Thursday, April 30, 2009

Late Night MTV Memories

Once upon a time, there was not an Internet available with quick access to show you that you were a pervert but not that much of a pervert since there are so many worse perversions than yours. MTV had this wonderful series known as "Sex in the 90s", which was pretty cool and interesting. It started a vibe... people were worried they were a bit weird or unusual in bed and wanted desperately to talk about it but not be stoned to death for it. MTV created an outlet for this by joining the forces with the Loveline radio show to bring us all the late night staple of teenagers in the mid 90s, Loveline.

Let's set the table. The exponential rise in HIV cases had halted and there was stabilization in the infection numbers by the mid-90s. Recently, I saw this note that said 1 million American have HIV, and I said "a-ha but there were 1 mil infected in the early 90s". We now have 50 mil more Americans so the infection rate is way down. The scare tactics and red ribbon awareness Nazis in Hollywood had lost some effectiveness. We all saw the movie Philadelphia. Heroin had also killed off or contributed to the deaths of grunge era musicians, scaring some children away from IV needle drugs. It was becoming cool to be gay or experiment, at least for girls. There was a pent up sexual energy release. Loveline, in a broad way, helped a lot of young people during that time and still does today on the radio.

Loveline had the great Dr. Drew as the straight man, and then Adam Carolla and a random female comedienne to help keep the show light. You'd think a show about sex would be naturally funny but it oftentimes was not. A lot of people called about STDs, abusive relationships, experimentation gone wrong, 'weird' requests from their lovers, and the surprises never ended. My personal favorite touch was the "igloo". This was an audience member anonymously asking a question from an igloo that would only show their outline. My question always was: wasn't it obvious who was in the igloo after the question when they returned to their seat? Adam Carolla was incredibly funny on the show and had the common sense approach to many things. Sometimes he'd stop people right after their question and ask them right back if the question itself showed that the issue was weird or wrong? Dr. Drew was the true soul of that show, and would manage to teach viewers a thing or two per episode.

Here's every single call concerning a mental/psychological issue or something very strange....

Caller: "Hi, Loveline, my boyfriend likes to call me a bitch when we have sex, and be rough"
Dr. Drew: "Are you bothered by this or is this a role play scenario?"
Caller: "No, he does this on his own."
Caller: "I felt bad and don't really like it but I love him and want to make sure he is happy"
Dr. Drew: "Have you told him you don't---
Caller: "Did I mention he dunks my head in the toilet after we have sex?"
Adam Carolla: "So this makes him happy? Who are you dating Ted Bundy?"
Dr. Drew: "Caller, might I ask, were you sexually abused as a child?"
Caller: "Yes"

Everything that happened that was weird, was not entirely 100% consensual or enjoyed but was done to please the other partner somehow went back to the caller being sexually abused. A fun drinking game was doing a shot each time a caller admitted to sexual abuse. It felt like every person ever sexually abused called into that show. Adam Carolla was a good smart ass host, but once the sexual abuse card was out, Dr. Drew kicked into high gear. I give him a lot of kudos for giving a single serving of psych help and then recommending further help for callers.

This show made a lot of people feel "normal". This show made people laugh. This show could touch on light subjects or tackle tougher ones like the example above. One thing it did do was discuss sexual abuse and show how no you are not the only one to have gone through it, it is OK to discuss it and get help to face it. Adam Carolla's humor was effective with treating the lighter subjects and messing with male callers. He would constantly question guys about why they would want to try something. A caller once said they masturbated to a photo of himself at age 15 and asked if that made him gay. Carolla said "Gay would be the least of your issues". The show had a use, and a take away I learned was that a condom doesn't protect you from everything so don't treat them like a savior for all concerns.

A psych major friend once said 'there's no such thing as normal only degrees of deviance'. While that is a cool statement, Loveline was effective of relieving a lot of people from the worry that they were strange and weird because one sexual partner found something they did 'weird' and reacted poorly to it. It takes all kinds of people to fill the world, and the Internet now allows like minded outliers to find each other. Before the wonderful connectivity of the Internet, social networking and rapid transfer of files, you didn't have anonymous ways besides calling into Loveline to find out that it was ok to enjoy autoerotic ashpyxiation.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Second Class for the Penelope Louise Perkins Hall of Fame

Summer movie season is right around the corner. There are maybe two films I want to see. One thing missing is that ridiculously stupid looking movie that you can laugh at or drink alcohol while watching to heighten the experience (a Franzia movie). The last great Franzia flick was "The Day After Tomorrow", which was so ridiculous, that even my liberal, eco-friendly friends did not like it. The title is stupid too, why not just call it "2 Days From Now"? I'll scour the reviews for a turd to watch. Maybe there will be a wonderful lady or two on the screen that I can gaze at for 90-120 minutes, but knowing today's Hollywood, it'll be some anorexic woman with collagen lips and no talent. Where are my talented, women from next door in today's Hollywood. It is like all white female leads now have to look like the Corpse Bride. Where are my Penelope Louise Perkinses????

Prior to creating the PLP Hall of Fame for actresses who had talent and a nice look but somehow never made it huge, I originally had another name for it. I was going to call it the Katherine Ross Memorial Hall of Fame, because of the same concept and I thought Katherine Ross was dead. Then I saw Donnie Darko. Katherine Ross has an amazing tenderness as Elaine in The Graduate. She also has that strength not just in her actions with Ben but with her parents. I always love the line "not for me", which she says defiantly to her mom when she makes her escape and Mrs. Robinson is telling her it is too late. She parlayed that into a role in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. A couple missed opportunities and not being able to carry a movie at the box office relegated her to random TV spots and writing childrens' books. That's cool and all, especially considering she's married to one tough hombre, Sam Elliot. I just feel that movie going audiences missed out on seeing more of her for the next 15 years rather than the myriad of terrible actresses that have been forced into many roles, ruining films like either female lead in Saturday Night Fever, or the never ending stream of Diane Keaton vehicles. I do think Katherine Ross was a bit anorexic when they shot The Stepford Wives, but she was fine and in a classic sense. Why the hell was Barbara Streisand playing opposite of Robert f-ing Redford in The Way We Were when Katherine Ross was available? It's a mystery.

About 25 years after Katherine Ross was bursting out of the gates, a young brunette was putting in solid work both in comedies and dramas, but peaked with a role in a giant ensemble cast of a show that was past its prime (ER): Maura Tierney. A lot of nerdy men I know love her. A lot of women I know found her funny and likeable on Newsradio. Somehow this never translated to a steady, good movie career. Yes, she was on ER for 10 years, but after its peak. Watching that show end was like watching a friend deal with Mono, yeah they can do some chill things at home but not leave the house or do anything fun. Part of the problem I think is with Hollywood's sexism that still exists despite Hollywood being so 'liberal'. The main objective of most female roles is to be gazed upon or viewed, not to be the point of action. This is why Alfred Hitchcock rocks as he made female protagonists actually do things and drive the plot. A huge premium is put on putting asses in the seats and the look. Think about how many failed movies and series Heather Graham has had. She's one of the worst actresses ever (on par with Tanya Roberts). Maura Tierney manages to have good comic timing, can emote, and does not need dialogue to express how her character is thinking or feeling. I hope she can get work now that ER is done. If not, her spot is saved here in the Penelope Louise Perkins Hall of Fame.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fatal Shore

Wrapping up my annual 'learn more about the world' book reading journey, I just finished "The Fatal Shore", which is about the early days of Australia. Earlier this year, I read about the formation of South Africa, so you could say I had the British Empire on my mind. Australia has a bit of a mysterious and magical quality to it in the minds of young Americans. A country that is a whole continent with exotic animals and vermin, odd natives like our almost ghost like American Indians, and that kicked out of England vibe that we have but on steroids as this whole thing started as a prison colony. This wonderful book was a great read as well as a library of information of the period of settlement and development from small outpost to bustling colony.

That transformation was an arduous path. Australia was an experiment in how to handle prisoners that were not so wicked as to be hanged yet still required punishment. The closing off of America and indentured servitude created a need for the toilet flush that was "transportation". The land was at the edge fo the Earth, far away from mother England. The land itself was extremely hard even for the free. Convicts, soldiers, and emigrants all tried to survive, and managed to create what is now an upstanding citizen of the world scene (and loyal US ally).

The author brings the large themes as well as marginal groups to life. As he writes, much of pre-1850 Aussie history is not well known or wonderfully documented because of the convict stain. He does a marvellous job of shining the light on the big names and moments as well as portraying how varied the experience was for soldiers, convicts, emigrants, etc. One cannot just lump a "group" all in together because they happen to be convicts, masters or former convicts. The author sometimes lists the very punishments a prisoner suffered over 5+ years, and use that example as a way to show how systematic the entire transportation game was during a particular proconsul's era. He did this with many different concepts he explained. The treatment of female prisoners reminded me of the story of an Americna black former slave who after the civil war remarked that she was not a slave to a white master anymore but still to her husband. I thoroughly enjoyed his writing style as it was a 600 page book, yet flowed easily and came to life on the page.

For years, I have seen this book at Barnes and Noble or Borders but never bought it. I am glad I asked for it for Christmas. I know some Australian history and culture through friends or random Aussies I have met. It is a unique birth for a nation to start as a settlement for convicts. I have to say convict because they were not truly prisoners since prison was not a concept yet formulated for the Brits. From my Brit history classes, I knew already you either were hanged, exiled or pardoned through string pulling. It's amazing how small offenses could get a person sent to the gallows in the Georgian epoch. There is something romantic and a sort of kinship that Americans feel with Australians and Australia: English roots, large Irish influence, funny accented English, exiled from the motherland, wild west/outback sections, dealing with natives in horrible ways, an appreciation of the bikini, etc. While I see those similarities still, I now understand that our nations are worlds apart in history and framework.

A Week in Florida

- It's tough enjoying mid 80s temps all week and few clouds, really tough.

- To think that Maine, Indiana and Florida are all part of the same country when you look at their respective landscapes is really interesting. Because of America's geographic size, along both a north-south and east-west axis, we have a diverse mix of what home looks like. I love that about America. Few countries enjoy that same geographic diversity.

- I used spf 15 and 30 while on my trip and still got a tan from only laying by the pool 3 days. It is just nice being on vacation and doing nothing. The human brain needs an unwinding or a resetting.

- Disney is constantly improving and changing things. They serve beer and wine now!!!!! The night show at Hollywood Studios was excellent and made creative use of dancing water. The light parade is more colorful and creative with its use of lights. The Haunted Mansion makes use of projections and holograms more than before and removed some "old", still puppet stuff. They are also very smart at using a new technology to enhance a ride or create a new park experience. Their work with 3D attractions is very very effective. They immerse a person in the experience, which to a 5 year old, must be intense.

- Disney added some rides that have balls. This started 10+ years back with Splash Mountain and the Tower of Terror. There are additional coasters, with one that goes over 60 mph and another that goes twisty and upside down like real coasters elsewhere. One of the most impressive rides I have ever done is their Mission Space ride. It simulates G forces and weightlessness on a trip to Mars with a simulator screen in front of you as if you were a flight crew of 4 strapped in for the long trip.

- The lines were the shortest I have seen them in 20 years of going to Disney. The recession is 'for reals' even at the happiest place on Earth. Some big attractions I walked right into with no wait (tower of terror and mission space). They have lost marginal customers that everyone else has lost in the last year. They are not immune.

- Like anywhere else... big people all around. Fat people at Disney. Porkers by the pool. A frustrating thing was seeing the chubbahs in people movers. I saw disabled or old people walking and if they can walk, then the tubbahs should be walking with two good legs. My mom noticed the number of newlyweds that were both tubbahs that wore 'honeymoon' buttons while at Disney. She wonders if this is a fat person subculture thing. Sometime in the near future, someone is going to write an amazing book about the rise of obesity in America (the rest of the developed world is following us), how it continued to rise in the face of the negative social stigma of 'being fat', and then the eventual correction.

-Cell phones are awesome when they help you find people at a park. You can split up easier. I wish they had cheap cell phones in the mid-1980s when I first went on family vacations. Texting makes it easier as you can type "splash mountain in line now meet us".

- Housing in Florida is truly atrocious and cannot be encapsulated by a CaseShiller -40% year over year change graph data point. If someone saved their money and stayed out of the bubble, there are HUGE bargains to be had, and potential rental property fortunes to be made. I went through classifieds, and I was amazed how many homes over 2K sq ft with nice features and in nice suburbs were to be had for under 150K. It makes me wonder how much of the neighborhood is for sale though, so I may just be uninformed.

- I do need time away from my family even when on a vacation with them.

- My mom was a way better mom to me and my sis at age 11 than my sister is to my niece. It's like my sister went 5 steps crazier in the last year. She needs to relax a bit, more like a lot.

- I wish I could have exchanged my t-shirt one day with one of those Brazilian marching band student shirts I saw at Disney on this flock of 50+ teens. Their shirts looked awesome and unique for the USA.

- I kept doing the Mickey and Goofy laughs while at Disney. I do impersonations well and unleashed my Mickey voice and laugh non-stop at the parks. It's one of the few places in the world I could do that and not be mocked.

- Kid movie bad guys spend more time doing the bwahaha laugh than they do actually battling the good guy. Maybe they should change that, and they'd finish a movie on the winning side.

- I love to observe human behavior and people watch. It's part of why I love Vegas, Disney, and other zones that bring a ton of strange and different people together at once. People love to bitch and moan. I overheard so many different small conversations between sets of friends, parents, siblings, parent-child couplings, etc. that the emerging theme in all of theme was to whine about something... at a theme park that offers thrills unlike any other theme park in the world. Lines were short. The weather was perfect. Could people go an hour w/o bitching about something? Nope. Not possible. People love to bitch. The culture of victimization and woe is me droopy dog behavior is everywhere and permeates all people young and old. Everyone has a sob story, everyone loves conflict (it's a win-win because when you lose or do something because events were out of their control and pressed upon them. I reject it and reject them. Quit-cha bitching. If you're at the happiest place on earth as a whole family unit, enjoying the sites, laughing and having a good time, that is not the time to bitch about something unrelated to the visit. While standing in line for a show, you don't bitch about something small going on in your home 500+ miles away.

This thought sprouted on the first day in Florida when we went to Hollywood Studios. I was split from my family as I wanted to do the Tower of Terror and others wanted to see shows. I went by myself and rocked it out, then met up with some of my party at the American idol experience. I was outside the AI entrance making phone calls to see where people were. So I waited for a call back, and listened to a mom whine to her kids (more the older child, as the 5+/- year old was flopping around) about how long their dad was gone as he went to get those mickey chocolate covered ice cream bars. This is useless whining that is standard operating procedure for many as few folks can have a conversation w/o bringing up some pain. Let's consider how insane this was: 1. Dad is around. Have you seen single mother rates in the US?, 2. Dad paid partially or fully for the trip if he works, 3. Dad went off so you could sit on a bench in the shade, 4. Dad is buying ice cream! I was pretty close to asking her why she was whining about him taking a long time. To make herself look better? Instinct to whine-complain? Really complaining about something else about him but using that as cover? Being totally self centered and not engaging your kids with a question about what they enjoyed best so far or looked forward to? You know what would deserve bitching? If their Dad ran out on the family for his Yoga instructor. Luckily, I got a call & pulled away from eavesdropping. Life is too short for all of the bitching. Get on with it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ridiculous Concepts: Mental Infidelity

The stuff that comes out of teens' mouths. My cousin had this concept she loosely termed "mental infidelity", and then one of her friends used it on me in a phone conversation. I was branded of course after revealing that in some of my dreams I dream of having sex with Salma Hayek. Gee, why would a man ever do that! It did get me thinking, besides my defense of mental infidelity on the phone, and I came to the conclusion that this is a concept only a woman could think up and only women could care about.

The idea of an emotional affair is something you see in "Dear Abby' columns, and it is always a woman writing about some guy she digs but she's currently tied to another guy, oh jeez, what to do? This happens because woman don't just break off their current relationship and go for the new guy. Guys would do that, but guys also wouldn't develop emotional attachments that get to that point without acting physically on it first damn be the consequences (we men don't think things through). I've heard of this concept often from women, and it boggles my mind that 1. they'd think a guy would waste time with this, 2. they think their man would care there is a guy that their wives/girlfriends bitch to and use as a "dickless boyfriend" (TM), and 3. so now there's an extra insane level of fidelity a man has to reach to keep a woman happy. WTF? Why do women feel the need to develop these close guy friends? Can't you be a casual friend and share stories but not daydream about a life together with puppies, blended families, and long soft kisses in candlelight? I actually think a lot of these emotional affairs are not mental infidelity, but women just doing their normal mate filtering process, keeping sex out of the picture.

After countless Discovery Channel specials on the human brain and sexuality, countless academic articles on human hardwiring for finding mates, and just general observation of human behavior, I can safely say mental infidelity is bunk, and noticing attractive and appealing people of the opposite gender is a natural part of humanity. A wedding ceremony does not end anything, it just marks a new phase. No one ever stops looking, not even your Grammom. To never look nor never even daydream is inhuman. I would never hold my wife to a standard of never ever thinking of anyone else. That is unfair to her and would be extremely arrogant of me. I would prefer daydreams, random thoughts and even celebrity crushes to an outright physical action.

This last point feeds into my amazement at women who will take back a cheating husband because "he just had sex with her he wasn't in love with her". I've heard of that happening too many times. He may have been sleeping around, but his heart was in the right place. His dick wasn't. I think every guy I know would rather hear there woman confess to some dumbass emotional affair to a physical fling. This actually plays into something else I have noticed: women love to confes problems to strangers, web forums and discuss issues with everyone but the very person the issue concerns. I will always claim ignorance with women, and this is one of the many facets of their behavior I do not follow. I also know this: if I cheated on my wife & she found out, I'd wake up with a knife in my chest. Kudos to her. Thankfully, I also have a wife who is a great friend. As cheeseball as it sounds, that goes a long way. I do not believe in mental infidelity and consider it a made up concept to create drama and tension in relationships where there is none. People have and will always "look", don't deny your inner-prehistoric-brain hardwiring.

I posted the pics as proof that no, I will never stop appreciating women, but I know where the line is. Yes the mawige label is in honor of "The Princess Bride".

Your Love

Pop brilliance. This is one of my favorite 80s songs of all time. "Billie Jean" narrowly beats it out. Kudos to Sony for posting this on Youtube. Buy the album as there are other good songs. For some odd reaosn, they did not catch on with any other single. This video is well done too, as it tells a bit of a story but is a performance video at the same time. I miss this era of MTV.

The lead singer reminds me of Sting. His vocals and Sting's early 80s style are similar, especially the bridge part where he gets all intimate. My wife constantly forgets that this is called "Your Love", so in my house the code for this song is wailing the intro "Josie's on a vacation far away...". It's a distinct opening. It is also great for playing at hour 4 of a party when enough people have gotten drunk to the point where they will sing songs.

From the depths of my memory, I recall everyone from my older aunts and uncles to me, the little kid, loving this song. This is a missing feature to modern pop music. I think a lot of modern pop music is childish, and rarely do you get a song that can cross generations. AsI wrote earlier, "I kissed a girl" is an incredible pop song, but I don't know anyone over 30 that can stand it. It could be a move away from guitar and drum based pop music for synth and hip hop influenced tunes. Yes, I know synth was huge in the 80s, but there was something a bit artistic about it then compared to now. Now it is about finding that perfect beat to dance to, fuck if it sounds good for late night driving or just tapping your hands on the steering wheel. I'm starting to ramble like an old man.

"Josie's on a vacation far away, Come around and talk it over, so many things that I want to say, you know I like my girls a little bit older..."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random U2 Thought

U2 has an unbelievable collection of hits and lesser known songs that are brilliant bits of muscial genius. The line "uno, dos, tres, catorce" is not one of them. Their album "All that you can't leave behind" was the soundtrack to my fall semester junior year as my roommate was in love with it, and there's not a bad song on the record. U2 has stretched from making fun of the commercialism of the music industry all the way to weird music I can only describe as sounding like it was played in a German gay disco. They sound great live, and 20 odd years on, still can make a good pop rock song.

What line is quoted most often in my house from U2's catalog? "Le-monnnnn" in that weird Bono falsetto. My wife and I just sing-shout Lemon randomly. We cannot see, smell or taste a lemon without saying it at least 5 times. Besides this one line, we don't ever discuss the song or quote any other lines. It's strange. The next common U2 quote or line sung at the house is anything from "One". Of all the wonderful songs U2 bestowed upon us the common folk, we just can't get enough of "Lemon".

Jay Cutler Traded to Bears: Awesomeness comes to Chi-town

My dad nearly died the day they announced it. Jay Cutler traded to Chicago for Kyle Orton and 2 firsts. I shit you not, he was hospitalized, and it was probably due to the Bears finally having a good QB. This is an outstanding trade for both sides, and it is a rarity to see a franchise QB traded even before his prime at 25.

For Denver, they jettison an awesome QB... wait where does this benefit them. Oh yeah, they get a serviceable QB in Orton, who maybe McD-bag can coach up, and they get two 1st round draft picks. They can rebuild that defense. The Bears get a QB finally. Cutler is the real deal and 25, so they have a decade of him if he stays healthy. They just need to shore up the defense, and with Cutler-Forte-Olson, they have a nice trio of skill players on the offensive side of the ball. If the defense can get some pressure on the QB, they can get hold teams at bay, and now they have a QB who can run a 2 minute drill. In the weak NFC North, this trade gives them the best QB and the only one I would trust in a playoff atmosphere. I guess Minnesota is fine with Sage and Tarvaris.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

You Regret that Transfer Yet?

Now for a slightly surprising development at USC's spring practices.... mitch mustain supposedly transferred to USC to start at a big time program. I thought this was a stupid move because USC had a succession line set up, and he did not fit. Other schools offered the chance to start right away. In 2008, he lost out to mark sanchez, rightfully so, for the starting job and this year has his open ticket to prime time exposure at a pro style offense stacked with weapons at all skill positions and an o-line bringing nearly everyone back. That is the dirty secret to Carroll's angry demeanor at Sanchez's draft press conference. With Sanchez back, Carroll knew he had a stacked, unstoppable offense. Mustain is the most heralded QB prospect on campus that is over age 18, and one would expect him to lead the pack for the starting job.

Mustain is failing. Early press reports tell that aaron corp is the lead to start next year. Supposedly, he's more mobile than mustain and has a better grasp of the offense. This blows my mind as corp and mustain entered USC the same year, and Corp is a year younger and was playing in high school when Mustain started with success at Arkansas. Mustain chose the wrong school to transfer to because of sanchez in front of him, and now he's not going to start when every offensive weapon is coming back and his only competition is an underclassman not nearly as hyped as mustain was out of HS (the true frosh stud recruit, Barkley, will be redshirted). Mustain might as well transfer now to a D-1aa school to get his chance to start.

Why the h3ll didnt he transfer to tennessee or auburn? Schools that needed and still need a QB are Rutgers, Michigan, FSU, Miami, Tenn, Auburn, and Alabama. Think he regrets this move now? Unless he can wrestle the starting job away from Corp now, his only chance to start is if Corp gets injured. See it's lined up so that Corp can start for 2, maybe 3 years, and then hand the reins over to Barkley. If you look at their QB recruiting habits, they seem to set it up so a QB can learn for 2-3 years and then start for 2 seasons. Look at the line starting with Palmer, Leinart, JD Booty, Sanchez (had he stayed for senior year), and then Corp would have been set for 2 starting seasons. Look at their QB recruiting in between those guys, no big signings. I wrote an analysis of Mustain's decision in an email to friends (I will find this and post it). I skewered his decision, and thought he was arrogant and stupid to not see that another SEC program with an immediate opening would serve him well. Mustain was the #2 ranked QB prospect his senior year of HS behind Matt Stafford who will be a 1st round pick in a month. Three years on, Mustain is fighting to start and salvage a chance at an NFL career.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Tanning Salon People

Call a tanning salon and try to find someone who doesn't have that Hooters waitress voice or a straight man. Try it. Not going to happen. It's hard to take people seriously when they sound like a stock character out of a bad Vh1 reality show. What's worse is that they try to dress up how you pay with psychotic systems that work for people who do not like math. Regardless of gender, they do have that weird, leather, off color, unnatural look. Maybe you look around and wonder what the hell is going on with people there?

Whenever I discuss tanning salons, I always think back to a girl I dated in the summer between soph-junior year. We worked at the same white collar job, but she also worked nights at a tanning salon. Keep in mind, we lived 5 miles from the ocean. At the start of the summer, everything was great as she had a nice golden tan. She got a bit more of a bronze, caramel look, and then all hell broke loose. By the end of the summer and relationship, she was looking more like leather, and had some of those odd sun spots pop up... at age 20. She'd jump in for 5 minutes at the end of a night shift when I would pick her up. I never understood this. With the distance of time, I think this happens with a lot of tanning salon workers. They have easy (and usually free) access and overdo it.
As we head deeper into this recession, I have to wonder what will happen to so many of those strip mall nail and tanning salons? Will they file for bankruptcy? Will they sell off equipment to stay in business as cutomers drop off? Has business dropped off? I just see these places going belly up and quickly. Tanning is not a need but a want... and part of the extremely discretionary spending sector.
Note: How disgusting is that chick with the overtan? She looks like a burn victim, and her fake boobs are hanging really tight in her skin. That scares me. She's like a Banshee.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

False Prophets

This site, Wrongtomorrow, could become my favorite tracking site. A fellow has managed to find a way to track when people spout off predictions as coming true or not. With the internet age of blogging and easy posting, many d-bags have shouted and scared people with useless prediction after useless prediction that falls flat on its face (James Howard Kunstler comes to mind) usually to serve a purpose of speaking fees, books, or tv appearances. I do also think people have to be given credit when they do call something right. I just am tired of the non-stop fearmongering by folks trying to make a buck off of impressionable people.

I do want to rant on Twitter or twittering or tweeting. This has got to be the lamest and most self centered thing the Internets has produced. Do I care if someone sends a 1-2 sentence update of what the hell they are doing? No. Why the hell does anyone follow this shit? Do we have to live vicariously through everyone else instead of living our lives to the fullest? Wake the phuck up people. Consider this: people get updates in one short bites on what someone else is doing. Are we so phucking ADD that we cannot read through a full blog entry? Do we now need people to just let us know that "i'm taking a crap" and other useless bits of trivia. Christ I hate the world of people.