Friday, July 31, 2009


I was a big lover of the 70s before the rest of my friends. Actually, some of them never liked the 70s and never will. I just love the music like this funky tune early 70s tune sped up because of the cocaine of the late 70s....

or this slow jam that still holds up well. Oooooooh, you wait a long ti-heem....

or that you could show up on national television to sing your hit tune with a zip up hoody sweatshirt on after a group of 5 gay stereotypes introduces you.....

or sing an R&B song and not make any physical references to disgusting sex acts, just smooth soulful love making (he still sounds good 35 years later)...


This video qualifies as a nightmare maker for children in the 1980s. Don't come around here no more scared the living shit out of me as a kid. This was a video that really took advantage of the format. It used the framework of "Through the Looking Glass" to creep people the fuck out. Tom Petty is pretty weird looking, and he used that in videos like this one and "Mary Jane's Last Dance". The cake part just finishes me off. Cannibalism mixed with creepy music does not make for sweet dreams for children. Jesus.

I've contemplated creepy recently, and think creepy = unnatural. The mind knows something is not normal or natural and instantly has a little revulsion, which we call creepy. It is probably a hardwiring in the brain that unnatural or slightly off means "genetic problem, do not mate". Robots that look humanoid but are not quite right. People who have a facial characteristic that makes them different from the norm. Shades of skin like "sickly green" or "ghostly translucent white". Things that have one thing out of proportion. The hallways and rooms in "The Shining" were so large that they created a creepy atmosphere.
Creepiness does have a place in our world. I do enjoy having things around that are creepy, watching creepy movies, and even the occasional creepy attitudes of a friend or coworker. It gives you a feeling. Not everything in life can be sanitized and removed of all painful or bad emotions. So many people are afraid of pain when denying yourself those emotions and feelings might be the worst pain you can inflict. Don't just go numb.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Book Ideas

I need some good fictional book ideas? I've read all I have and have an Amazon gift cert....

Christian Bale or no....

This is more just to make it so 3 family members show the same video clip. So this guy who sings like he's in a Disney band made a video to a terrible song but dressed up like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho and recreated scenes and shots from the movie for his promotional video. Brilliant.

Now here's the American Psycho trailer. I love the book & movie. I really wish they had found a way to work in the college girlfriend reunion segment from the book into the movie because I think it really mattered to the overall character presentation of Mr. Bateman..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Brickyard 400 2009

Today I watched the Brickyard 400 from a luxury suite box. It was incredibly loud. The vibrations from the cars shake your hand as you hold a drink. The exhaust by the end of the race makes you feel like you smoked unfiltered cigs. The speed is breathtaking. The small bumps you see on TV look far worse in person. The movements of the cars when drivers attempt to pass have a dance quality to them. The crowd of 250K was HUMUNGOUS. You see as many black people there as at a Red Sox game (2). Lots of "this is ourrrrr counnnnnntry" looking folk. I will post photos, here and on facebook. I respect the drivers and pit crews, and it is fun to watch live, but NASCAR is not my cup of tea.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not another bad thing...

It had been a pretty bad week, and then I found out my eldest aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've posted on checking for breast cancer before here. My aunt is one of the few who kept in good touch as I got older, and is an interesting character. About 15 years ago her husband died of cancer, and I think now the "life has a reason" lightbulb went on to show that maybe that was a prep for her to face her own battle. She's a tough woman, and I expect her to fight it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Walter Cronkite Dead too?!?!?!!?

Cronkite was 92, but still, can we get a breather? This means a bunch of tributes from the media so they can feel important. Lots of nostalgia in this death as he might be the most famous reader of news ever. Not investigative reporter, but a fricking newsreader. That voice. The lack of emotion that so many newscasters seem to express nowadays. Just reading the frickin' news sinteading of editorializing all of the time. It's a nice coincidence that one of the biggest names or faces in the American Mythology of what makes up the news dies in the midst of many newspaper closings and death spiralling ratings for tv newscasts.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Answer to Cap and Trade

America is very close to stupidly installing a cap and trade system that has not worked in Europe in an effort to deal with global warming but in a manner that will enrich people who can game the system (and let the govt skim some off the top). I still don't think it will pass the Senate. Here's a quick way to deal with the issue in a direct manner which will have an immediate impact on fossil fuel use, generate lots of revenue for the govt to directly use for backstop nuclear reactor debt, wind farm growth, and potentially space based solar power: tax gas up to a level $4 per gallon. Tax it there as a steady price, so govt revenues would fluctuate, but as long as oil doesn't spike above $130 barrel again, everyone would expect gas to be $4 gallon and adjust their behavior.

1. People would drive less (helps fight the phantom menace of CO2)
2. Use less oil products, therefore saving fossil fuels for later and helps reduce oil imports
3. Generates revenue to be directly used for nuclear, wind, solar, etc. to help diversify our electricity generation portfolio

I wonder why the govt did not think of doing this rather than an odd system of cap and trade.... hmm... I wonder.

Note: Switching the US to use nat gas for cars and trucks would make too much sense since it is a domestic energy source. Too much sense.

Monday, July 13, 2009

TV Show Idea

Travel Channel or E! is looking for a fun show to spotlight different cities and hot spot destinations. They should roll with my show based on the idea of me and maybe a friend or two going to all of the great drinking spots in a town & drinking the specialties of that area, country, city, etc. This would act a lot like "No Reservations" but without an old guy who is cranky all of the time. We'd film for 2-3 days in each city. First day is just getting there and scoping the citywith scenery shots and set ups for the 2nd 'act'. The first night is wehre me and my crew just go and drink tons at the bars in that town and rage it. Day 2 starts with a brunch at some local hangover central place. Recap the previous night with flashback shots of stuff we vaguely remember. Day 2 is recovery day so then I'd go meet some person who would take me to that city-region's alcohol specialty place. Maybe it's the wineries of that area. Maybe it's a brewery that started a microbrew movement in the area. Maybe it's homegrown vodka-like spirits in Eastern European country homes. Whatever it is, it is a way to chill out. Night 2 is spent raging it in the more local spots that don't cater to young people and have more of the local flavor of alcohol. Day 3 has the wake up & wrap up shots and a "hair of the dog" drink before the crew departs.

Costs would be low if we keep it to 3 days of shooting. The other factor is making it 30 mins. Keep it simple and in 3 pieces. I think some travel shows try to stretch 40 minutes of material into a 60 min show, when cutting back and having a chock full 30 minute show would be better. If E! wants a piece, I could do it for them, but would not want it to be the new edition of "Wild On...". We'd keep the focus on the alcohol and the specialty of the area. A show on ciders in England would be great. Going through Bavaria and drinking the small specialty beers would be a blast. Bourbon country in Kentucky would be fun. The possibilities are enough to fill a few 12 episode length seasons. If Samantha Brown can have a lame show for middle aged, contrarian travel, then I can have a drinking show. You know exactly what I am talking about; Samantha Brown is always talking about how this spot has no tourists or Americans in sight. It's great, we get it, you want to be unique when you travel. We want to get drunk!

I'd call it "On the House" or "Who's Buyin'?"

Saturday, July 11, 2009


California is a wonderful and beautiful place of immense natural wealth and innovation. Sadly, they have a corrupt government that enriches state workers, soaks anyone trying to make money themselves, and provides 'basic services' that many other states would deem luxuries. They have a budget problem. They have an incompetent, corrupt government problem that gives themselves giant pensions whicht hen becomes a problem. They have an out of touch elite problem. They have an immigration problem. They have a tax problem. They have a water rights and use problem. They have an enviro special rights douchebag problem. They have a lot of problems.

They have a lot of assets, but don't seem to use them. They also would draw in many skilled people if only they made the region more conducive to business. The potential is still there. It's having the will to unlock it. The anarchist and libertarian in me loves that they have the ballot referendum voting mechanism like my home state of Maine. I love it. It's kind of bit them in the back as they seem to like to spend money but not pay for it. They could make some tough decisions and choices and force the public pension system to be overhauled but they probably will not do it. They will wait for the White House to bail them out, which will just piss of the other 49 states.

Here's a plan: file for bankruptcy which will cause the old union contracts to be tossed out and negotiated to more favorable terms for long term stability. The pension system will go bust one day, so why not tackle it now while dollars are still real dollars. Here's another plan: break up into 3-4 states. Maybe one coastal state from San Fran to LA. Another that is the northern section close to Oregon. A third state from mid cali to the southern border. If that is too wide a range, then split it into 4 states. Still, the dominant feature would be the coastal state from San Fran to LA. They have so much politically in common, bwahahaha. I would love how this decentralizes power in Cali and let's people have more control over what would affect them.

This would never happen for many reasons:

1. Neither political party would allow it as they'd both see the downside (not the potential upside). Democrats would suddenly not have the lay up of 55 electoral votes that the GOP surrenders to them now because of LA-SF. The GOP could count on 1 piece of the 4, and maybe 1-2 more would be toss up states they could fight for (I view this as good since more states should be fought over). We could have years where a Democrat won 3 of 4 states and others where a Republican won 3 of 4. It would be exciting and make things more interesting nationally. It would also make it nearly impossible for a liberal Democrat to win the White House again unless the stars lined up like 2008. Even the GOP having one reliable "state" & say 10 electoral votes (equals Nevada & NM) makes for an interesting national campaign strategy. The GOP would only see the downside to the Senate alignment unless they ran moderate Senate candidates, which they have a hard time doing now.

2. The problem of water rights and use. This is far more intricate than I know about, but if one considers how the enviros removed all of the old dams and messed things up for some frogs and a few fish, you can understand how touchy this would be.

3. Immigration enforcement would be an issue as most of the immigrants would be crossing the southern new state's border with Mexico but trying to get to other sections of the old Cali region.

4. Prisons. Prisoner transfer, the prison guard pay lobby, where to keep them, the sunk cost of all those new expensive prisons built in the last 25 years.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Road Ahead

Very difficult week with a summer cold and an emotional rollercoaster. Who knows where life takes us?

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July America. Thank you Founding Fathers for wanting to split off from England in order to have the power and control for yourselves.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Star Trek

Finally saw the Star Trek franchise reboot movie of 2009. It is 2 hours and 20 minutes but does not feel that long. Nice story, nice action scenes, nice character development, nice special effects, and once again, a J.J. Abrams story that has parent-child stuff as a constant theme. This is a good popcorn film that has enough winks and nods at the original tv show. The "i'm a doctor not a ---", "i'm givin you all she's got captain", the green girl, and other small gestures were nice. It's an origin story, and some elements have been alluded to in other venues like the test that Kirk cheats at to be the only member to pass. This is what an action-adventure movie is suppose to be.

Some random observations....

- Winona Ryder as Spock's mom. I chuckled when I saw her. Stop stealing clothes Winona.

- That black dude that writes terrible black stuff for tv and cinema was in it pretending to not be gay, Tyler Perry. This guy rolls in dough, so why did he have to show up and do his terrible acting for 5 minutes.

- Simon Pegg was a nice comic relief piece at the end as "Scotty". I enjoy his work. The crowd did as well.

- The womanizing Kirk was displayed to a T, and appreciated by somoene who has always said "you lose vs the Enterprise because Spock outthinks you, Kirk steals your girl, and Scotty gets you drunk".

- If Abrams takes 2-3 years and gets a great script, he could make a great follow up and set this franchise up for the long haul. All the leads are young, and they would be dumb to turn down 10 years worth of paychecks &steady work in between "serious projects". A bad 2nd movie would spoil this great reboot.

- The trailer for "Sherlock Holmes" was good and makes me want to see it. This seems like the Holmes of the original tales. Nice job trailer editor.

Lots of Dead Celebs

David Carridine, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays and now Karl Malden dead. What a string of celeb deaths. The original Kung Fu Cain, snatch the pebble from my hand Grasshopper. "Heeeeeeeerrrrrre's Johnny!" The best pin up ever. In 2000, I was using that photo as my screensaver. A great tv salesman with a ferocious beard, and an Academy Award winner with a giant nose. The one receiving all of the attention is without a doubt one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century. From 1968 to 1988 he was a child star who become an adult megastar. He had inner demons and lived a tortured life. Let his death be a warning to those who wish for fame.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Wii Fit Game

My mom and dad have a Wii Fit now. My parents once had a $800 home gym set. My father never put it together. They have a $90 Wii Fit and have used it even more than I expected. On their own, without either of their kids there, they used it for an hour. I know it is not an aerobic, grueling system, but hey, it gets them up and moving. Thank you Nintendo.