowest cost. We need to admit that things come with a cost, and the old way of doing things is over. Maybe we need to think of the old "old ways" of doing things and start anew.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The Fed announced today that it is going to buy Agency bonds and long term US Treasuries. This is buying our own debt. This is monetizing the US debt. This will lead to inflation. I have been a firm believer in the deflation camp, and I think the asset deflation we have experienced is now a "price" deflation issue, so maybe this is the way to go. Regardless of what is going on now, this will lead to inflation in the future. I guess gold at $900 was too cheap, we needed to make sure it went higher.

The losers in this are going to be consumers who just saw some relief in commodity inflation and other necessity inflation in the last 6 months. Yes, job losses have been horrific, but the other 92% of America that has a job has seen food and fuel costs decrease helping their bottom line. If this monetization is just getting cranked up, we could see those 'savings' evaporate. The massive crack up boom of commodity prices in 2008 was a prime factor in grinding economic growth to a halt.

This is not reassuring to the Chinese, Japanese or oil exporting nations about payments of US government debt back with decent dollars. This also feels like a desperation move by the Fed. This also feels like our leaders, as well as a decent chunk of American society, are unwilling to face the facts about how we got here and what we have to do to get out. Like many addicts we must first admit there is a problem, then face that problem head on.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Remakes that Should Happen

Watching more previews before the start of "The Watchmen", I was reminded of how horrible Hollywood has become with remaking good films. Classics of their genres like "Last House on the Left", "Total Recall", "Death Wish" and "The Longest Yard" get remade, but do we really want to trample on memories and be inevitably let down by a subpar product just to feed some lead actor's ego. What I want to see Hollywood do is remake movies that did not work because the technology was not there yet for action/sci-fi movies, the lead was cast because of their oral skills, or certain plot points were changed because the audience was not ready yet for such an crazy moment.

One mini-series I would submit for this treatment, and I may have mentioned this before, but Wild Palms would be a great candidate for a rebooting. This miniseries would be even more timely in the era of rapid pace technological innovation and blue state fears of evangelicals that is today. We could eliminate Oliver Stone and Jim Belushi's involvement. Seriously, why does anyone believe anything Stone does or says anymore? Why would anyone think Jim Belushi would be a good lead for a drama? Rare trifecta of Lilith from Cheers/Frasier, Dana Delaney and Kim Cattrall all near their peaks and not the typical Hollywood romantic leads. This feels like a great HBO series. The extra comedy is to be filming it after the future date used in the first miniseries. Wild Palms was a great concept, maybe a bit too ambiguous for tv, and had a terrible dramatic lead. Put this on HBO, cast this guy as the lead, and populate it with good actors, damn the sexiness or big name cache (like the Wire did). I'd cast "that guy" as the lead because he does well with serious characters, he can play dicks or complicated people, and he's believable. I'd follow the general storyline of the original with some tweaks and develop storylines over longer episode arcs.

My second nominee is a good comedy that fits very very well with recent moves by many Americans: The Burbs. With the rapid expansion of the subrurbs in the last 20 years, and the jokes of McMansions, strip malls, nail salons, cell phones, 12 year olds having sex with teachers, this could be comedic gold. Timestamped for today and have it serve as a capsule of the 2000s suburb experience. Steve Carrell feels like the right lead for the movie. I can see him really exploring the psyche of the suburban dad in absurd situations. This is not a huge leap from his role and situation on "The Office". Couldn't we have a mom that dresses only in velour track suits?

A final entry for tonight would be an action/sci-fi film: Westworld. The story is brilliant about robots run amok at a fantasy park. Michael Crichton wrote & directed it, then repackaged it nearly 20 years later with dinosaurs and genetic engineering to write Jurassic Park. There is the classic hero quest where one guy goes with his experienced pal to an amusement resort to play out old West fantasies. Eventually, the evil gunslinger and other robots go haywire, kill his buddy and then force the hero to use his newly learned skills to escape alive. Since the special effects would be the robots' "insides" they could make some cool gizmo special effects and make the travel scene better, but not throw too many CGI moments into the movie to make it overdone. Reading the Wiki page for Westworld, I see someone has beaten me to the punch. I'd go for it all here with an R rating and a couple more obstacles in the here's path as the black hat gunslinger chases him down. As he would go to other regions of the park, he would be attacked by other robots. No love interest (like the first), but I can see writing in a female he helps survive the Roman wing of the park halfway through. There would be nudity showing the robot sex fantasy feature of the park. For the black hat, gunslinger robot, I'd go with Keanu Reeves, as playing an emotionless and creepy d-bag is his specialty. Steven Seagall would not be a bad 2nd choice, as he'd do it for a bag of food, saving the studio money. I'd get a dumb ass, Mountain Dew adrenaline jacked actor like Paul Walker to be the Brolin character, and I would have him be one of those adrenaline junkie, extreme sport d-bags that you find in many bars. For the lead everyman, nerd role, I would go with Paul Rudd. He is not physically imposing, is an everyman, can play cerebral if needed, and people like him. People would want to see him survive. My problem with him is that he's made such a name being in comedies now, that I don't know if he could sell a sci-fi/action flick.

Fighting for Women's Rights, Even the Small Rights

Have politicians become so useless they look to enact legislation to eliminate the right for women to get Brazilian waxes? NJ is facing a huge budget shortfall. Some would say NJ is insolvent in the current form. Despite all of this, a legislator has the chutzpah to go after passing laws on types of body waxing an adult human can pay another trained professional to do.

If ever a state needed freedom for hair removal, NJ is that state. Do people realize how many hairy women prowl the beaches of Jersey? Has anyone gone to an all nude strip club? Brazilian waxes serve a purpose. This is ridiculous. Adults do get some irritation right after waxing, but that is their choice just like listening to Amy Grant. When I shave my face, I get sore and irritated skin. Because there are others like me with sensitive skin, can we outlaw face shaving? No, that would be stupid and limit a person's freedom. You know what's an earth shifting government move: good public water. You know what isn't: outlawing Brazilian waxes. You're just a dumb state senator from Jersey. Knock it off.
This is a small and stupid example of the government trying to get into your life and tell people, yes NJ citizens are people, what to do and how to live. A reason why I bring this up is that we give up small freedoms because other people that were elected, sometimes against our votes, decide it is not healthy or "good" for us. This is a reason behidn the moral reason for the prohibition against drugs. No, you the adult cannot get high with marijuana or cocaine, go back to drinking and taking your doctor prescribed Zoloft. Even somethinng as dumb as waxing your private parts should be a freedom that people can do of their free will.

The Watchmen Movie

The Watchmen

The good..... Visually it was stunning. they filmed the action scenes very well. Shots were a bit pulled back to show all of the action and slower cuts were used so your eyes did not hurt. Not ADD-MTV style. Great job of mixing CGI and a physical set piece for night owl's airship. I love how dr manhattan expldoes people. I also have to give them a hand in making the action look superhero-ish. I also want to give carla gugino a giant thumbs up for having an outstanding, feminine body that looks like a real woman. if you look at how they "moved" Rorscach around the screen it was very well done. The movie stayed true to the comic book both in storyline and also in small little hints & pieces they put into the background that the comic book did as well. Jackie Earle Haley brought Rorschach to life. He really did a great job with the character's black and whit elook at the world, his sense of justice as perverse as it was, and his inner demons. He's a guy who wrestles with demons and in doing so, becomes a demon himself. Same could be said for Ozymandias on an entirely different level. I enjoyed night owl and dr manhattan as well. I enjoyed the midlife crisis night owl storyline. i enjoyed it in the comic, and it smelled of retired NFL player to me. Dr manhattan is suppose to be an aloof douche who lost touch with humanity. Billy crudup did well with that (maybe he is a douche), and his explanation of miracles comes across well. I consider that short monologue an important piece of the entire Watchmen miniseries. You see miracles every single day so often that they become commonplace. Visually, they also made the actress playing silk spectre 2 look just like the comic representation, but flatter (awww :(). I think the actor playing the Comedian did a great job fleshing him out. He's a jerk but like in the comic, there is nothing vague about him. He gets the horrible joke of life. You can actually like him in some ways, kind of how the Silk Spectre ends up banging him and having Spectre 2. Mickey the midget (Seinfeld reference) was fun to see. I kept waiting for Kramer to show up to play paper rock scissors with him. Max headroom, who always looks alien, as moloch and the dr strangelove rip off nixon war room were great, small touches. Lots of nice small touches, which I appreciated.

Now for the bad... They tweaked some dialogue that made things not as well defined or removed some motivation or explanation of characters. The crammed down our throat green energy message, jeeee-zus, can't i watch anything now without that message? Like how every war film now has to have the message of "is it right"? Casting of Ozymandias was horrible. Horrible. This guy looked waaaay too young and waifish to be Ozymandias. He's suppose to beat up the Comedian? He also looked too young to be playing the 40-something, handsome, rugged playboy figure from the series. He acted like a g@y, '80s, new wave, british singer. My wife did not find him believable at all. Using carla gugino as the first silk spectre is curious, because i think she might have been a better choice for Laurie, the 2nd silk spectre. Maybe they put her as the 1st silk spectre because she has more of a 1940s hot woman look (curvy, not anorexic). The music was terrible, mostly because of the score. The score was so weak that I barely felt it move with the movie & some popular song choices were awful. Ninety-nine luftballons at the dinner scene for laurie and dan dreiberg??????? If you read the comic, there's something futuristic yet retro about the styles. Where are the smokers? In the comic, lots of people smoke. only the comedian smokes in this. Phucking modern hollywood.

Now for my major gripe: the method of "tricking the world" at the ending was horrible. Ozymandias sets up Dr Manhattan as an agressor that frightens the world into acting better by killing millions. Isn't that just scaring people with the fear of god to behave? without any rationale or statement from Dr manhattan to explain why he did it? Wouldnt dr manhattan achieve the same by asking the world, as a truly super being, to act better or else? The comic is soooooo much better with the detail involved of hiring storywriters, artists and scientists to create the fake alien and an alien threat forcing everyone to work together is much much more believable than people worrying about pleasing a god figure... who will leave the galaxy for a new one never to be heard from again. Weak, very weak. What's sad is that it they stuck so true to the comic in that final Antartica scene, yet the background detail of the horrific event by Adrian was changed. Terrible.

In the end, this would have been better served as a miniseries on HBO or split into 2 movies with the split between the movies being rorscach's arrest. Flesh out some smaller storylines and allow for some wandering within the story like the psychiatrist's plot line in the comic. I always loved that. This is the problem with bringing something that takes place frame by frame at whatever pace the reader wants to a moving reel. A director only gets so many minutes to use. I am glad this did come to the silver screen. Hopefully 20 years from now, this leads to Chris Nolan and a middle aged Christian Bale reuniting to bring "The Dark Knight Returns" to the theaters in 2 movies.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

How the Dirty Side of Investing Works

Can we stop it with the plunge protection team conspiracy theory?

There is a conspriacy theory out there that states that a secret group within the govt works to help stop plunges in the stock market. Theya re the PPT: plunge protection team. Can we please look back on the bear market earlier this decade and then the bear market since fall of 2007 to say that no, there is not a PPT, and if there were, it would not have allowed the sudden drops in the stock markets? I love conspiracy theories, but this is one that has a giant hole in it: experience. If a PPT existed, market crashes like we have seen would not be allowed.

A counter to this conspiracy theory would be another conspiracy theory. It has been joked that financial ways of gaining wealth are like good parties. The rich always know where the good party is first and by the time everyone else shows up the cops come and break it up. My counter conspiracy theory is that the market is allowed to plunge sot hat the rich and powerful can buy up stocks on the cheap, which they will gladly sell to you once a bull market has begun. On the way up, for every buyer there is a seller and on the way down, for every seller there is a buyer. The rich buy when yuo need to get out, hold stocks and when they need to offload them, reap their gains and invest elsewhere, they sell them to you and me. Look at real estate, foreign currency, stocks, bonds, etc. By the time the little people learn about it, the big gains are gone and the probabiliy of getting burned is much higher.

Here's a perfect example: anti-US dollar bets. Look at the chart on this page titled "Dollar Index Through 1998-2008 that's on the right hand side halfway down. As you can see the USDX had a peak in 2001 and collapsed over 7 years to hover around 70 in spring of 2008. Did anyone know how to take advantage of this from a casual investor standpoint? Nope. No one really talked about it either. The media was too hyped up talking about the Dot Com bubble burst and then the real estate gains made by small time people. By the time the media mentioned the falling dollar and the possibility of a dollar crash, the dollar had already slow motion crashed from an index value of 120 in 2001 to around 85 in 2007. More products like ETFs and forign currency cds popped up to allow smaller investors to jump in. Once again, this jumping in of smaller investors pushed things a bit more in the current direction. Just when supermodels were demanding payments in euros (Gisele), NYC wine merchants were accepting euro bills as payment and rappers were flashing 500 euor bills (Jay-Z), the market had topped and the sudden panic in all financial markets and proof of problems abroad shot the USDX up 20% over the course of 6 months. You had access early, big players. Who had access later, small players. Who might have been screwed by this reversal because they got in later? See my point? This happens in a variety of investments and will never stop. This sort of ties into the Von Mises theory of early receivers, late receivers and non-receiviers when splitting up winners and losers of inflationary economic booms.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Education, Not the Cure

A lot has gone into discussing education and spending on education. Both parties love to say "let's spend more on schools". I call BS. I'm a big believer that the current college and university system in the USA is a racket perpetuated by certain interests to kick money to people who do not want to compete for private sector jobs and provide states with revenue to make up for lost industry. This article in 2000 describes the coming breakdown of the education cartel. While I agree that this should be the case, it sadly will not happen anytime soon. Too much money to be made and too many cemented interests that want to keep the status quo. The emphasis on a college degree should be reduced, while simultaneously a stengthening of America's tech schools and community colleges should be achieved.

College is not a need unless companies require it for specific jobs. Science and engineering degrees have direct applications. Consider popular majors that have no bearing on specific jobs unless you go into teaching or the PhD track: english lit, history, political science, and economics. Sure all three can be applied for later jobs sort of in the field, but it's not like those degrees give you an edge versus other people for "good jobs". Unless you become a psychiatrist, does that psych major really help you in corporate america besides being a manipulative bastard? We push children into the college track to diploma mill schools who then don't finish college or finish it in 6 years with a mountain of debt. Entry level jobs in a lot of fields, especially non-profit, do not pay well. We're setting kids up to pay for the rest of their lives for school. What is the gain of getting a degree to get that extra million in earnings over a lifetime if you have to pay off $100K in debt starting at age 22 over 20 years?

Some companies talk about not having enough machinists and high skilled blue collar workers in areas, and these companies would much rather see kids coming out of 2 and 4 year tech and trade schools rather than some dipshit walking out of University of Rhode Island with a C average and a sociology degree they got so they never had to do math in class. For many white collar jobs, could we not fill some positions with capable people who do not have college degrees vs. hiring an english lit major? Yeah that helps in corporate america with product design or risk analysis. If we removed the negative stigma tech and community colleges have, and removed the glory that the generic bachelor's degree carries, we might get kids in better fit situations and better suited for the work world. Part of the problem is we ask 17 year olds to make a decision about the rest of their life when they are jacked up on hormones and confused.

Spending more money on education doesn't make kids smarter. It doesn't. People in India and China don't spend more money on education than us, they just expect more from their kids. My wife is fond of saying college is the new high school. It has become this. Any idiot can get into at least one school. Once in, it's difficult to not finish if you just show up to class. I don't want more spending on school. I want more expected from the kids. Teach the basics and get the kids to know them cold. What about computers and new subjects? What new subjects? Nanotechnology? Matrices? You don't teach little kids that. Teach the basics and set them up to find out what they want for the future. College should be a choice, not a requirement.

College did teach me some important things. I learned how to juggle lots of work, handle lots of stress, make reward-risk decisions about what to study for, and how best I learned. Scientists and engineers should be vocations we want our kids to aspire to in college, not generic english lit/history/econ majors. This is coming from an econ major. In the end, you have to consider who gains from pushing kids into the university system: student loan corporations, universities, professors in need of research assistants... some favorite contributors of the current party in power. The goal of the education system should be to serve the students and to serve society, not to make sure a piece of the pie is securely set aside for them and forever increased with higher tuition, more grants, and loans that can only be avoided if you die.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

So Everyone Feeling Some Buyer's Remorse Now...

Well the Brits are upset, the "One" is tired, and we're going to keep doing a bunch of things W did, but also reach out to the Taliban. This is like a 3rd term for W, but we have a bunch of rookies running around doing business. The pwesident needs his sweep, because it's tiring him out. He could also use a meal. Isn't this why Hillary said she'd be ready day 1? Isn't this why McCain said he'd be ready as the commander in chief? No, we need a president who feels for us, who understands our plight. Some jobs can allow for on the job training. Some do not. President of the Unites States of America is not one of them.

Think about the hypocrisy in the NY Times article. Obama always dissed on Bush's surge gamble and never gave it credit for working and being a good decision. Now he is doing the exact same surge idea in Afganistan. In the second page of the NY Times article he doesn't even give credit to Bush for a change in the Bush admin's policy on handling captured terrorists, instead praises the admin figures. So why did you keep holding one man (W) responsible for all the ills of the last 8 years, many of which you are continuing, so are they not ills anymore? That makes no sense. So the torture or harsh treatment is because of one man, but correcting it is not? You can't pick and choose when to do that Barry.

I love foreign policy and international affairs. I look at it from multiple viewpoints, and even on this blog I have commented on China's best weapon vs. the US could be their stockpile of US financial assets. It pains me to think we have a president who would not show the utmost respect to an ally who has sent fighting troops to join us in overseas adventures. What's next? We dis the Australians when they visit after they sent guys in every major US conflict to help us, including Vietnam.

I love the dig at blogs at the end, despite blogs and the internet roots of the Dem party's effectiveness is launching his campaign, so he can buddy up with the NY Times? It's a big scary world, and it's a tough job, St. Barry, man the phuck up. President Obama, it's only been 45 days, but I'm starting to think you're just good at using pretty phrases.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spring Semester Senior Year at Cornell..

Here's a winter break rant on women my age and the weird success I have always had with slightly older women...

here's another rant, now every woman over 25 (range from attractive down to plain) i meet thinks i am a very handsome, attractive, you-name-it guy. now how come i cant get that enthusiastic repsonse from particular women under 25. am i the ANTI PEPSI, the choice of the last generation? i just think i need to find a decent woman who's at least an 8 out of 10. no future considerations or gettign ahead of myself, i just need a simple girlfriend for a short while. forget about the 5 yr plan because i am tired of it all, tired of having the feelings and getting nothing in return. vaya con dios, amigos.

I like the line about being the anti-pepsi. I was nto a bad guy, just horrible distracted by the female form. I was a hopeless romantic, not a below....

last night drinking with al and erica and i was telling a story but i looked at this girls chest at one point and just lost my train of thought. it was amazing. she was cute, a 7, and her chest was full but not overfull (erica agreed that it was good). i ended up fucking up again when i was talking and looking at her. wonderful. we had a discussion about "inner monologues" and i pretty much said that i dont have one. i dont get embarrassed by what i say. i know that i DO have one and those thoughts are kept privtae for a reason. i am not afraid to say things, whats there to be embarrassed about?

Why ever in life worry about consequences of your words? I had to learn this fast in corporate America. I'm not a boob man, never was and never will be, but I appreciate them. In a disturbing trend, I noticed many of my posts from college involve me being sick or injured. What was going on in college? This next post is after a night of reflection on the problem of young women at my school. I was very vagina centric at school. For those who don't know JAP is jewish american princess. This post was later turned into a novel by Tom Wolfe....

i was at a party this last semester and i remember i was talkng to this busty girl from the hotel school and we were talking and i realized that i had no interest in this girl cause she was pretty numb and a stereotype of what JAPs are here. so i tried a trick. when she was tlaking to me telling me this dumb ass thing, i said "you're friends are sluts" she then proceeded to talk not realizing what i said which made me realize she wasnt listening at all. i left the party shortly thereafter. what i get tired of is talking to girls who look around the room to make sure there isnt someone richer or higher on the social ladder than you to talk to and they have the same stupid shit on and the same stupid friends and the same stupid things to talk about. it gets annoying. peace.

Yeah he ripped me off for that I am Charlotte Simmons book. Seriously, the social ladder and rich thing is exactly how he describes the selection process for young women at colleges whoa re hooking up. My slipping in the comment on her friends was a trick I learned from Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Never one to be bashful about my skills as an athlete here's a recap of football in the mud....

ok first off lets preface this by stating that i am one of the better quarterbacks in backyard football you will ever meet, trust me and my friends' judgment. well today i had a team assembled that i couldnt have wished for more, i had JD on my team finally and we bitchslapped the opponents. sad thing is I was also th best blocker on the field, me a whole 30 lbs less than most the guys there. i go to a school of PANSIES. no one wanted to play physical which is how you get to the quarterback or how you block. you have to hit people, push them. i also hate the 'glory days kids, a la chris brockman and charles persons (cornellian), who wish to rekindle the days when they played sports competitively and think they were good. they are average. The one thing i have to work on in my football skills in tackling, I dont tackle as well as i used to and thats cause iw orry i will break my nose again, and the docs said if i did that again i could be in for a reconstruction since the bone is still healing. ewwww. well on to the living room to chill out. peace.

Yeah, I played QB as a teen in school but injuries sidelined me. I love playing sports with friends for a good time, but I am competitive at everything. I also know my limits. I hate those competitive people who end up hurting others when they play intramurals. It's just intramurals, it is not the NFL. This next entry is a small answer to a simple question. This almost was manslaughter...

What's the most stupid thing you have ever done?
with ilya, throwing a chair off a balcony and almost killing a calzone delivery boy

Yeah we just missed him. What sucked is he had our calzones and was mad. I mean, he almost got killed by us. We tipped him big. This si the entry where I realized that you shouldn't dwell on shit and just make the best ofo your situation. Showing some growth as a person...

well i am feeling a bit frustrated just for this moment because i now realize that in my post-sophomore year depression, I let a lot of time slip by here at cornell. it really bothers me. after a few failed dating experiences sophomore year and lots of stuff with xiled friends at school, i got really down. things just sucked ass a lot. i let this bog me down last fall and then i got to run away for spring term junior year to england. i felt so much better being there and then coming back and preparing for cornell again. i kind of wish that i could go back and shake myself of soph year and say dont worry about friends that are gone, they made their decisions and suffered for them, you dont have to also. well ian just came in with my tonic water so now its time for G&Ts. peace all, and may all your campaigns, burning torches and further crushes come to fruit.

Yup, yous gotsta grow up eventually. Sometimes things just suck ass and there's no other way to put it....

well the weekend home was good, there for the family not too much brewing i have lots of work and reading to catch up on jesus this sucks ass. i need to go to every class from now on and that sucks ass. not much else new, oh yeah i am going hoem for spring break, i made it four years without going to cancun, fuck that sucks ass.

I needed to expand my vocab with that paragraph. Nope a couple days later...

im still sick and it sucks ass.

Need new words. I also needed to seea doctor about my chronic illnesses. Oh wait, I might be super depressed as on Feb 27th I posted...

i've decided that i'm probably going to kill myself at some point. i'm too insane to deal with at times and i would be better dead than alive. i'm just so tired of everything. tired of it all. i've got nothing besides a family and group of friends that thinks the world of me. it's cold and ithaca is lonely in the winter. i want to go to sleep and wake up with ithaca over and me beside an adoring woman like it was in england. kill me. i'm insane. everyday i wake up and i hate my life. i hate the women that fuck with my head. i hate the memories.

Wow, I was a sick bastard. Even in that lame rant, I mention how my friends and family love me. Stupid 22 year old me. This next post is pretty funny when timestamped 2 weeks after the last one...

social life....well doing my normal work with people. sadly enough last night at the hockey game iw as sitting and talking the game away with katie, a girlt hat i had a thing with and because of my going abroad nothing continued. it sucks cause we get along amazingly well and presently are both single and we could be fucking now but i had to go and she didnt want to do anything before i left because of the 9 monnths apart thing. whenever i see her i feel like a failure cause shit could be good but nope.i had a very funny conversation on IM with campaign cornell about me being'in love with myself' and 'thinking i am above everyone'. wow. i never think that because i know what an asshole i am, but as i said why shouldnt i love myself, i am a loyal dependable friend, a smart, funny gorgeous man who is very sociable and good to people. hey whats there not to love? i couldnt believe that she could say this shit and not think it was offensive, she's truly a psycho. erica wants me to just fuck her and shut up but i dont think i could even do that now she's whacked out.cornell's hockey team won their playoff series and now they play in the ecac championship rounds. i hope they win so they can go to the Frozen Four NCAA tourney. it would be really good to get that spotlight for the school's program.we went out the last two night's and well it was same old same old, andrew and ian say i sketch out form parties (leave early) and i agreed. it's cause i find them really boring or there's no women i want to talk to. andrew says that i always say "dont worry where im going" as if i am Batman. like i fight crime from 12:30-6am. nate told ian to fuck off and fuck you at the bar cause hes an asshole. whats new? nothing there. later all

Man, i did have a good front for self esteem as inside I felt awful. This katie mentioned was the 2nd person I thought "yeah I could marry". Thank god I did not as she is a bit whacked out right now and my wife is really really awesome. I love this small reference to the Batman joke. I just got sick of lame parties and would rather be alone. I was off fighting crime. Even at 22, I knew MTV was terrible, and this still makes me laugh today...

i also think that the people on dismissed are morons. just dumb. its a dumb show but the spring break ones are even dumber. the guys that are on there are soooo stupid, and the women, even dumber. it's a dumb show, where people are dumber than even my ex girlfriends. quote of the day on MTV "i am very driven and really wanted an academic challenge so i went to Long beach state", tony made fun of that for an hour or so. we came up with a few priceless mastercard ideas. Trip to cancun, $1000, digital camera $400, cover chareg at club 25$....not having pat in any of your spring break pictures priceless. of course you need to know this pat kid to laugh. he's a tool to the utmost.

Yup, cause long beach state is for driven folks. As depressed as I got, I still had time to be a player....

my fucking game had just rewind
yo so i walk into ruloff's tonight having drank a few at Dino's beforehand. so i am all like, who am i going to beat up on for darts. well this tanned honey is totally checking me out i can dig i even catch her doing it. well me and my compadre challenge her and her friend to a game of darts. my game was on, she was vibing, she was throwing well, we lost and she totally was laughing at my shit and all that. whats real sad is that i've been checking this chick out for 4 years and finally i get her to check me out. i'd fuck her 4 ways to sunday. yeah it was that cool. maybe during senior week we can fuck shit up (back arch).

The back arch thing was combined with shouting in a falsetto "Ow". It was our code for being awesome, getting with a lady or just playing NHL 94 and scoring a goal. Just 3 days later, I was hitting on someone new...

so we go out to a party tonight and it sucked ass, like majorly sucked. so we went to Bear Lodge. there we're playing darts "billie Jean" is on the jukebox and i am singing along, doing a little bit of dancing and shit. the guys make fun of me, but when i go to get my next drink, this hoe gives em some attention. next thing you know matt's talking to her and she's talking about her friends, and how they are IC girls and shit. well the night develops and i am just talking and macking good and shit and well the next thing you know i am going back to their place with my friend jordan, now this was all my work. matt was $$$$$ tonight. i turned it on for pure entertainment and fun. we spent time at their place, shits set up for later time. word. god i am money i just wish i went to a real school with attractive women.

Things still sucked ass. This is the famous Matt goes home with the IC volleyball team night. It lived in infamy for months if not years, if not to this day. Then a weird thing happened one night after drinking...

i awoke at 3am to find raf vomiting in my doorway. yeah my doorway which is 15 feet away from the bathroom that is right next door to his room. how he got there and not to the bathroom i'll never know but i have vomit on my floor now. this is disgusting. 4 years ago i would have kicked his ass for leaving it there to, since i asked him to clean it last night when he did it since i was pretty much in a sleep coma after awaking. i have the fan on to blow out the bad smell. jesus christ that shit i have to deal with with fucking morons who drink too much too often. see children this is why i dont get drunk often, because you can always do something stupid like this. fucking a raf.

This ruined my test day. At least I was not hypocritical in my disdain for drinkers. I did have a good time a few weeks later after weeks of studying and writing papers...

What's up people? matt hasn't been online in a long while. i have 3 term papers coming up so ow! it's going to hurt in the near future. well not much new this week, but me being a big flirt at bear lodge on wednesday. i had 2 IC girls jawwing away with me. my friend jordan was laughing his ass off because he got stuck taking one for the team as he predicted when he first saw the IC women. the girl i was talking to had a nice body but just wasn't cool enough. a little bit of a college girls gone wild potential type.well on friday i went to a tennis match for my friend Stefan, the crazy german. he lost singles but won doubles and i was yelling 'goldfinger' or 'stefano' at every moment i could. there was one moment where i yelled good eye stefan and he gave the thumbs up from across the court. it got a good laugh from the crowd. i met a blonde while there and already started the game, or the magic as stefan calls it.well i went out friday night to some secret society party, yeah we have one on campus and i know people in it (andrew, stefan, etc). so this julie girl comes with my group, and she's looking good. so i was charming as always and shit was hitting off really well, she did the 'touch the back move' on me a bunch of times when i'd say something really witty, yeah me witty? you're thinking. well shit was good and at the end of the night stefan is like "matt i want to see ze magic" and i'm like "i know that you know i have the magic but it can only be used with the right crowd" i saw my people off and was like word! so now i am going to email this julie chick for some face time, you know throw it down or something. we'll probably end up getting coffee/drinks and then end up at her place to talk and when i say talk i mean we be fucking, no, not really. yo does anyone know where that "i mean we be fucking" line comes from? name the movie?

Man, what an asshole I was. I was at least shouting Ow maybe 20 times a night. I needed to get punched in the face. Here's more of a strategy for school that is a failure...

i have an 8 page paper due on wednesday and i am pretty set for it. i don't have anywhere near the proper amount of resources for the paper, but i do not care anymore as any idiot can write a paper and get a C-, and with 30% of my grade being an A- my grade average for the class would at lowest be a B-, going intot he final. i don't care anymore remember.

This is not what to do kids. Also, don't drink a lot...

OW everybody saying OW
Alight thursday night at elmira was cool. met soem cool people, ben's a funny fuck who knows King Missile. Jessie showed al and i a good time. we also made threats to someone's life if they fuck up, which will be folllowed through with, especially if I dont have a job and will be mad at the world. erica was cool for the night, and i got everybody at elmira going "OW!" now thats cool.alright slope day......alex and i drove back to ithaca and went to wegamsn for coca cola. we also started drinking at 10am. we were on the slope at 11am, it was dead, i was sad. time passed we were into everyone i know pretty much. we drank a lot and smuggled the most liquor onto the slope of anyone at cornell. alex also downed a lot fo it, me too. we also stocked up on beer at jordans place which was a good home base. the slope filled up more and it was cooler. the cold weather scared people away i think. we said "OW!" on the slope about a million times, and the originators of OW were there too, to do it with al and i. OW! i ran into Katie again. we had a great time talking as always. it made me sad, and i think i'm going to talk to her again about things. i get too sad when i remember that my going abroad prevented me from having anything long term with her. she's awesome just really really cool......oh yeah and has really amazing breasts, just amazing.after the slope we came back and crashed, i had dinner with other Katye. al kind of slept. we had a BBQ here and watched the Sixers lose dammit. later, we went to a party and i ran into ilya on college ave. he's doing cool and we talked and i am probably going to NYC this summer to visit him. sometime. alright i am out. peace.

So many wrong things here. The Ow yelling. The drinking. Al passing out. A drunken Ian mistaking alex for me despite us looking nothing alike. My misguided idea of talking to Katie about "us" before graduation. Not a good idea. I also like how I pointed out her amazing breasts twice. I posted this before but here goes...

take fucking notes
alright there people gather roudn it is time to take soem notes and enjoy a good i go to a BBQ for ym friend, shit is cool, we go to a bar tab this rich kid is having. i see IC kristen that i met weeks ago, shes all touchy feely and i talk adn shit and i ask her lets get together soon, she is like yeah, lets do that, so she gives me her number. TWICE. she writes it on my hand and then on some paper so i will keep it. secondly i talk to a goddess of cornell, one of the 54 hot ones, and she is like, i dont just want to see you around, i want to see you senior week. she is the spitting image of rebecca de mornay. how hot is that? thirdly, a hot chick transfer to CU talks to me with a huge rack and a pretty face all like you're a senior damn, i am on that. i was like "oh shit you just read the number on my hand, fuck" she then left, oh well. fourthly,, i am walking back drunk from the candy store and i help a girl out. she talks ot me i talk to her, we end up making out behind the hari salon. she was fucjking hot. flat stomach hot body, pretty face, i told her "what are you doing talking to me?" she said "Hey i know good shit when i see it" i am slipping the hand to grab her ass and her friend catches us, shes busts the scene up and tells me she will bring Leanna back home safe and sound. i am left to come back home with candy and to be with my guy friends. now if kristen had been cool up front i would have been fuckign her weeks ago. ARRRGGGGHHHH, well senior week is cool. i ran into ym friend mike, he's cool and he will keep in touch. sp fucking learn people. peace matt

Walking back drunk from the candy store... Not to be outdone by a sober recap the next morning....

i'm a man ho
yeah last night was crazy shit, my friend jordan called me pimp of the year and my friend marcus said that i was so on i should start talking to Andrea. Andrea is this magical, unreachable by any guy woman who is beautiful and on Cornell's soccer team. she always has a boyfriend who's a little bit older. i wish, i'd need a week fo preparation before talking to her, and a haircut, my hair's kind of long i leave my IM away message up of me pimping and campaign cornell leaves me nasty IMs. calling me a loser and saying i am hideous, so i copy and pasted them to my profile and said "you spelled probably wrong, but if you are drunk that's ok, as long as you can drink witht he medication you're on, good luck with finals and that goes for everyone" I think that is taking the high road, with a nice slam.

I'm going to hell one day, and my own words will be used against me. This was the final test day at cornell. Man did I hate that place...

done forever
yep, done forever, now for the real world. can you believe that shit? i love it i love it i love it. I also have to tell you that I am looking forward to getting freaky with people this senior week. I'm really excited and relieved to be all done with everything. I felt so calm taking my tests today, it just doesnt matter anymore. so i dont have to think about school anymore, woohoo, but for one last time "Fuck cornell, fuck the administration, fuck 20 minute walks to class uphills both ways, fuck know it all NYers, fuck NYers who cheer for both the Mets and Yankees, fuck the finger lakes, fuck snotty bitches who aren't attractive, fuck professors who put downany original thoughts, fuck you you fucking fuck" that last one is not to be confused with my phrase "fucking fuck fucks" which uses fuck in so many ways.i'm home in a day, isnt that great, just for a haircut, teeth cleaning, oh yeah and two interviews. i will soon return here for a last hurrah and hopefully some drinking and sex.

I actually like NYers, but after 4 years at cornell, I couldnt take it anymore. I did focus on drinking and women, then school. My priorities were not well ordered....

alright we started late last night like 1030pm or so, bear lodge for one pitcher and then ruloff's for 7 pitchers, i was double fisting as i had a G&T and a beer in my hands. we drank a lot. I also stole a glass from ruloff's for keepers. matt had soem mojo working early, but just playing around.we do the block party thing and i run into frosh year kids and we laugh and shit. it was cool. we went to several parties and we drank a lot. i ran into Katie yeah another katherine i should stop talking to these women. i was hurt the whole time talking to her cause i just think of what might have been. i think we're going to have a talk before she leaves. I'll say it now, she's not hot she's not hot, she's cute, great rack but she's just so fucking cool. she's one of the top 5 coolest chicks I've ever met here at cornell. arggghhh.alright after that i was walking back with this blonde who kept saying i looked like her boyfriend but "taller and classier"????? well ont he walk back i run into Jordan and Marcus and Jordan says "dude youre going the wrong way the alcohol is that way" so we walk back and drink liek fishes some more, found the last keg in collegetown and ran it. we were orderign people around filling it up and i was of course macking on soem Roberta chick. Shit changed when I started talking with this Bulgarian girl who brought her dad out for drinking. I said the only Bulgarian words I knew "my name is Matt and I love you" and they laughed and I drank with them too. Marcus Jordan and I all left at 4am and I came back to the apartment fucking messed up and finally went to bed at 5am, I sent Andrew a very very funny IM and other shit i sent to people. Well it was a night to remember. peace people peace.

Yeah I know my name is and i love you in bulgarian. I know i love you in russian, french and spanish. I have the important words down. This is a perfect place to stop as I graduated the next day and that was that. The chapter at Cornell ended. I do miss the idea of college but not there. I met some great people, but have many bad memories of friends asked to leave, horribly twisted women, and stress that would keep me up all night. I don't ever want my kids to go through that.