Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gays Less Than 5% of US Population

Vindication. The General Social Survey data reveals some interesting stuff, and the blogger I linked to did a tally of those who claimed to have same sex partners. He threw in bisexuals as well and split it out by race (not quite, but I bet the Asian data sample was too small at 5% of total US pop). I'm even shocked it is 3.5%, but adding in a fudge factor for people who would lie in an anonymous survey, the number maybe gets to 5%. Americans think it is 25% or so. Maybe they watch too much TV. Big paper here.

Just happy as I once tried to tell a teen that gays make up 5% of the population, maybe 10% if including one time experiments. Thankfully, the GSS is available and not locked under politically correct key.

La Resistance Lives On

Nice blog right here that is hoping to spread some good information on the problems right now between the revolving door between Wall St. and Washington D.C. and how it affects us all. His stuff is well researched and not too long to read. After hearing how bad the Memorial Day Holiday was in soem big US cities, I can't imagine how bad it could get when the food stamp EBT cards aren't refilled.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Thought Libya Would be Days Not Weeks

America's involvement in the Libya action has passed the war powers resolution line and would now require Congressional approval. Obama claims that the 'kinetic action' is so minimal that it does not, yet when he began the Libya thing he cited the war powers piece as his justification for not needing Congressional approval. What I find disturbing is that the media has turned a blind eye at this entire operation. I shouldn't be surprised they will do it for a Democrat president, but ahem, isn't this a pretty lame breaking of the rules, in a lame operation, with no real cause, and oil at the heart of it. Isn't this tailor made for the media to get morally outraged over?

Anyone know why we're involved? Who we're aligned with? Why we're involved here but not in Syria? When it will end? Are we targeting Qadafi or no? How stupid this all looks?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Israel Gets My Support

About 40 secs in, a heckler jumps in. Netanyahu gives her a moment, and calmly reminds the audience, Congress, that this is OK. This is the beauty of real democracy.

The Jews made a nation in a sleepy backwater of the Middle East that couldn't grow anything. I'll support Israel as long as they are a beacon of free speech and support for the US in an area of the world that hates us and the basic rights of men and women.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

California to Release 46K Criminals Back into the Population

The liberal wing of the Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy voted to allow Cali to release 46K criminals back into the population (5 to 4, dammit!). Kennedy was the swing vote, as he has been for what seems like 5+ years now. The guy will have a great book written about him after his retirement how his moderate stance gave him control of the SC for years. I really hope the 'wise Latina' Sotomayor and her fellow liberal justices feel good allowing California to release 46,000 criminals back into the population.

We were making good progress in reducing violent crime (5.5% drop). Wonderful progress despite the economic depression around us. Guess that bleeding heart poverty causes crime thing doesn't hold up. I could see poverty causing a robbery or crimes against property, but not murder or rape. That takes a special level of depravity.... not being poor.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Woman Rips Beyonce's Fake Girl Power Anthem

Nice takedown of the new Beyonce song. I alwasy found it odd that Beyonce could sing songs like "No Scrubs" and "Bills Bills Bills" which wanted a man who could pay for her life, and within the same year release "Independent Women". Yeah... no mixed messages there.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I am all for saving money. I support my wife's couponing to help offset the horrible food inflation going on in our Great Depression 2.0. I just hope she does not turn into one of those extreme couponers. At what point does it turn from a hobby to save money to a form of OCD? I'd put up with excessive hand washing instead of stockpiling laundry detergent.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


When work absolutely sucks, I just pull up one of my boy's little pictures. The world is right again.

People I'd Vote for President in 2012

1. Howard Dean
2. Mark Warner

1. Chris Christie
2. Rick Perry
3. Mitch Daniels
4. Mitt Romney

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rapes of Peace Corps Volunteers

I find it quite disturbing that the Peace Corps would have a climate of cover up in regards to rapings of idealistic & young female volunteers. The Peace Corps stands behind their statement that they do not put their volunteers in unsafe environments, but let's be honest, if the Peace Corps is there, it is an unsafe country. I fully support the legislation of Congress members Poe (R) and Tsongas (D), who are trying to make the Peace Corps (PC) responsive to attacked females. Side note: everything bad about COngress is on display int he last few paragraphs as some Democrats are hesitant to undermine PC as it might hurt the legacy program of a Democrat president. Jeee-sus. I think the spirit of PC is awesome, but we should face facts that these people are volunteering in tough locations, not a Swiss ski resort. At the core of this problem though is why would the PC cover this up? Let's consider the program, its volunteers, its target audience and all of that fun stuff.

1. Locations: you go to shitholes that need volunteers from America to provide basic things we Americans take for granted. Look at that map. You little volunteer are not staying at the Ritz and seeing the Great Wall of China. No, you're going to the interior with the industrial pollution and malnourished kids.
2. People: You the volunteer are probably some doe eyed college graduate who thinks America is evil and unsafe, and that the 3rd world is full of happy natives just waiting for you to help and enlighten. You might have had it so easy, that you don't have to get a job right out of college and can fuck off for a year or two. The people you are helping, and probably thought were oppressed 3rd worlders, are probably living on less than $3 a day, have lots of problems, have a culture that doesn't think highly of women, and might have anger management issues.
3. The Peace Corps: They are a government program of liberals who will cover up any bad behavior by any person who is poor in order to rope more volunteers and more funding. It is a lot harder to persuade people that a program is good when the volunteers who are trying to HELP the oppressed people come back raped & scarred for life. Sorry, Suzy, you're just going to have to take one for the liberal team. Think parents would support their kids joining the PC if they had that in the back of their minds.
4. Moral Snobbery: Volunteer for the PC and you get to hang that over every other person who claims to care for the poor. "Yeah, I helped some kids in Tanzania plant a tree... it was the first tree they ever planted.... they laughed & danced in a circle... I cried watching them from a few yards away". That is the type of story the moral snobs will throw in your face about their PC experience. That is gone when someone gets raped. Think they are going to tell you about the kids they helped or the water project that worked. F*ck no, they won't even let out one peep about that time as rape at knifepoint in a 3rd world country is pretty horrible and can scar a person for life.

It has to be sad to want to help the world, and in that process of helping, have the darker side of the world reveal itself. We take for granted the freedom of fear we have in many communities in America. I know a healthy dose of college education in the humanities pounds it into people's heads that Western Civ is bad, the 3rd world is no worse (moral relativism), and peopel are at their base 'good' (society makes them evil). Sorry, the real world is grey. The real world is pretty scary. Yeah a "Take Back the Night" event does make sense in big American cities, but for the 3rd world, it's "Don't go Out at Night". I spent time in developed European countries, and I sometimes felt that below the surface danger. I can't imagine what goes through these young women's heads when they are giving their time, energy and emotion into a volunteer project, and they are violently attacked. The Peace Corps owes it to them to treat them with dignity and the improve protection.. maybe even provide some social justice.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zombies & Conversation Narcissists

The previous 6 month period has been one of reflection. Part of it was anticipating the birth of our first child. Part of it was disgust with a lot of people I interacted with, society in general, and the further devolution of the nation/world. Another motivator was discussing a lot of life's big questions or ideas with enlightened & younger family members, and how would my wife and I craft an environment that would be best for our future son. A major theme has been how people define themselves; their prime motivators for living. What to do in and with one's life?

One thing I focus on is the idea that even if I disapprove or am not happy with the adult decisions my child will eventually begint o make at age 18, I'll support him as long as he is healthy and happy. Whether Buddhist monk or chemical engineer, I will give 100% support. How he chooses to define himself, through work, travel, lifestyle choices is up to him. As long as he is healthy and happy, that is what I can wish for. This has been a constant refrain between my wife and I. What baffles us, is how so many people make decisions that do not lead to good health or happiness. The idea of soul development might as well be alien to them. Why is this? Why do people choose to become morbidly obese? Why do people choose lazy outs with bad results, that they know are coming, rather than reach for something more? Why do people become TV zombies?

People do want more. People will usually select 'more please' for good things or will desire optimal health/looks. They don't do the work though to get those things. Many people seem to desire more, but also seem to look around and go "screw working for anything" and settle into a routine of face stuffing, mind numbing and vegging out. It takes work to think, act, expand one's circles and knowledge, and that might be it. People just take the path of least resistance. Some social pundits have stated that the supreme goal in our mdoern society is to maximize status. This runs counter to what I see. How are people who cocoon themselves and zone out choosing to maximize status within their social or familial circle? I would support the notion that people try to maximize their status when in conversations or social settings as conversation narcissists, but when out of that environment turn back into zombies. It is fake. It is a fraud. It is easy to see through, but annoying to witness.

We have a conversation narcissist at work who is 250+ lbs and hates her life. She never speaks positive of anything in her home life, she turns every other person's anecdote into a way to relate or turn it back to her, and she has to stay at work 10 hours a day because she 'times out' of work too often from her socializing. She joins weight watchers every year to lose like 25 lbs, then gain 40 back. She walks weird and will probably die before age 70. I wonder what she would say if asked what her prime motivator in life is. These are the thoughts that run through my head when conversation narcissists and zombies cross my path.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sat Night Music: Cry for Help by Rick Astley

Soooo smooth. The music industry had no clue how to market this guy with his beautiful voice and flaming red hair. That jacket is so early 90s. Just enjoy that 2nd verse and the bridge. That is a smooth, f-ing pop ballad.

Book Review: The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar

Why yes, this is a book review of a work by the Julius Caesar. Caesar wrote commentaries, which read like memoirs, of his near decade warring, exploring and conquering Gaul. The book is living history and a primary source for events from 2000 years ago. While not a fantastic piece of writing, it has a value in its mere existence. Caesar was quite the warrior and statesman, but could he write?

What we have are translations to read, unless you want to find a version in Latin and go wild. Caesar is very smart to leave out some cruel realities of a war of conquest in hostile territory in ancient times. Caesar gives some interesting details on the peoples that he is meeting: the Gauls, the British Gauls, the Germans and random areas of France. I enjoyed reading how the tribes were eager to get their hands on as much wine as possible. I never knew that the Gauls were taller than the Roman (and laughed at their diminutive stature), and the Germans towered over the Romans. His descriptions of Gaul and German life is a bit of fluff compared tot he action elsewhere, but it is an itneresting look at one leader's mind and views of 'barbarians'. This can't be surprising considering modern France's reputation for wine and champagne. One important thing to keep in mind is Caesar wrote this not for historical preservation, but for his own reputation in the contemporary political landscape of the late Roman Republic. He protects some people in his commentaries, and he pushes the complexity of his task. This is a bit like the memoir of Douglas MacArthur and a bit like the self serving memoirs of modern US politicians like Barack Obama, Romney and McCain. These are much closer to MacArthur's book as they explain tough decisions in a position of leadership.

Examining Caesar's performance as a general, wow, talk about writing a great memoir to explain one's amazing ability. He has one defeat, which is mostly due to zealous soldiers and tribunes who disobeyed an order. He uses spies. He uses trickery to disguise numbers or fool the enemy. He negotiates with wavering neutrals to secure forces. He is merciful at times, but he is cruel at other times. He tries to only engage the enemy when the battleground favors his men. Caesar is a great blend of politician and warrior, as he can play the different tribes off one another yet has the military intelligence to win battle after battle. He gets the most out of his men, listens to the centurions, and keeps at his soldiers despite fighting in an alien land. These commentaries are dry, but definitely an interesting read.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Overboard

I have disliked Grey's Anatomy (GA) from day 1. It's a super chick show. It's really obvious in its PC crap. I did think it is weird how the writers made the original female characters so despicable and every man an amazing well rounded man. That threw me off. I understand that Hollywood and TV go way out of their way to PC up or push certain narratives, which GA did an amazing job by having the hospital in Seattle have 3 black doctors (one who was chief) but only one Asian doctor... yeah, because that is realistic. I have noticed a real push not just in a particular narrative, but how they set up editing which has forced me to not even be in the room when my wife watches the show.

Grey's Anatomy has spent the last few season basically saying "straight people take for granted marriage and are bad with it, while gay marriage is a beautiful expression of love that is superior". This is coming from someone who supports gay rights to recognition of unions. While reading on the couch, my wife watched her Tivoed episode ("White Wedding") of GA. Any straight person reacting less than super supportive to the gay ceremony was bad, and they threw in religious maliciousness for good evil measure, and the final scene was split between a straight couple going to a judge for a quick civil ceremony to make their marriage legal while the gay couple had this huge, 'beautiful' ceremony that sadly you evil person that is part of the 50% at home that don't consider it a real marriage should recognize. Grey's had previously juxtaposed a surgeon quickie marriage to a stranger to get him on her health insurance in an altruistic move to 'help' someone w/o insurance (hahaha, another lib narrative pushed) while a gay guy was hurt by an accident at the ceremony his partner set up that was over the top to try to make the marriage 'mean' something special more than just going to a judge for a civil union event. What was GA trying to brainwash you with in that episode? White Wedding took it to a new level.

I rolled my eyes at about 20 spots during the new, White Wedding episode. The final scene of quick editing to bounce betweent he straight take it for granted vs. gay beautiful but not recognized was so obvious and lame. It saddens me how obvious and overt the message is, and that to even push back on it would get a person the 'homophobe' smear. I've spent nearly 30 years watching TV (far less now), and have seen countless handsome and superfit gay men, countless attractive lesbians, and the gay relationships are always pure of heart with evil relatives that don't understand and occasionally that enlightened parent/sibling that supports and embraces the gayness on TV. This does have an impact on people as TV is sadly a large impact on our culture and society, and people are weak. I can't count how many unattractive and overweight gay men I have met. I can't count how many absolutely ugly lesbians I have met. I openly have discussed the lightning speed that my gay friends' relationships seem to be paced at. Yes, TV portrays just about everything in a skewed manner, but gay stuff on TV is ridiculous. Grey's takes it all to another level on one specific topic within the gay community.

The OBL Raid Pic

One thing The Obama advisor team is good at is PR. They have really stunk it up with the OBL raid. Actually, it does seem fitting that the military would TCB and then the politicians would flub it. That has been our last 20 years of history. The story changing, the withholding of any photos, releasing info that Valerie Jarrett said NOT to do it and she is a special advisor to Obama, and countless other things have all added to a 'it's the rookie squad' feel to this. Back to the photo, what idiot released this as the photo of the raid viewing (which has changed into a blackout viewing)? Can you spot which person is the POTUS who made the decision in this photo? This photo was totally controlled, and they could have rigged it better.

1. The POTUS should be in the big chair. That projects power and control.
2. The POTUS should be centered.
3. The POTUS should not look scared and desperate. He's hunched over and looks down. Contrast Obama with lower right corner white shirt wearing man, standing suit man, AF guy, and even Hil-dawg. Lower right corner white shirt guy looks in control and serious. Someone should have said to Obama, "hey, do what this guy is doing and sit in the big leather chair".
4. Why is the POTUS wearing a winter/fall looking coat indoors?
5. If this is staged, and the White House has admitted some of these things were staged and chnaged their story, why didn't they take 5 mins to do a wardrobe change and rearrange the room? This could have been a powerful photo and iconic image for Obama, but I doubt he'll want to use it in the future.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Things I Talk to My Black Female Coworkers About that I Couldn't Say on TV

I know I am a charismatic guy, but for some odd reason, two of my closest friends at work are black females 10+ years my elder. It might be my hidden knowledge of 1970s 'black music', my jokes on rappers turning into beer spokesmen and family movie stars, or my 'unexpected' ability to dance well. In reality, we share common interests, laugh at many of the same jokes, and are honest with each other. Over the course of 4+ years, we have discussed many things that I'd get banned from TV for asking or discussing. I can get away with things because that is what I do in general, and because we are good friends. They are both great coworkers, have been to my house, were some of the first to know at work about my wife's pregnancy, have great senses of humor, and are good people. I enjoy finding out answers to things I'd never hear the truth about on a TV or NY Times article. The topics, which we will bring up multiple times, are:

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rewarding Feeling

It was wrong for Obama to send more soldiers to Afganistan; we needed to leave!
Enhanced interrogation was a moral outrage!
The JSOC was Cheney's personal assassination death squad!
We should respect the sovereign rights of nations!

All out the window when your guy is POTUS. I really dislike lies, and I love my country. I am happy about the death of the spiritual head of Al Qaeda and terrorist no. 1, Osama Bin Laden. It is the exclamation point to the demise of Al Qaeda's influence and power. What is especially rewarding is seeing my Demo-douche friends on Facebook cheer on an event that was possible primarily through all of the mechanisms that they protested and blasted as 'evil' for years. Welcome to the dark side.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Breaking the Chains of Love

I used to dance around to this as a kid. This song was written for all those who had died from AIDS in the gay community in the 80s. Man, was I a sheltered kid from Maine.

2nd Thoughts: Pakistan Duped Us for Years

Osama was living in a giant compound with 12 foot walls less than a mile from the Pakistani Military Academy, two hospitals and other swank spots. We had known of his whereabouts for 10 months but waited until now to make a run at it. We just tossed his body into the sea without any photos to show the world as proof. I am glad to see him gone, but something feels wrong. Well, something besides Pakistan duping us for a decade while they sheltered him. I also want to point out that Pakistan lied to the US for decades about their nuke program and received aid, all the while aggressively working on a nuke program.

Nice article here.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bin laden is Dead

He is just one man, but some men matter more than others. Osama Bin laden is dead.

It took 10 years, but it is hard to go into hostile territory the size of California looking for one man when he's got plenty of friendly cover. Looking back on 10 years of conflict, Bin laden's way of doing things and his ideology has been a big failure. Jihad has seen its support decrease, Iraq had a choice between Islamofascism with jihadis in control & a republic with connections to Western ideas and they chose to work for the republic, Arab nations are expressing a desire for more freedoms, and Bin laden dies in a cave on the run. He hadn't even put out a taped message or video recently. The Al Qaeda power structure is looking more and more like a mob family. Sure there are sympathizers and cells, but what does it do for a cause to see its biggest name tracked down and killed like a dog? Time will tell what impact this has on the entire war on terror, and we can only hope it leads to greater peace and prosperity ahead.