Friday, April 29, 2016

Prince + SM Review-Preview 42

Prince died and we went through the 21st century routine. "OMG I loved Prince. OMG >tears< why? Why God? Why did he have to go? I'm going to listen to all of his stuff for 48 hours and download his three most popular songs off of Itunes." It is the weird public mourning of an emotionally constipated society. I enjoyed Prince's music because half of his tunes were well done and classics on pop-rock radio and the other half were incredibly inappropriate songs about sex. What adolescent boy wasn't going to enjoy the women in the Cream music video?

Weird thing is how Prince does reveal the leftward shift. His movie Purple Rain was considered risque for the sex in it, but is tame now. His androgny and homosexual vibe was considered weird and wild then (and a source of jokes for hetero men) but would be 100% approved and celebrated now. I tip my hat to a man who can dance as he did in high heeled boots. His song "Darling Nikki" (a man has an S&M experience with what is most likely a woman) was considered raunchy, and while it is, it is nothing compared to what followed even as early as the "2 Live Crew".

Akinokure wrote a great post on the afro-ization of Prince, and if you watched any segments on Prince after his death, it makes sense after reading it. Prince was a black rocker of the funk mold. He remained virtually unchallenged after Rick James' flame out due to blacks abandoning the guitar. He was not really R&B, so to see 90% of commentators be blacks talking about how important he was to blacks was disingenuous and transparent. This is not as pathetic as blacks reclaiming Michael Jackson after mocking him for 25 years for abandoning his blackness. The dirty secret is blacks have so little to be proud of that they will rush to claim and display anything they can possibly show to the rest of us as theirs.


Last week I wrote on Virtual Reality and how it can be used in the decline. I then discussed it on the Weimerica Weekly podcast. This week I will write on a Chinese paper from 1999 and its focus on the expanding battlefield of war. War can take any shape now, and globalism and tech opens new fronts. This can be very interesting for challengers to USG as well as to possible defectors from the empire.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

WW1: Satirical Maps

This was a comedic map of the Great War as it stood in 1915. Even in 1915, the Russians were still viewed as a steamroller despite all of the evidence to the contrary. While England is portrayed as a nautical power, it really was the addition of the BEF into northern France among some other quirky things that helped stop the Schlieffen Plan. The BEF was a force hardened by battles around the globe for the Empire.

Maybe this is the grandfather map to all of those "Europe From the Point Of View Of X Group" maps that you see on the web.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Social Matter Weimerica Weekly Virtual Reality

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up, and it is on the concept of virtual reality. I discuss what is coming and the interesting option of "mixed reality". The fun and hedonism will be there, but there are great therapy applications that could be implemented.

This is going to be big. If social media on 2D screens can change us, and it is undeniable that it has, then virtual reality that feels real enough is going to warp our minds.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Buy An Island, Build Rapture

It is falling apart. Even progs have caught on, and their Gospel is mentioning some icky unmentionables. The rich and paranoid are now buying doomsday bunkers, which is not protection from nuclear war but from the masses. Maybe the progs win out and decline trucks on towards a Leftist Singularity. Avoid that by buying an island and building your own Rapture.

This is not the biblical rapture, but the undersea city from the game Bioshock. Game creator (((Ken Levine))) made fun of libertarians by having their underwater Galt's Gulch go haywire in under a generation. (((Levine))) made his other game smear nativists. No agenda, none at all kids. I cite Rapture as an idea, not of creating an underwater city as in the game, but of playing with that idea for an exit.

While Land linked to the floating island that resembles an oil platform and seemed Bond villain-esque, this is a bit more detailed. Yes, Land did add my tweets that are the genesis for this post. Buy an island, and use that island as an "anchor" to then build on, under and around for a mega-base city. Picture the island as having some non-threatening buildings there but the island would need a functioning dock for importing goods and transporting people. The island itself would act as a "Central Park" for sunshine and recreation while living would be underground on the island or extended out from the shoreline underwater. The island would be the hub of the wheel.

This sounds ludicrous; it is not feasible! Islands are for sale here, which you can see are scattered around the world but let us focus on the United States. Focus on an island of decent acreage that is not too far from the coast. How about Foster Island? That is 300 acres that is 20 minutes from the coast (zoom in center-right on this NOAA chart). Right next door is Dyer Island which is twice Foster's size but not for sale as some non-profit for teenage boys has ramshackle cabins there. Still, Dyer is possible expansion, as is Flint which is just off Dyer. Foster is a freehold island, which means you buy it outright for all eternity. Build on, up, outward and under. This is purely land for you to carve out and mold as you see fit. At 300 acres, one can house many with some density. Foster is pretty close to the mainland, so building offshore using the island as an anchor is a tougher task.

The problem with island buying is what you are allowed to build on the island. Who holds the keys to permitting construction? One would have to bribe persuade the local municipality for loosening up the laws for construction on the island. In this era of environmental focus, pitching the construction as necessary for an "eco-research institute" seems a sure fire way to receive approval. Energy is going to be an issue, so tidal power investment would be key. Once again, pitching eco-friendly pieces to your Rapture community.

This is a colony is it not? Education can be taken care of via homeschooling, the seas can feed you protein, and a few boats can provide security patrols if not automated. Foster Island provides ample space, but how many do you want in? An initial crew of 20 could form an LLC to get this going and pool resources. How many join the experiment? Be careful in screening, and it may not even crack 500. The selection process will become the evolutionary pressure for your community if it lasts multiple generations. The sci-fi series Wool might be a guide too. The Amish did not start out with many, and they effectively isolated themselves right in the American heartland. If this works, you replicate it on other islands. The Venetians had an archipelago empire.

The citizens of Rapture ended up as Big Daddies and Splicers, mutated via genetic experiments. Rapture did have flooding problems after a civil war and was in ruin. That was just a prog needing drama, wanting to smear the outgroup's ideas. One does not need to look into fiction for the storyline of Rapture. A progressive city saw many citizens abandon it after bloody riots decades ago. Baltimore has seen its remaining citizens barricade themselves inside or become parts of roving gangs dealing in exotic substances. Others have consumed genetically modified food or manufactured food, mutating into gargantuan people "big fatties" (38% overweight, 28% obese). A stunning 10% of the population have mutated so that they need another drug (insulin) in order to live. That is Baltimore.

Baltimore is a dystopia of 600,000. Your hypothetical, Rapture-like island community might be 500. What is the worst that could happen that could even compare to a Baltimorization of your current town?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Brazil's Perfectly Corrupt Olympics Showcase

Be watching the goings on in Brazil? What a fascinating glimpse at our future, or is it really our future since we will be 40% Mexican and few will love the identity of being American? Regardless, Brazil has impeachment trials over some Petrobras money shenanigans involving the last president (Lula) and their current president has been caught up in the web (Dilma). This is perfectly timed for the 2016 summer Olympics.

An impeachment, thousands protesting in the streets and possible street-fighting of a political nature is perfect timing you might ask? Perfect. The 2016 Olympics going to Rio was deliberate. The Brazilian Olympics were intended to be a showcase for the southern hemisphere. I wrote on this way back in 2009 when it was awarded the games. The IOC chair deliberately stated he wanted a southern hemisphere nation to host a game as his tenure ended, but Anglo Australia does not count. Shhh. This was to be Brazil's coming out party just as the 2014 World Cup was a little extra special.

This is perfect timing because it shows how messed up the southern hemisphere still is. The Economist had a cover story on Africa as new, improved and functional. If so, why are so many Africans streaming into Europe right now? If so, how much growth is thanks to the Chinese pouring billions of dollars into Africa for raw materials. Zimbabwe and South Africa continue their descent into hell from being civil former colonies and republics.

Back to Brazil, the impeachment centers around shenanigans with Petrobras. The supposed right wing politicians monkeying around are not all that right wing; they just are not former Marxist guerrillas. That is the comedy of American Jewish reporters Glen Greenwald and Nomi Prins providing on the ground reporting that is pro-Dilma. They want the Marxists to remain in power. No one is asking how a former Marxist guerrilla leader could go legit and become a leader of a rising power while former supporting cronies of juntas all over South America are locked out.

Brazil itself benefited from the commodity boom, global debt boom and a central banker who kept rates high because of the legacy of hyperinflations a generation ago. Some areas were being developed for the rich and inequality came down a bit, but this did not build a healthy middle class. The murder rate is still 27 per 100,000, which is five times that of the American rate. No real education gains. Anytime their educated come into money, they buy real estate in America for hiding out and consolidating their earnings. If you doubt me, take a look around Miami now.

The sarcastic remark by DeGaulle that Brazil is always the country of the future hide a feature of its past. It was a functioning and competent monarchy until it replaced that with a republic. It might be better to study Brazil not as a what may come or what will be but an historical what if. The monarchy died, the republic was born, and both writers left and right can agree, corruption has been an issue ever since. Maybe the blood on the streets this summer will not be the favela violence, as the police have been cleaning out in the run up to the games, but of political battles. The Olympics will show us the wonder of the southern hemisphere in all its glory.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Social Matter - This Is What Decline Will Look Like On Virtual Reality

New essay is up at Social Matter about the coming world of virtual reality. VR seems all fun and games right now, but few people are thinking beyond the surface level sex applications that people are using now.

It is going to get weird. It is going to be seductive and addictive. We ourselves have been cultivated since the arrival of social media and smartphones for adoption of VR existence.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Cuck Singularity + SM Review-Preview 41

The Feds announced they will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 with Harriet Tubman sometime around 2030. This triggered an instantaneous confluence that we will know as the Cuck Singularity. Hunter Wallace captured the best tweets displaying this cuck storm on Twitter. They fell right into it. Unprovoked the GOP kids proved they were supercool and fine with a war hero and bank buster being replaced by a woman who led her family to freedom and has a history built on myth and lies.

Please click that link. It's staggering the reflexive "gun toting republican" comments. They are either ignorant or carefully avoiding the fact that the GOP was founded on the Northeast progressives' desire to abolish slavery and the switch in who votes what means these cucks are betraying history. They also forget that their party has a base that represents "Jacksonian Democracy", and that Jackson was a Democrat in name but it practically is meaningless in modern context. These guys are wretched humans.


Last week I wrote on the odd interview that the Libyan Deep State did with Buzzfeed. Weimerica weekly was on the world of vidya games, e-celebrity and voyeurism. The growth of voyeurism starts way back with the advent of cinema and then television. Hitchcock was a filmmaker who played with the idea of voyeurism in his movies. It has only grown more disturbing.

This week I will discuss virtual reality and an old Moldbug hypothetical idea that seems much closer to reality than anyone realizes. Weimerica Weekly will be about VR as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

WW1: The Ace's Lucky Penguin

Adolphe Pégoud’s lucky mascot. It was a toy penguin, displayed today in Paris’ Musée de l'Armée.  The charred stuffed animal was pulled from the crash that killed Pégoud, the first flying ace in history. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Social matter - Weimerica Weekly Vidya and Voyeurism

This week's Weimerica Weekly covers the world of video games online and voyeurism. I delve into the idea of e-celebrity for people who are famous to 15 minutes worth of humans.

This is half an hour long and I mention the changing nature of play. It is strange how we have even turned our children into voyeurs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Putin's Ratings Firm

In March, Russia launched its ratings firm. In building a separate world system, this is one piece to it. Current institutions get delegitimized and shadow institutions have to be built. This does not just describe how rightists in America should operate but non-USG actors on the world stage. I have written on this specific piece before as a good development. The West is smearing its own financial institutions, so no help is needed there, but they are doing so because they feel there is no alternative. This is potentially changing.

The idea is being mocked by Americans, "no one cares" and that this will be "in the Kremlin's pocket". We all should assume so because the American ratings firms are in the USG's pocket. The ratings firms stopped downgrading the US Treasuries. The USG attacked Egan-Jones for daring to be honest about the state of American Treasuries. Ratings firms are parts of USG as they are parts of the financial system and that system has a firm grip on USG. Finance is weaponized therefore ratings firms are weapons, too.

it might be a small thing now and maybe in the quoted American's mind no one cares, but it might not always be the case. There was an unexpected recent downgrade of Poland by S&P. This was purely political, and Reuters openly writes of the coincidences.
"The downgrade reflects our view that Poland's system of institutional checks and balances has been eroded significantly," S&P primary credit analyst for Poland, Felix Winnekens, said in a statement, criticising legislative changes to the constitutional court and public broadcasting under the new government.
Earlier this week, the European Union began an unprecedented inquiry into whether Poland has breached the bloc's democratic standards by passing the new laws.

The EU is on the attack and now the S&P downgrades Poland, which will hurt its government bonds and currency. In a world with separate rating agencies that have a track record of fairness and good observations, could S&P pull of such ridiculous moves as a political weapon? Most likely no if the competition is firm. Definitely not, if nations become defectors of sorts with regards to ratings.

This is the problem of the current US financial system. No real competition and they can trade on the old reputation for fair adjudication of contracts. The American financial system is doing its best to wreck the reputation it built to become a competitor of London. It had to do so to become a financial center. Trust does matter. Unfortunately, our elite runs the game like a Mafia. They can do so now with no competition. It will not be so easy forever.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Immigration and the Innsmouth deal

One of the most disgusting arguments from the open borders crowd is the idea that immigration boosts the economy and keeps social welfare programs financially feasible. This is an argument shot through with holes as Americans can look at welfare utilization statistics and know the truth. Europe might have it worse as Muslims are on the dole at even higher rates. This is a hollow argument too as everything comes down to the economy. This reduces the nation to a situs state for business contracts and nothing more. This is also the Innsmouth Deal.

The Innsmouth Deal is not real, but once you see it, you understand. H. P. Lovecraft was good for writing strange stories with interesting moods. The Shadow Over Innsmouth is about one man's trip to Innsmouth with its strange goings on and even stranger looking people (full text here). The town is full of hybrid fish-human people who start out human but as they age become more fish and return to live in the city under the sea. Their humanity is gone. It is a spooky story and part of the Cthulu Mythos. if you read closely, it also reveals the human flaw that creates the Innsmouth Deal.

The town had a merchant captain named Obed Marsh who discovered these Deep Ones, and he set the city up for the deal. Marsh discovered them in the West Indies via a native tribe. The tribe made the deal with the Deep Ones first and why did they do it? To maintain their current system of living. From the story:
But it was all right with the heathens, because they’d ben havin’ a hard time an’ was desp’rate abaout everything. They give a sarten number o’ young folks to the sea-things twict every year—May-Eve an’ Hallowe’en—reg’lar as cud be. Also give some o’ the carved knick-knacks they made. What the things agreed to give in return was plenty o’ fish—they druv ’em in from all over the sea—an’ a few gold-like things naow an’ then.
Now that be sailor talk, but we can figure it out. The tribe was desperate and rather than change what they did, they made a deal with the Deep Ones that ultimately changed who they were. A little human sacrifice was not so tough for them, but they bred together and changed forever. They stopped being themselves and become a colony of Deep Ones that lived first on the surface.

The Innsmouth community did the same thing. They had traded with that native island community on top of their regular merchant activities. The tribe was slaughtered. This created a problem for the current order of Innsmouth.
“That naturally hit Obed pretty hard, seein’ as his normal trade was doin’ very poor. It hit the whole of Innsmouth, too, because in seafarin’ days what profited the master of a ship gen’lly profited the crew proportionate. Most o’ the folks araound the taown took the hard times kind o’ sheep-like an’ resigned, but they was in bad shape because the fishin’ was peterin’ aout an’ the mills wa’n’t doin’ none too well.

This created a desire within the town to make a deal with the Deep Ones for fish and gold. Bring back the good ol' days. They did and only at the cost of some sacrifices to the sea but in the same biological nature as the islanders. They even traded in their God for praying at the altar of the Deep Ones.

They did not want to change their ways. They did not want to try something new. They did not want to suffer an economic loss. Yet they did try something new and they did change their ways. In the process, they changed everything about who they were. That was the Innsmouth Deal. Will the Somalis in Sweden, the Algerians in France, the Muslims in Germany be worth the supposed maintaining of economic order if Sweden becomes Somalia, France becomes the Maghreb and Germany becomes Turkey? It's just a little human sacrifice. It's just replacing your bloodlines. It's just praying 5 times a day. It's all done to maintain the current elite's grip and not force them to face change, try something new yet remain who they are.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Social Matter - A Deep State Announces Its Existence

New post up at Social Matter. It's on a peculiar profile of a Deep State where that Deep State proudly and loudly announces that it is getting the band back together.

The suppsoed Deep State of Libya is getting their act together and sat down for an interview with... Buzzfeed. I examine what is really at play here and good old general Haftar, CIA's man in Libya, is involved.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Left's Hodgepodge + SM Review-Preview 40

 This is something I brought up on the Rebel Yell Podcast but how bizarre is the Left's coalition when you look at it from 50 feet away. That great Germany video that uses the collection of misfits and "coalition of the fringes" as Sailer puts it perfectly encapsulated their collection. But stop for a moment and think of their "coalition" as a group of people talking to you at a party or bar.

Consider their ingroup that they defend at any public flare-up. A white liberal SWPL would wrap his arm around the shoulder of one short mestizo and another arm around an obese black lesbian and say, "This is MY TEAM". No other group is that stupid. Those others letting the white liberal put their arms around them do so in order for access to the economic resources the white liberal can divvy up. This makes no sense as is the democratic politics version of high-low vs. middle, but in days of yore the high wouldn't look at the low as equals. In the case of today's liberals, they grant their "other" partners as moral superiors.

It is insanity, and it will come to an end. Either through conflict or simple eradication.

Last week I covered the odd programs the progressives are implementing that pays criminals and drug addicts with no strings attached. Weimerica Weekly covered the phenomenon that is the Hamilton musical.

This week I will write on a Deep State announcing their existence and what it really means. Come on, a Deep State using an interview with a Millenial style news site to announce that is is getting the band back together. The Weimerica Weekly will be on a weird development with voyeurism, video games and online celebrity.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

WW1: The Tsar Sealed His Fate

The Tsar visits the front and his cousin the Grand Duke, standing in the car. After the great retreat of 1915 in September, Nicholas sacked the Grand Duke and took personal command of Russia’s armies. Possessing no military aptitude, this major mistake led to increased unrest both in the trenches and at the home front. He became associated with direct failure as the Russian steamroller did not win.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Social Matter Weimerica Weekly Hamilton The Musical

The new Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This week's episode is about the Broadway musical smash Hamilton. Why is it a success? What does it reveal? Is this all a 3rd grade social studies project?

You can hear all of that, but allow me to mention something peculiar about the show. The lead, Lin Manual-Miranda, is actually the weakest vocal and dance talent in the show. One has to wonder if he pulled a Stallone and secured the lead for himself because he knew it would be a success, therefore launching his career.

After listening to the songs, I fully expected a rip off of Snoop Dogg with the line, "He is I, I is him, slim with the tri-point brim, what's my mutherfuckin name?" Alexander Hammmmmmmiltonnnnn.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When Does Musk Go To The Moon

The space race is back but on the private side. Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin launched and safely landed their rocket safely. Elon Musk's firm answered. If you know the early space race duels between the US and USSR the Russians would do something, the Americans would race to catch up, and then when the Americans caught up, the Russians would so something at a higher level. Nice cover for ICBM development. As Land writes, this makes the Bezos-Musk duel fun and great to witness.

I am torn on Musk. He is brilliant and he is also the most industrious welfare queen ever. Tesla cars are fantastic, but why don't they ramp up production if they have so many people signing up to buy them? it is fun to watch though, and I wonder when he gets to the moon. Musk standing in a moon base doing a press conference streamed online or on television is where I see this going. SpaceX will put men and material in space, and acts in the gambling, ambitious manner one would hope a billionaire would be.

In the comments section to the xenosystems post, I wondered when Musk would work with the Japanese. A criticism of Musk is that this is all being done with government money. Yes, but he is successful with what he uses. The Japanese had a program that they suspended of creating a robotic moon base. It had a $2 billion price tag. A robotic moon base has advantages for first, not needing to rely on human physical limitations for time on the moon and also as a base from which to build a base capable of supporting humans. It is a smart approach to anything permanent on the moon: send robots first to build for humans until you are ready for them.

The Japanese love to find new government spending programs. Elon Musk knows how to work government officials. When does this marriage take place, and Musk runs the Japanese program to build a moon base or get to the moon? Musk can use the Japanese for their money and motivation, and the Japanese can use him. It seems a good marriage. For a man who takes personal risks, it feels right. May humanity see it happen.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Do Progs Know Where Sesame Street Is Now?

It is all about power. The Left only cares about being in power and maintaining their grip on sorting the spoils. They cannot be reasoned with either. This is slowly dawning on normies in the middle and on the right. Even the smallest things are untouchable and beyond reproach. Remember when the Left flipped out at Mitt Romney's statement in 2012 that Sesame Street wouldn't be commercial free anymore and may even lose funding? Apoplectic and offended would be words to use to describe their reaction.

Oh no, how dare that Romney suggest Sesame Street would have to get commercials or how dare he say it might lose funding. Think of all the kids who need to watch it in order to learn. Think of how much good it does. This needs to be provided commercial free and on PBS for the children. The progs wept tears, and normies wondered if that was going too far. Some normies did notice how the Left won't budge even on tiny funding for PBS, so how could we ever truly fix our looming social welfare liabilities? The memes were many.

Do you know what happened to Sesame Street? It is on HBO. The problem was money, and this was the fix. From a piece on this great migration:

For the first time in its nearly 50 years on the air, Sesame Street will air new episodes exclusively on HBO only to air on PBS and its member stations nine months later. Reruns will air on PBS in the interim. The new season brings with it a new set, designed to give core characters central locations. The partnership gives PBS Sesame Street for free and permits Sesame to produce double the number of episodes per season and a Sesame spin-off, even a new Sesame Workshop educational kids’ series. HBO will be streaming 150 archived episodes of Sesame Street plus 52 episodes each of Sesame Workshop’s Pinky Dinky Doo and The Electric Company
This is made even funnier by the essay explaining in detail the problems the show faces now that caused the HBO deal. There is more competition, the costs of production are high and they never wanted commercials. The agreement with HBO allows Sesame St to remain commercial free while expanding its capabilities. This is a good thing. The essay is of course worried how middle class and upper-middle class kids will get new episodes a whole 9 months before everyone else! Oh the inequality!

Anyone making memes of this? Anyone caring? No of course not. This Thinkprogress article was not on the tip of every prog tongue for a week. It was not something to froth at the mouth about or even tsk-tsk. They do not care, and worrying about the philosophical sell out or little underclass kids seeing it nine months after initial release is 100% faux concern. There is no outrage at President Obama betraying Sesame Street or even some hate thrown at GOP Congressional leaders. This is forgotten.

The outraged served its purpose 4 years ago. It is no longer needed. No one need care. Reality marches on. Progs cannot be bothered to check in on Ferguson after the riots, why would we expect them to follow up on defending Sesame Street?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Social Matter - Progressives Will Pay The Crime Away

New essay up at Social Matter on the newest schemes progs have to reduce crime. It focuses on the pay violent criminals in California program that has one on for years with vague results that the media says is success as well as the LEAD program in Seattle for low level drug offenders. Waive the white flag. Hope you all enjoy.

Friday, April 08, 2016

28Sherman on the Rebel Yell Podcast

The good guys from the Rebel Yell podcast had me on for a chat about a variety of things. You can listen to it here. We talk about a variety of things but with a special focus on the South. The demographic situation is rough for the South but they are one of the few regions if the only region that has a strong identity. I cite how heroin has been nowhere near as successful in infiltrating the South compared to other regions. I compare the South to other areas, and there are reasons for that resistance.

One thing that is true about the South and I recall hearing it elsewhere is that the South both has experienced amazing wins (as part of America) and crushing defeats (Civil War). It is a whole identity with both halves of the human experience. America in general is one narrative of victory after the other so this decline is crushing to the American psyche. A true military defeat would cause it go face reality. The South has dealt with this already.

I am thankful for the opportunity to chat with the men at Rebel Yell.

The AltRight Gets Attention + SM Review-Preview 39

Hey look the AltRight received a bunch of attention! Milo and Allum wrote a piece on the AltRight. Then other outlets decided to pounce. Oh those evil and racist AltRighters. This was fresh meat for the GOPe to point out the racists for the Left so that they could maybe be viewed as good right wingers. Whatever. The cucks gotta cuck.

Honestly, I did not care much for the Milo-Allum piece. I like a lot of both men's writing, including this new Allum piece. There were positives in it. I found it cool that the Unz crew was thrown in there because how much of us are even thinking this way because of Mr. Steve Sailer. If Allum and Milo were auditioning for a " for the Right Wing", it was a fantastic piece because it showed the thirst out there that the AltRight represents as an expression that is suppressed by mainstream media. It was spin, and it was entertaining to read, but anyone else get that weird vibe that the Ramzpaul "the altright is just a bunch of funny kids who are crazy and wild and free like the hippies used to be" spin was the pitch? It seemed another way of saying the Left can let the mask slip and revel in the destruction of whites/Christians/families, but these AltRight kids just are joking around when they return the favor.

I've written before on the differences of NRx/AltRight and the two being kind of like cousins. Nick Land has as well with an even newer entry that I recommend people read. I disagree on the asabiyyah point, but his words on demand management and robotics are things no one else is discussing for game changers. I'd add VR is going to destroy entire sectors of services. Who will ever need therapy if they have VR to escape to and work out issues? Who is going to do outdoor activities that require waiver sign-offs? People use heroin to escape reality now, VR is going to offer the same but without physical risks. Moldbug's Virtual Option will most likely be enacted... and people will sign up willingly. A God-Emperor or Queen in every headset.

Altright is more a movement while NRx is now more like a small strategic organization. Be careful of entryists and people wanting to rush to the head of the parade. Both Altright/NRx see similar problems (issues and groups) but maintain very different organizations, goals, structure as well as strategy. We all want to see the existing progressive regime replaced. We can work on that together, and then split up the spoils. Decentralization is a strength of the AltRight. Better to keep it that way than to let interlopers dilute the ideas within it just for attention.

Can I ask one favor, and it is not for me, but can one of these people writing on the AltRight cite Heartiste? Honestly, that guy has been an anchor, an island or whatever you want to use for what has become the AltRight. Give him his due.


Last week I wrote on the faulty assumptions that are at the foundation of the American Empire. Weimerica Weekly was an answer to a sponsor's question about when the hub-bub over blacks and the Oscars started. I found organized hub-bub as early as 1996.

This week I tackle the fact that our cities have reached a new low in dealing with crime. They'll literally pay for it, and far worse.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

WW1: When French Cyclists Were Cavalry

It was an interesting age. One where cyclists could count as cavalry. One never has to feed a bicycle. Photo is from Champagne, 1915.

It did not always go so well for the cyclists. This Belgian met a grim fate. Most likely posed for the photo.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Blacks In Hollywood

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up and it is about Blacks In Hollywood and the focus on Oscar representation. The faux problem of blacks and Oscar nominations and wins is discussed.

I hope you enjoy, it is a little over 30 minutes long. Sound is a bit fuzzy after the 10 minute mark, and it was something I did with my microphone levels.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Where's Your Constitution Now

One more bold step towards formalized one party rule. The Supreme Court ruled against a challenge of using illegal immigrants and non-citizens in drawing the election districts around the nation. This decision was hailed as "one person, one vote". This decision was based in constitutional law of some sort. This is your precious Constitution at work conservakins. Post some more American eagle in front of an American flag pictures today as offering to your dead gods.

Look at how the Supreme Court voted. All justices unanimously supported this. All of them, even Justice Thomas! The rationale is that all people within a district must be entitled to representation. The non-citizens who technically are temporarily here on different visas or green cards need to be represented. The illegal immigrants, technically law breakers who should not be here at all, are entitled to representation. This was their rationale.

This will speed up the destruction of different red states that do great work gerrymandering like their blue state counterparts. This will also give incentives for cities and states to invite legal and illegal immigrants for more political power in their city. This could push more cities to become sanctuary cities. Move to the left quicker cities, political power and the right to transfer wealth awaits you! This is all constitutional faithful GOPers!

Your government does not work for you. We might as well move to formal global government now and rule the other nations as proper provinces with the same benefits and legal protection as in America. That is what this ruling means. Your American elected officials need to represent transient or illegal individuals in your country. How ridiculous does it reach for a low. Does an individual on a student visa need representation? A tourist visa need representation? Where does it end.

It doesn't.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Rob Ford Is Dead

Wait Rob Ford died? Oh damn, it had to have been alcohol poisoning or alcoholi-nope it was cancer. Holy shit, he was young or was he, the guy was so fucking fat I couldn't tell. 46. Man, cancer doesn't fuck around.

Howthefuckdoyouevenpickafavoriterobfordmoment? When he bowled over the lady at the city meeting, it was hilarious for his utter disregard for a human being in his path. Dancing to reggae was pretty great. How do you top the image of him being tickled though?

Rob Ford was like a fat baby in that picture. Look at the glee in his eyes. Look at his smile. That is joy. Even the other guy looks happy. This odyssey was a Chris Farley movie brought to life: Tommy Boy, Mayor. Riddle me that on democracy. How the hell do we get Rob Ford as a mayor of a city bigger than Rumford, Maine? Democracy.

HowthehelldidIevenhearabouthim? Ohhhh was it the mayor may have done crack media fiasco? That was it. Who the fuck is doing crack in the 2010s? is crack really that good. Why do this in power? Why do this at all, but why when in power. His goddamn excuse was he must have done it when he was really drunk. He was excusing drug use due to his drunken state. Ford moved to the Marion Barry hall of fame, and was that part of the absurd focus?

Now honestly, did the white pigmentation aid in the media attention? Here was a drunken, drug using mayor of a big city acting in reprehensible ways but finally a white one so the media chattering classes could point and laugh? This happens, hell Marion Barry is still on the DC city council (and hates Asians), but it is never a media approved target [edit: Marion Barry died, but was on the council well after the crack and corruption arrests]. We haven't had a national conversation on a mass shooting in a while since the last several have been performed by non-whites. How the hell can the media spend time showcasing how messed up black political leaders are in between multiple television ads of the black father in a business suit coming home to a 3000 square foot home and 2 kids? If Ford were black would the news article call him "disgraced" in the dancing video? Wouldn't he be the affable, friendly and lovable rogue?

Even his sex scandal got more immediate attention than the Anthony Weiner scandal. The media defended Weiner for a while and even tried to rehabilitate him. Ford was being accused of anything and it was quickly picked up and believed. The man uttered the funniest denial of cheating in the history of political sex scandals.

Stopforamoment, stop stop stop and listen to his words. He was answering to charges he performed cunnilingus on another woman. Hookers were even involved. You couldn't write that in unless it was the lowest of cheap comedy films.

How did this guy become a symbol for anyone to use as a top ticket figure? It says more about the donors that they could not figure out how to position someone else as their candidate for mayor. What is the goal of these guys? is it to maximize the value of real estate for the developers? Can the donors just debate onstage their proposals rather than place the fat puppets like Rob Ford onstage? Make Toronto safe? What is it? Do you know, because I cannot figure it out and this is how we get stuck with guys like Rob Ford supposedly in charge of major Western cities.

I'll thank you Rob Ford. Thank you for showing how broken this system is and useless it is. You lost your fight with cancer, but your memory will live on.

Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Social Matter - The Empire of Bad Assumptions

New Social Matter essay up on our completely odd imperial ways. If it never feels like we win anymore, it's because we walk into the war for odd reasons, with odd logic and odd objectives.