Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Sad Series on Wrestling

Deadspin runs a weekly series of posts on dead wrestlers. One might think this would be a short term gimmick, but no, the number of dead long before their time wrestlers is very long. The Von Erich family alone is a horror film body count. Some would die very young, so young that you'd say "Whatever happened to so and so" and the reason why they were off air is that they died. Suicide, overdose, heart attacks (jeez roids wonder roids why) and accidents, the odd profession of pro wrestler has a high mortality rate. If you read The Watchmen, you know that the collection of people drawn to the vigilante-superhero life is made up of odd people who have tragic endings. Wrestling strikes me a bit in the same way. What odd people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top will make it onscreen? Maybe those odd people are destined for an odd, early ending.

This week's dead wrestler of the week was Miss Elizabeth. I have to tip my cap to that writer as he captures perfectly how Miss Elizabeth fit in to the wrestling world in all its cheesiness. She was a fixture of the pre-anti hero era of the WWF. Good guys were good and bad guys either were bad or foreign. You should treat the lady with respect. I went to a WWF event in the 80s. I remember wanting a Miss Elizabeth poster. Since pre-Internet the WWF didn't have a good merchandise distribution model that was my chance to get one. They were sold out before intermission. I settled on a Hulkamania shirt. The 5 year old me and my cousin who hated how the Macho Man was always jealous and angry at her. How the WWF played our little hearts like fiddles.

She died in 2003 at the age of 42 from an overdose mixed with vodka. From reading details, sounds like it was the last stop of a bad journey. For at least 10 years int he 80s and early 90s, you could say "miss elizabeth" and little boys eyes' would light up. The WWF has had other sex symbols since Miss Elizabeth, with my favorite as a teen being Sunny (owner of the best buns in the WWF). None of them were, dare I say, as normal, girl next door attractive as Miss Elizabeth. They all have that mix of tattoos, leather and fake boobs that make them look cartoonish rather than feminine. By today's standards, Elizabeth's outfits would be considered conservative. Her make up and hair are tame by night at a club standards, and god forbid, her breasts fit her body!!!!! I remember a couple matches were she wore elbow length gloves. Class for a stupid viewing audience of little boys and their dads. If you are in the great beyond and can hear us, Miss Elizabeth, thank you!

Monday, February 22, 2010


If our mortgage deal goes through and we close in March, we will pay off the home in 2030.

Things I hope to see by 2030....

1. One of my future kids graduate from high school
2. Technology and energy sources that mitigate the bad effects of peak cheap oil
3. Rejuvenation therapies that prolong human life
4. True artifical intelligence, passing a Turing Test
5. Nanotech working as an everyday influence
6. Robots in nanotech form or full human size working hazardous jobs
7. Medication or daily vitamins that work with the brain to improve cognitive function and memory recall
8. Total Body Immersion Virtual Reality, kind of like a cross between the Matrix and Snowcrash
9. Cybernetic implants for old people to ward of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease
10. Sex Robots

I am not as optimistic as Ray Kurzweil is about the pace of technological progress, but I do have hopes.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Movie Idea: The 9/11 Identity Switch

Trying to branch out my idiotic movie ideas into new genres, I'm going to offer up a movie for the adult drama crowd. The crowd that watches Richard Gere movies that aren't deep and just show him in a blazer in every scene.

It's Sept 10th 2001, guy is at work. You see him with his coworkers in NYC. He plays the "I'm working late honey I'm not coming home tonight Don Draper special" and sneaks away to have sex with his mistress. He wakes up the next morning a bit late and goes off to work. One problem: his office is now destroyed since he worked in the World Trade Center. In the cab, he hears the radio reports of the towers being on fire, the fire trucks and cop cars are zooming by, and he makes a choice. He runs for it and starts fresh elsewhere.

See no one but his mistress knew where he was that night, and his family would expect him to be at work by 9am. He jumps town and we find out he had a 'fuck you' account under another name/identity. He uses that ID & money and sets up shop in some small coastal town, either New England, Florida or Washington. He starts up his new life and goes through the montage of firsts and new guy things. He meets a new woman who unlocks blah blah inside of him or mixes well with the real him, not the hot shot big money NYC citizen. Of course, at about the 60 min mark (start of 3rd act), a person from his old life sees him by chance in the new town and can spoil it or maybe his mistress tracks him down. The 'reveal' is settled, and his true ID and story come out to the new woman. He makes a choice and it is to stay in the new life.

This would do well, and all you need is to cast some attractive people, and it will rake in the dough. I'm not going to cast the wife because she'll never be onscreen. I don't want anyone sympathizing with her, because then we can't have the lead choose the other life and let the audience feel good about that.

Male Lead - David Boreanaz - Never would get the role because he is a TV actor. He is scuzzbucket enough to run away from his life while cheating on his wife, but charming enough that an audience would enjoy his self discovery & rally around him in the 3rd act. 2nd choice: Josh Lucas

Love Interest - Anna Paquin, but she might be 'too young'. If they want a more mature actress that women can project themselves onto, Jennifer Garner. These two women do not blow anyone over with their beauty, and they are both likeable enough to cheer for keeping the lead in his new life.

Old Local to guide Lead- Hal Holbrook. Either Holbrook or Wilford Brimley. Grizzly old salts apply here.

Friend from Old Life who Tries to Ruin Things - Josh Duhamel. Just turn up the arrogance and smarminess. He just shows up in the new town on some vacation, and tries to bring his friend back.

Mistress who could destroy the new life - Vanessa Hudgens would take a role like this to break the bubble gum dumbass Disney type she is. We've seen her naughty pics so she can bring the fire as a spurned mistress tracking a man down.

Book Review: The Life of Belisarius

Many of the biographies or historical accounts of an era, event or country today are extreme in length and offer a tsunami of facts. The good ones can tell a good story as well as educate the reader. The Life of Belisarius is a biography of a Roman General written in the 19th century that holds up well. Lord Mahon writes a tale that draws upon classic sources, tackles even the moyths or rumors of the time, and is critical of its subject at certain points. Belisarius is considered one of or the last of the great Roman generals. Lord Mahon does an admirable job of bringing this ancient leader to life.

Most of us in european history classes think of the fall of Rome as when the western roman empire fell, which is not true. The capital moved east to Constantinople, the empire was divided in two and the eastern part of the empire (aka the Byzantium Empire) lasted into the 1400s. There was a movement to the Greek world and east even in the early stages of the Roman empire as the elites spoke Greek, had Greek tutors for their children, and drew upon many Greek influences. To relocate the capital isn't as strange as it sounds when you consider the long journey of the empire. Belisarius is a Roman general despite being of the eastern (Greek) empire. Lord Mahon does an excellent job of setting up the world and the man prior to relating his work. The reader understands that the western empire had been lost for years. The author relates court intrigue, the corruption, the loose grip even the emperor held on the apparatus of control. He sets the stage for Belisarius' victories to look that much more critical and amazing.

Reading the fine details, Belisarius' armies seem far removed from the huge and well trained armies of Julius Caesar and the early empire. It is a bit shocking to hear how poorly Belisarius was equipped to fight. Belisarius earns victories not just through combat on the field of combat, but through alternative thinking, bluff, trickery, and occupies or takes over cities with a 'hearts and minds' mentality. He had a great mind for big picture strategy, and Mahon does a great job educating the reader on this topic. Belisarius retakes Naples by sliding through the aqueduct, yet after the victory wich did cost troops lives, he does not allow his troops to run wild in the city. He was careful to make friends with the citizens and truly target only the Vandals and barbarians in various cities.

A great feature of this book is th einsight into the paranoid and insecure minds of the emperors. Justinian uses Belisarius to secure borders or conquers territories. He used him early on the secure his rule by putting down some rebels in the capital. After retaking North Africa and Italy for the empire, Belisarius denies accepting rule as a western emperor, which he could have, and proves himself a good soldier for his emperor. Despite all of this, Justinian did not trust him and was envious of his victories. Justinian also underfuned Belisarius' campaigns. It is truly amazing the dopey court gossip and intrigue that makes Justinian lose sight of Belisarius' loyalty. Justinian had a long reign, and if his reign is more the norm for post-Augustus emperors, one can see how things went off track for the empire. Justinian, pick something big and stick to it, rewriting laws, military campaigns and religious work are great goals, but you can spread yourself too thin in one area by scattering efforts.

The author is critical of Belisarius in some respects. This was nice to read, as he does not just gush about Belisarius for 200+ pages. Lord Mahon even theorizes that the Roman reconquests of the Vandals hurt that areas ability to fight off the Muslim conquests of later years, yielding the crappy condition North Africa is in today. I wish he had gone into more detail on possible corruption of Belisarius, but maybe the primary document records are light on this subject. Lord Mahon is a bit weird in blaming some bad things on men's wives. Is this true; are the wives really to blame? I doubt it, but if every Roman was married to a Lady MacBeth, it is news to me. This is sexist by today's standards (not of Lord Mahon's), and I wonder what primary sources say of these same women. They probably tell even worse lies. One flaw which I would have loved to see addressed: maps. Insert some better maps with more details or showing movements over time. This would have helped when reading about campaigns.

Life of Belisarius is an excellent read. I enjoyed it, and if someone were looking for a late Roman era biography or history book to read, I would recommend this for a quick read. There are elements that will make the reader laugh as well as think. For younger readers, it is a nice stepping stone into learning more about ancient Rome or Greece. If someone had a teenage or tween boy interested in ancient Roman battle or rule, this might be a good starting point, as there are plenty of details but nothing too scandalous for a young mind. Lord Mahon's Georgian Era audience fits in with a PG rating in the modern era.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Only the French

The theme to the movie "A Man and a Woman". Awesome. The song inspires images of coy behavior between men and women. Like the pre-pounce phase of a first encounter when the two lovers wonder who will make the first move. Enough sexual tension to feel it in your marrow. Original trailer is below. Car races, explosions make out scenes,all to this song.

Little River Band - Lady

Plus, this classic...

"Lady" music video by Little River Band

Love the work by these guys. The Little River Band had a series of hits in the 1970s. I love the entire sound of Reminiscing. They tell a good story with the song lyrics and have great backing vocals. They set the mood.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Off the set of Predator 2

Predators in a dance sequence, joined by Danny Glover at the end.

This should be a deleted scene on the dvd.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Suicide Listing

Every month we get a report on large life claims (exceeding $100,000) that were paid in the preceding month. This month there was a claim, paid in January, for a 32 year old male for over $350,000 working at 5th/3rd bank. This fellow killed himself between Christmas and New Years. Many people have demonized bankers recently, including myself, but there is probably a much bigger story in his life than purely any loss on the market or fear for his job. I get these reports each month and the suicides stick out no matter what. Cancer, accidents and heart disease are the steady killers, but suicide is still a shocker to see. This one hit hard because of how young the individual was with so much ahead of him. Too bad he could not find one reason to keep on, one reason to not make that fatal choice. I love my job, but this is a feature I'd drop in a heartbeat if I could.

Gary Pucket and the Union Gap

Complex band names and similar sounding songs make for a powerful formula. You also have to love the costumes they wore to perform. I believe both of these clips are from the Ed Sullivan Show, which will never ever be duplicated.

From the "Young Girl", "Lady Willpower", "Woman, Woman" family of songs...

From their later work, also my favorite song in their discography, an incredibly sad love song....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Wonder what he means?

Need for immediate, shorter term solutions from a Saudi prince over the issue of a nuclear Iran. Last year it was reported the Saudis gave the Israelis the OK to use their airspace for an airstrike on Iranian nuclear facilities. The Saudis and Iranians have a long established rivalry. Not surprised by this. What is sad is that the Israelis felt the need to get a 2nd route planned out since the support from the US may not be 100% to go through US controlled Iraqi airspace.

The open hand diplomacy has not borne any fruit, per Sec of State Clinton they are becoming a military dictatorship, which is code for failed and renaming one dictatorship for another so you can 'get tough' on them with some cover to use against your supporters.

Spartacus Blood and Sand

Spartacus Blood and Sand: Someone watched 300 and thought it could be a great formula for a series based on the Spartacus tale. Slow motion action shots, Greeks, togas, sword fights, weird barbarians and the classical era Mediterranean setting. People know enough from Ben Hur Spartacus the movie and Julius Caesar about that era that it is not intimidating from a historical standpoint. It's entertaining and fun. There is a nice roster of recognizable character actors. Lucy Lawless and the male lead from Sliding Doors are a married couple. The African gladiator instructor I have seen elsewhere. The setting and action sell the show.

They added one thing missing in other Roman-Greek historical movies/shows: lots of bare breasts. There is plenty of nudity, even some dudity (male rears) for the ladies. At the beginning of the second episode, the wife of Spartacus comes to him in a dream and mounts him. She then arches her back a bit, bosom exposed, and blood explodes from her head scaring him awake. The production company is going the sex and violence route, taking advantage of what premium cable will allow them. Smart. This is a guilty pleasure, nothing more.

This series has already been picked up for a second season.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The John Mayer Interview

This interview (I linked to pg. 2 where it gets good) is getting press because John Mayer used the n-word, 'nigger'. I'm not going to defend him or criticize him, but I think that word has moved to a zone where you can't use it in public even if explaining something about the nature of the word itself. Weird. Well, count how many times he says douchebag in the interview. He is hypersensitive about being considered a douchebag, yet many things he says in the interview exemplify a male douchebag. The question right before the hood pass vs. nigger pass Q&A involves him saying he is "very". Not very anything, just V-E-R-Y. The references to just being 32. I gotta be 32. That's V-E-R-Y d-o-u-c-h-e-y. He mentions not caring if some kid calls him a douche bag on his blog, but he comes across as really wanting to prove he isn't a douchebag.

Mayer: "Because I want to show her I'm not like every other guy. Because I hate other men. When I'm f*cking you, I'm trying to f*ck every man who's ever f*cked you, but in his ass, so you'll say, 'No one's ever done that to me in bed'".

At this point in the article, I think he is actively trying to perform a satirical portrayal of the self absorbed, douchebag celebrity. He has of course 'apologized' for his use of the n-word. His apology does poke fun at people going nuts when he was trying to discuss the nature of acceptance and using it vs. hood. Good for him. Still, if he had balls and truly felt he had a hood pass, he'd never have apologized. Carlin and Lenny Bruce never would have apologized. James Taylor is still waiting for that royalty check for stealing his schtick, John, pay up.

Mayer: "I want to be with myself, still, and lie in bed with only the infinite unknown. That's 32, man."

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hermann Maier: Balls of Steel

Hermann Maier flew off the top of the mountain because of his speed, the mountain being a bit icy that day and the winds. He got back up and won medals after this crash.

End of the Euro?

Could the euro be at an end? This would be pretty amazing. I doubt it, but some are saying this is not the end but the initial move towards the end. I'm rubbing my hands together smiling as I wrote a long paper in college about how the euro was a bad idea without a unified Europe with one consitution, one set of fiscal rules and other government tie ins. The euro was an idea crafted by technocrats to make Europe maintain worldwide clout as it once did in days of colonialism.

We are roughly 2 years removed from 'will the euro overtake the dollar?' columns, even better one here.

Frickin' Lasers

A Boening plane with a frickin laser attached to it's nose blew a missile out of the sky for a 2nd time. This project has been in development for over a decade, and a college buddy worked on this and still might be on the project. As he said "it's the 'Real Genius' idea come to life!" Being able to blow up missiles as they lift off is a great theater of war defense system.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hold on What was that?

No, they didn't seriously try to take credit for Iraq's slow and cautious steps towards representative government as if they supported it and worked for it? Shame on them. Shame on them for lying and shame on them for betraying their supporters who have never supported that war. Taking fake credit isn't going to win them votes, and it shows what disrespect they have for their anti-war supporters.

Good for Jersey

At least someone owns up to their state's problems. Better to take your beating now. Good for Gov. Christie. If only the Governator and other Govs of big states had the guts...

The Thorn Birds

In the early days of cable TV, stations like TBS, TNT, A&E and their ilk would buy the rights to lesser known but entertaining shows and miniseries. There was a stretch where Shogun, Wild Wild West, and Star Trek could entertain people instead of really bad original programming. There was a chick flick, soap opera classic in that crowd: The Thorn Birds. The Thorn Birds was produced and aired in 1980 & starred Richard Chamberlain, Rachel Ward and Barbara Stanwyck. It is a terribly cliche love story that is too ridiculous to ever be passable.

1. A Catholic priest falls in love with a child... and the child is female.
2. He doesn't touch her until she is of age.
3. The rich, manipulative and still attractive elderly woman somehow doesn't get what she wants. Rich people lose? What????
4. Every priest/Catholic authority figure is dashingly handsome: Christopher Plummer and Richard Chamberlain.
5. People still maintain their infatuation fueled 'love' of people outside of their marriage fordecades.

My mom and aunts were nuts over this miniseries. It was huge. Key to it all was Richard Chamberlain. The man was TNT level explosive. When they even aired the Lost Years miniseries, my mom watched. The series was tapping into that love across oceans of time fantasy. I caved and watched the original with my mom. You can't swing a cat without hitting a cardboard cutout character. I will at least give the original writer credit for having Chamberlain's character, Father Ralph, choosing his ambition over love at every turn. As a kid, I kept thinking "What's up with being a Cardinal over true love?" Even as a kid, Rachel Ward's earthly sights would divert me from an otherworldly paradise. His faith and commitment to God seemed more an excuse to ever truly love Meggie. Father Ralph could idolize her from afar, freeze her in a perfect, unattainable mode, and never truly deal with the woman she was. What happens after the haze of adoration is the truly important phase of love. It was entertaining, and one of those "loves that can never be" stories that seem to do well or so I am told. Only to be topped by unrequited love stories, but wait Thorn Birds had that, too.

The really interesting character is Mary Carson played by Barbara Stanwyck. I loved her in Double Indemnity, which is the greatest insurance movie of all time. She played complicated and strong females. In Big Valley (Diet Bonanza), she was a strong matriarch in charge of the ranch. She seemed to ooze confidence. She managed to play the manipulative and confident Mary Carson in Thorn Birds at age 72 and come off as a bit sexy. Her attitude and behavior are powerful and she uses her walk and body posture effectively. It is powerful to hear her discuss sex, desire and age. Note in the scene above that she checks his package out while rubbing his shoulders. A powerful, sexually charged scene between a 72 yr old woman & a gay man. Now that is acting! Her final farewell to Father Ralph is incredibly sad. One criticism is she should have said "kiss me on my lips" instead of "mouth". Mouth sounds weird vs. lips. In the glorification of youth culture and looking young, we treat the elderly in a horrible fashion and growing old like a terrible affliction (read Brave New World and note how they react to old looking people). The truth within her cry about her body letting her spirit down is depressing and incredibly powerful since it will affect us all; there is no escaping it.

The Thorn Birds miniseries uses unrequited love, everlasting love, commitments and breaking those very commitments as a way to tug at heart strings and capture viewers. Throw in some beautiful actors, a dramatic score and retro storyline and it can remain timeless for new waves of viewers. I'm an action-adventure-sci fi movie guy, but if this cheesey romantic miniseries were on, I'd keep it on if Stanwyck was onscreen peppering Chamberlain.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Star Trek

In the new Star Trek movie, Kirk hangs from a ledge like 10 times. JJ Abrams just got lazy and thought "when Kirk wins he has to come from behind, nope can't do that, what if he comes up from being at someone's feet?"

I get that we want to see the hero go through some adversity. I also get that overcoming tough odds makes for a sweeter victory that audiences like to see in blockbusters. It is annoying to see the same thing over and over to the same frickin character. Couldn't he be pinned to a wall and have to scheme his way out? Couldn't a Romulan have their foot on his chest, holding him down and forcing Kirk to snap out of it? Why is he always hanging from a ledge? Even little kid Kirk crashes the car and hangs from a ledge. He establishes his calling card.
"I've got you right where I want you"
"Uhhh Kirk you're on a ledge barely holding on with no weapon in your hands???"

Please Tell Me This is Ironic or Hipster Something

This is incredibly catchy and the instrumentation screams college party sweaty dancing at 2am, but this is insanely sexist... and that is coming from me.

China Divesting of US Assets

China has been rumbling about selling US assets recently. They did not say they would get rid of their Treasury holdings, but golly, that is the next step to slowly back away from all US denominated assets. Just mentioning the sale of assets in the same breath as retaliation for arms sales shows how the Chinese government has viewed their economic policies not just from a pure econ standpoint. It's not just so economic growth keeps the natives happy while the government oppresses them. It's another weapon in their military's arsenal. A weapon they can use without firing a shot.

People argue the Chinese would not sell the Treasuries as it would destroy their total hoard. Not completely true. They could buy protection from interest rate spikes on their existing hoard in advance and then make one of those block sales to hurt the US big time. Their hedge on interest rate spikes would offset their losses caused by their own block sale. Add to this the idea that the Chinese do not USE those reserves right now for anything. What is it to them if their hoard of trillions loses 20% in a swoop if it absolutely destroys the US economy/government/society? The reserves just sit there. Believe me, the Chinese people really want to use that money.

I blogged about this almost 5 years ago. I also love how my criticism of the GOP is representative of how they lost socially moderate fiscally conservative voters. Only now, as they have lost power & face a mass movement of Tea Partiers, do they find their principles again.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

UK Immigration Issues

As I recently commented in my review of Londonistan, the UK has a horrible immigration problem. Asylum seekers is a phrase used to describe them. Offering folks a better life? Sure. Helping the economy? Uhh OK as long as you are not a lower wage earner who will get screwed by a higher supply of labor. Draining welfare from the Treasury? Yup. Social objectives? What? What could the social objectives be? No new rights were created. Was it all just to spruce up the national class photo?

I'm interested to see what comes of this. This could just be hot air, but it would be a shame to see social objectives of a ruling elite lead to a homegrown terrorist training center, an isolated underclass that leeches yet resents their host country, social welfare problems and loss of national identity.

The best laid plans of mice and men....

Monday, February 08, 2010

Cheap Trick

This video takes one minute for the song to start..

My favorite Dream Police reference was Apu singing dream police as he washed his T top firebird. I wonder if the Green Police advertisement will give a boost to Cheap Trick's download stats on Itunes. I laughed at it, but it was a bit creepy as the UK has already set up a green police... seriously, they will wear green jackets like in the ad.

Sherlock Holmes of the Bosom

If you've ever wondered if somoene has implants or not, just ask for a flashlight. Then take the flashlight and shine it under the breast. If it lights up like a pumpkin at Halloween, you've found an implant.


From my mom's tooth-gum structure, I inherited a small gap between my front two teeth. After having braces, the two teeth slowly slid apart. It's small but noticeable. For years, I thought the only solution would be $600-1200 per tooth 'lumineers' which are like veneers but not permanent (they last 20 years, don't look like "Chiclets" and don't involve filing down your teeth). For 8 dollars & in 2 weeks, I'll have that gap fixed. I always found that gap annoying, and I know it pissed my mom and dad off since they spent good money on braces only to see that tiny gap form. I told them they can claim to have fixed it with braces since this procedure will only cost $8.

Dental technology advancements kick ass.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

More Problems with the Man Made Side of Global Warming

Not good for the scientific community when the data is not trustworthy in one highly touted or referenced study because it will cause skepticism about others studies by the same group. Man Made Global Warming has had a rough three months... not that the American mainstream media would notice.

Maybe two giant snowstorms in Washington DC in 2 months can wake them up.

The Demon Sheep Ad

This is the most unintentionally funny political ad of all time. This is gold. When you think it cannot get weirder and worse, it reaches a whole different level of weird.

Super Bowl 44 Thoughts

Great game. Great coaching for the Saints. Bad decisions for the Colts. Great defense by the Saints, bad defense by the Colts. Few memorable commercials; etrade baby love affair being a highlight. Queen Latifah should send The Who a flower arrangement for performing so bad that everyone will forget her awful pre-game performance. "I hope I die before I get old" is it ironic or just coincidental that the Who got famous for that line in "My Generation"? Tomorrow I get to make fun of the fat humps that teased me for not wearing Colts stuff to work. I'm not a Colts fan, get over it fat humps.

Indy should have known they'd lose after Obama said he thought they'd win.

Dan Fogelberg Rocker?

This was his hardest sounding song. He just had to kick it up a notch for Letterman in the 80s. His music made my mom cry often and I never understood why until I experienced love and heartbreak. We need some real classic Fogelberg...

Please Reverse This Trend

Europe's nightlife is dying??? Say it ain't so. Some of the euro hotspots feel like grown up collegetown areas where there are 15 bars within walking distance of each other, the streets are thick with people and there is a buzz in the air. It's like that condensed area in Portland Maine with cobblestone streets and 8 bars within throwing distance of one intersection. That is a good nightlife atmosphere. All cities should have that.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Young Doppelganger

As a kid growing up in the 1980s, my aunts and uncles called me Alex P. Keaton. It didn't dawn on my mom that sending her son to school in Lacoste polos and button down shirts might be OK on TV but not OK for 1st grade in Saco, Maine.

Scrooge McDuck

Disney knows how to make stereotypes that everyone can identify but love. You don't see anyone ripping them for a Jar Jar Binks type character. No one ever questions my favorite stereotype that they turned into a lovable character: the cheap penny pinching moneymaking Scotsman Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge might not wear pants, but the guy has enough cash and gold to fill a giant vault that he can swim in. He swims in his money. The idea is absurd as he has a giant vault that is stories high, yet money and cash do not circulate like H2O molecules, so what is the point of having the vault be deeper than say 8 feet? I'll leave it to the man himself. Scrooge what do you havew to say for yourself?

Thought so.

Fallen Caryatid Under Her Stone

If ever in Paris with some spare time, check out the hole in the wall Rodin museum. He is worth it. The gardens are great and hold some nice treasures of art. You pop around a corner in a garden and bump into "The Thinker". The Indianapolis Museum of Art had/has some Rodin pieces/duplicates and the "Gates of Hell" pieces were/are there. I wonder how many people truly notice his work there when they enter and exit the featured exhibits they have each season.

One of my favorites is to the right. It shouts no no this beautiful Greek girl will not hold up your heavy stones. She will not bear your burdens for eternity. Rodin was so cool that he left his casts behind so duplicates could be made. I like how he can capture facial expressions, especially in The Burghers of Calais. They are worthy of long gazes and intense observation.

Thanks Auguste Rodin. The world is a more beautiful place because of you.

Zombie Book - State of Decay

For zombie tales lovers, I will be ordering State of Decay. In my recent haul of books after the holidays, the only fiction book I sought out was "The Domination". The Domination is a classic of alternative history where the worst of the worst of humanity are the leaders of the old British Cape Town colony.

Miss Murder

Finally got the name of the song. This plays at my gym randomly between the German Gay disco and awful pop tunes. For an alternative pop rock song, it's catchy. The bridge reminds me of the bridge in "What Would Brian Boitano Do Part 2". Of course, this came out in 2006, and I'm 4 years late to the party.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Movements with Fascist Elements

I wonder how many people see Fight Club and V for Vendetta and realize that the folks looking for something greater than themselves end up stripping away their identity for submersion into a mass movement. To become realer, greater, awesomer, they must lose their soul for the greater good that promises to destroy the current reality and replace it with one leader's vision.

Home Healthcare Robots

Wonderful to think we may have robots to supply home healthcare in the future. If you read the post, the saddest detail is that average elderly person receives 9 mins of care a day from a nurse. Sad. $45-60K annually for 9 mins a day. I would much rather receive home care from a robot and live in my own home than live in a nursing home. If they can program the robots to replay famous stand up comic routines, this robot would be the perfect nurse.

The WSJ NY Times Whining Overeducated White Women Articles

The recent WSJ article on Mr. Right being hard to find, and the subsequent 'me too' NY Times articles, is the absolute best example of NY media creating new 'problems' for upper class overeducated white women in NYC. Oh stop the presses, some overeducated white women can't get married by age 35. Oh lordy!

This is not a problem....
1. This is secretly a vehicle for women to brag about themselves. It's called whine bragging. Get used to it as the world has become such a calm place we now have to find ways to bitch about the good things. See this entry on Ann Althouse's blog about whine bragging about a marriage.
2. Women, wake up, men have been doing this for years. How come no one ever wrote this article when men were married 'down' to women without college degrees? Maybe they can start doing what men did and look for healthy genes and charming partners. Maybe they can marry a guy who doesnt make as much money as them or have multiple degrees and fuckin' live with that. Oh the horror!
3. Get over yourself. Seriously, you're probably not attractive, no matter what the WSJ or NY Times says. They ripped on Christina Hendricks.
4. This is the downside of feminism. Sorry, secretly men now get all the milk for free thanks to sexual liberation and we do not have to worry about being the primary breadwinner. "It's OK to come out boys, we won!"
5. This is the latest thing the NY media makes a fuss about when they do not want to talk about real people problems. Last year, it was talking about people making 100K annually seeing their salaries reduced or god forbid their cancellation of NY Knicks season tickets.
6. This feeds into the women are not truly complete without a Mr Right.
7. Intelligence is overrated in a partner, and a college degree does not signify intelligent.

If it is here's some solutions...
1. Get over yourself
2. Maybe on a date talk about the world and your interests, not a list of your accomplishments.
3. Maybe look for what is inside a person. After all, college degrees are given out like pez now. With the incidence on mental disorders at my college, I am thankful i did not marry one of those genius Scarsdale girls.
4. Maybe when you spent 3-4 years in grad school and broke up with that great guy because you didnt have time for him but he was so right, maybe, just maybe, that guy was the mr right for you. I'm not typing this as a guy dumped because someone wanted to set up a free clinic in sub-saharan africa by age 30 when she was 20, wait yes I am. $100 says she's still single and her biological clock is loudly ticking.
5. Mr or Mrs Right is a romanticized concept that didn't and doesn't really exist. Consider how long arranged marriages lasted in even the Western world. In the 1890s, some people started to marry for this thing called love. Drop it. It feeds into our obsession will perfection.
6. Get over yourself. Your bourgeois concerns about Mr Right make me laugh. The world is a dangerous, tough place where many people have big, daily problems. You, Ms Great Accomplishment Life, finding Mr Right is waaaaaaay down the priority list.

Dr Helen has a different take on this. Ann Althouse has been citing this as well here, here and here.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Insecure

Sometimes I wish I could wrap my arms around insecure people and transfer some of my confidence to them. To forever beat oneself up over imaginary faults is a sad exercise that yields no gains.

Ha Ha Jay-Z Lost Money

Celebs losing money because of bad investments. Uh oh, maybe Beyonce is going to have to perform more concerts for dictators and their families.

My Doppelganger

Just give me 30 years

Good Mash Up

The Kardashian family is involved with some dumb weight loss supplement. Whatever. Great mash up here as someone edited this so you see the Kardashian advert as well as a 1990s phone sex ad that was played on such great shows as USA's Up All Night. As a lonely 13 year old, those were sexy to me. The model in that advert is Lorissa McComas. I have problems.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


To truly be free may require you to be responsible for your actions, plan your life and live with the consequences.