Sunday, April 30, 2017

Social Matter - National Front's Missed Golden Opportunity

New essay up at Social Matter. I cover the golden opportunity that was presented LePen with this year's election and how advisors going back to 2012 pulled her leftward, ruining the framing for this year. As Americans that voted for Trump are upset about the Kushner + Goldman crowd pulling Trump in an odd direction, LePen had a cabal of advisors pull her to the left. All it takes is one advisor placed high enough for the entire game to change.

No one wants Houellebecq's Submission to happen not because it is horrific, it is, but because the Islamization of France would not have an end result as portrayed in the book. Beirut was once called the Paris of the Middle East. No one wants to see Paris become the Beirut of Europe.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Law & Order FOX News + SM Review-Preview 87

I have some family visiting. This means network television airs after the kids are put to bed and my parents have to watch a show. For five nights, there was no television, but Law and Order SVU was on and my folks could NOT MISS THAT. How terrible is network television?

- Production quality is a weird mash up of naturally lit street scenes and then soap opera level lit interior shots. Whereas old L&O courtroom scenes could use a set that seemed to be real with real lighting, the scenes now look like a daytime soap opera. This works though for what the show is.

- This is pure propaganda. This week's specific episode was a fictional account of the Roger Ailes FOX News scandal. Even Vanity Fair commented on the tidy way it was resolved.

-To tackle the issue of sexual predators, L&O used the Ailes storyline for the big bad boogeyman of an old white male. Who played him? The guy who was Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore who has played competent, wealthy white male assholes for Hollywood for decades now going back to Breakin'. Hollywood couldn't possibly make the antagonist look normal, gotta be generic a-hole.

- The accuser is a Megan Kelly stand in more than the Ailes accuser but they steal straight from her accusations. She wears a uniform, the male videotapes her, and of course the consent line is blurred.

- An interesting sequence was a series of close up interviews spliced where women came forward to discuss how they wer videotaped by the Ailes figure. It looked like one of those 'anti-sexual assault, say something' advertisements. As part of the show, it was weird as the context of being a show was broken as the video testimony appeared as if a straight message to the viewer. The women covered the ethnicity and age spectrum, so the rah-rah come forward messaging was clear.

- One woman betrays the sisterhood and testifies positively about Ailes. She was bought off, see, and she played ball, see, yeah, see it's a bad gig. There's a 'how could you' scene, and then you know what.... that woman then goes state evidence and wears a camera and wire to take Ailes/Shooter down.

- Even better is how the cast of characters is littered with familiar faces, so there's a nice pipeline for actors who don't make it huge to still get work with these long running procedurals. Mad Men had two alums on this episode with 'Jane, the hot second wife of Roger Stirling' as the conflicted traitor of the sisterhood and Duck from Mad Men as an on-air host.

- How pozzed is TV and how dominant are the progs with their ideology? The lead testifies that the accuser was acting like she was TRIGGERED in a clip like a victim would be. Duck says he can't come forward and testify against Ailes/Shooter because AILES HAS TROLLS PAID FOR AND TROLLS HAVE INFO ON DUCK'S DAUGHTER'S JUVIE RECORD.

-This is not the most 'come on eye roll' moment. At the end, after the accuser has her money, what does she do with it? She says, heh maybe I'll write a tell all but in the meantime I used this cash for this center for empowering teenage girls.

Network TV is beyond trash. Hollywood delenda est.


Last week I wrote on how SWPL culture acts as a protective moat for the urban white youth of American cities. They can't seek segregation, so they have to create segregation via interests. Weimerica Weekly discussed the drive to find a Beige Bernie. There is a possibility that the Democrats see a Chavez before a Beige Bernie in the '20s.

This week I will cover the change in the FN of France as the election run off approaches that pulled it to the left, making the far right label ridiculous, but also screwing with the potential for framing the election the way Brexit or Trump's team did. Weimerica Weekly might be on medicine. I've received a bunch of tips on odd items so I may do a faux Weimerica News broadcast.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

WW1 - Ruined Churches

Above is Arras Cathedral after artillery destroyed its roof. Below are the ruins of a medieval church in France. The above picture is a symbol for the 20th century, not just the Great War

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not Ready For Primetime Progressives

Former president Barack Obama had waited a whole three months before uttering a first public statement. Definitely quicker than prior presidents but this transition was not normal. The firing back and forth between the outgoing and incoming administrations is unprecedented for focus on treason, law breaking and legitimacy. Obama's reappearance is not just his narcissism on display. This reflects the Left's empty bench.

We are in the invisible primary period for the 2020 election. It is disgusting to consider this never-ending grind of elections, but the first two years after any election have been named this as a feeling out period for politicians in their own party. There are revelations in how the immediate post-election actions played out, but also in the problem on the Left right now.

The Left has no ready for primetime players. From November 2016 to present, every Democrat had the opportunity to pick up a progressive standard and make a name for him or herself. Look at votes for cabinet members or even certifying the election results. There was obvious grandstanding by Liz Warren and Cory Booker. New senator Kamala Harris even made a fool of herself with some comments. The problem is that the broad and diverse Democrat coalition limits how a candidate can make a broad appeal. A generic white male like Joe Biden is untenable for a national campaign for the Left. It is questionable if a generic white female would be tenable (I think it is still).

As I said in this week's podcast, the hunt is for the beige Bernie. I have been calling for this since the Democrat primaries started. A beige Bernie or even just a younger Bernie would've clobbered Clinton so hard that the elite would have hitched its wagon to him or her and dumped Clinton for a second time. After all, what is Obama but a beige Bernie himself? This is the Left's task. Right now, the cupboard is bare.

Some of this is simply the Democrats being destroyed in statewide elections from 2009 to 2016. They lost continuously, and even in a supposed anti-incumbent cycle, they could not knock off some GOP governors in swing states. This hurts the pipeline. Failing to unseat Kasich, Snyder, and especially Scott in Florida were not just losses but losses that prevented figures from using a large state as a springboard for national attention.

The GOP found itself in a similar spot in 2012 because of the 2006 and 2008 wipeouts. Look at the swings in Ohio's gubernatorial elections to see how both parties were screwed by wipeout years (D 2006 wave, Tea party 2010 wave). The 2012 election posed another problem for the GOP because so many of its talented potentials were just elected in 2010. What remained were harder right or more niche right candidates. This is similar to what the Democrats face now. Those who are around now on their bench are the harder left characters from deep blue states.

One thing in these not ready characters' defense for not stepping into the spotlight is the 'stolen election' meme and the attempt to screw with recounts and the electoral college. This is all going to end someday, and one major factor is going to be the Democrats fiddling with the electoral college. Suddenly, 270 is not the needed count. This is dangerous. Because that was a goal, Democrats hoping to differentiate themselves could not be self-reflective or self-critical about what the Democrats did in 2016. None of them could take the Bernie campaign message and run with it because it would admit Clinton royally screwed up by not using it.

This is also the struggle within the Democrats right now as they look for the beige Bernie and minority Wall St puppet for 2020. How do they check off enough boxes with a candidate to pacify their votes and get them to show up in Novembers while keeping donors happy? Can Tulsi Gabbard? I doubt it considering the heat she is getting from the War Party advocates in the media and within her party. A fracture society yields fractured politics. Despite its powerful anti-white glue, even the Left has problems holding it together as society goes fractal.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Hunt For The Beige Bernie

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social matter. I cover the desperate hunt on the Left for Bernie policies coming out of the mouth of a beige puppet. Obama is their model but how many Obamas are there?

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Nationalist News Network

Roger Ailes is gone. Bill O'Reilly is gone. FOX News looks to be turning leftward. If they want this to lower their viewers' average age of 69, they are mistaken as MSNBC has a viewer average age in the 60s as well. FOX's real secret was just being the one option for a large market (right wing middle aged viewers) in the news media space. What is the opportunity out there? Looking at the decayed ideology of neoconservatism and the changing concerns of viewers, it is easy to see.

A Nationalist News Network. A true snazzy, market tested name would be deployed, but consider the opportunity. The key is selling that sweet advertising. Who has money? Well it is easy to see in America that Millenials do not, but dig a bit deeper. The FOX News viewership is older but classic Muh Guns and Muh Constitution whites. They do have young viewers, too. Married couples do have money. White couples do have money. White Millenials will most likely have much more money than non-white Millenials, which skews Millenial numbers.

Cadillac's advertising firm seeking an altright actor is a hint that even the advertisers and marketers know who has money. The proud white next door might be the white that has money to afford life insurance products, financial advice and the occasional Cadillac. The Left has seen the switch in the right's imagery of doughy evangelicals into machismo men, and wants to suppress any positive status associated with nationalist or even altright ideas. The key for this network is being subtle about it to not trip up too many alerts.

A nationalist and soft identitarian stance would be the selling point. The concerns of taxes, Israel and abortion can take a backseat to culture, identity, 'family life', the concept of a nation state and even fair play. Framing the current leftist dominated system as one of an unholy alliance between specific capital interests and culturally left progressives (SJWs), one can see how it is a con promoted by academia and media to keep a well-to-do elite without any fear of challenges or even hard work. It is right to mock the "Dems R Real Racists" slogan, but it is wise to note that the current Left elite uses their underclass voters as urban hostages similar to pre-Civil War plantation owners. The fair play element is how every single thing is stacked against native interests, which carefully revealed as fair play hits normies. No one wants to be considered a 'mark' in the con.

FOX News' website is also as horrible as one can get. For crap tier cable news, CNN's site is actually superior. C'mon, imagine that website run your favorite dissident right individuals that find unique and interesting stories. If Tucker Carlson is enjoyable to watch, how much fun would a truly "Campus Insanity" focused show be? To help secure some viewership of known demographics good for selling advertising, this new network could use O'Reilly. He is basic tier conservative, but as a possible short term stint as he slides to retirement, let him loosen a bit. Blend the old neocon names with younger rightists.

FOX will implode. No turn left will help them as they already are the Schelling Point for leftist hatred of right wing media. No matter how often one points out the media's left wing bias, the knee jerk reaction is 'what about FOX News'. Ah yes, because one cable news channel that is right wing on maybe a handful of items (or one: abortion) combats the entire media sphere. The revelation of FOX as faux opposition in 2015 and 2016 laid bare their treason  to their supposed target audience. In their death though, lies an opportunity.

A billionaire or two and an investment group could come together. Could. We will see. An economist would say there are no $20 lying on the ground, but anyone who has traded stocks successfully knows opportunities are out there if one looks in the right place.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Social Matter - SWPL Culture Is A Moat To Enforce Segregation In Urban Areas

New essay up at Social Matter. There is a pattern to SWPL cultural activities. There is a way that their culture works for their safety and comfort. It is unspoken. It is implicit. The debate is if it is a conscious or unconscious strategy.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Soy Pacification + SM Review-Preview 86

The Soy Meme is a good one. Wagner Clemente Soto's Twitter photo collection of 'effects of too much soy in the diet' is a fun one to cruise through. This has snowballed into more references, images and jokes. One of the more recent ones was that Moldylocks the antifa porn girl had a Soyfriend, not a boyfriend. Brilliant.

It is a joke and a meme, and like the successful ones, works because there is a foundation of truth. Soy does mess with estrogen and testosterone. Soy is a popular substitute for meat. Soy is in Asian cuisine that the SWPLs cite as their one reason to support immigration. It does pacify men by making them a touch more feminine. Physiognomy is real and soy does seem to have an effect.

Soy is not on its own. There is context. Soy's ubiquitous status in lefty pushed food reminds me of BPAs being in receipts and plastics with the government having no problem with it. This is similar to the birth control pill being so widespread that traces of it is in public water. Same for antidepressants, which cause weight gain and lowers sex drive and aggression.

Add to this the weird push for transgenderism with a hyper-focus by the media on boys in skirts. Dope them up with hormones young, no worries, say the media. I would add the glorification of marijuana legalization while simultaneously still treating tobacco like poison. Weed also messes with your T levels. An obese population fits this idea as well.

If these things all have elite blessing, then the social engineering becomes clear that they want a chemically pacified population, especially a chemically pacified male population. An elite wants that when they are worried more about internal conflict and challenges to their rule rather than ginning up men to fight an outside force.

Forget the conspiracy, just look at the patterns. It's a tapestry. It has a goal: securing current elite rule from any challenges.


Last week I wrote on how California's immigration and the marriage between FIRE/Tech and the Democrats created the current apartheid that the media is bemoaning. Weimerica Weekly covered adult day camps.

This week I will cover the odd way SWPL culture acts as an unconscious protection system. Weimerica Weekly is going to cover the conundrum of 'how many Obamas' for the Left. The curious lack of Democrats standing out from November 2016 to today is obvious if you look at the Left's system and its human inputs.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

WW1 - The Nivelle Offensive

At this point one hundred years ago, America was entering WW1, the French were starting a wave of mutinies (more like strikes by soldiers) and the Nivelle Offensive was lurching into failure.

Despite roughly three years of ineptitude, the French from Nivelle on down to the lowest commissioned officer thought if they shelled the Germans enough, they would not hold their lines. The sad thing is that the French had poor recon, the Germans had switched to their flexible defense in depth and the underground tunnels and rooms of the Germans made the shelling by the artillery ineffective.

The French waited maybe a few minutes after the artillery stopped and sent out the troops to march into what they thought were decimated German defensive positions. The French advanced slow despite the Germans abandoning their most forward lines. No man's land was still hell with barbed wire and chewed up earth. Eventually the French walked into German machine gun nests. Some French troops even passed underground chambers that they knew nothing about, so that the Germans could then fire on them from two directions and trap them.

When the Germans counterattacked, the French were thrown into chaos. Their saving grace was that the French artillery could continue shelling and pin other Germans down and prevent them from joining the attack. Even the introduction of tanks did not help. The French tanks were lighter than the British ones, and were taken out by German artillery, creating colorful burst of flames in the grey and brown muck. Some tanks were not as long as the trenches they were to roll over, therefore they fell into the trench.

In that first day of the offensive, the French gained maybe a hundred or two hundred yards of territory. Germans had stopped them and inflicted many more casualties on the French than the French ever expected. The French mutinies were with good reason. While dozens of mutineers were shot by Petain who took over for Neville, Neville was sacked, troops were given more rest and an entirely new strategy was formed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Odd Take On China, Trump + the NORKs

If we rewind time to just after the election, we can see the media getting all flustered by Trump's call to Taiwan and his bombast with regards to China. Less than six months later, and there is chatter about Chinese cooperation and even friendliness with the USG noise around North Korea. Trump's dangling out there positive trade deal outcomes, which is opposite of what he campaigned on but after the Syria missile strike but no ground troops declaration, anything goes.

What's a different way to look at this but not from the American perspective? China's entire 21st century game is managing American decline. They want to use economics to eventually force USG to bow to its desires. It is a long game. China has also been snuggling up with Russia, Iran and others to form a good bloc as a counterweight to USG. it also is selfish because as long as Russia is around, Russia acts as a first meal for USG to swallow and digest before turning to China.

USG has its Red and Blue Empires, and it is obvious Blue Empire has been moving to use China against the Red Empire for years. The Clinton admin kicked over military secrets to the ChiComs, brought them into the WTO, gave them most favored nation trading status and locked China into the mutually assured economic destruction compact that Niall Ferguson calls "Chimerica". Blue thinks it can bide its time and subvert China to eventually get enough elites to call for political liberalization.

China has built up its military but still is a bit of a paper tiger. This is why they are trying to swoop the South China Sea via diplomacy only; they have to. One thing it could do to deflect Blue Empire's advances is cooperate with Red Empire right now. China has to see that the Generals and Red Empire have hitched their wagon to the Trump train. In this moment if Trump is of a different feather than normal politicians, China could create a relationship with Red Empire with cooperation on the NORKs.

The NORKs have nukes. The Clinton admin decided to not use famines as a means to force the NORKs to give up their entire program in exchange for food. The world gave just enough aid to keep the Kims in power. No regime change there. The NORKs are useful in our Godfather Protection Racket as it keeps the Japanese and South Koreans attached to us. 

The opportunity for China is to cooperate with the Red Empire side of USG and take out Kim and end the nuclear program, but install a regime of their making. China keeps its vassal but now one they firmly control. China can use this new state as an experiment to rebuild an entire nation. Ghost cities and spending, plus maybe soem Korean war brides for lonely Chinese men. America gets to puff its chest and say it made the world safer. Red Empire still has an adversary to scare the South Koreans and Japanese with but not a nuclear armed one. 

Suddenly Trump looks like a maestro and has removed the pesky, annoying Kim wart in the Pacific, maintaining the illusion that the Empire is doing fine in Asia. Combine this with any potential detente with Russia, and the madman the media scared America with looks like the global dealmaker that he pitched himself to be.

China makes friends with Red Empire. The Blue Empire dies a little inside realizing that the ChiComs are onto their game 100% and securing sovereignty. This is an odd take but we live in interesting times. Anything is possible.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Adult Day Camps

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one starts with a note on the Battle of Berkeley. The connection of Nathan Damigo (sic?) and the Antifa Porn girl is symbolic of just how degraded the situation has become but also the task at hand for those wishing to save something. I then cover adult day camps because what's more Weimerican than going to Camp No Counselors at age 30?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Devalued Forgiveness

Easter has come and gone. Easter is the culmination of the season of Lent where Jesus' sacrifice for our sins is remembered and celebrated. It is a funny thing to ponder now: sin, forgiveness and sacrifice. This is the YOLO culture. We live in the no judgment society. Forgiveness is easily uttered. As Christianity has withered, so have these subjects. It is not exactly the faith that has devalued these things but the people that live the faith.

There is a common American news ritual now. A horrible crime is committed. Even before the perpetrator is caught, the news goes to the family of the victim for a statement. Rather than keep their mouths shut, they utter the phrase "We forgive the killer". This can floor the viewer of local news or cause others to roll their eyes at the idiot Churchianity types uttering "we forgive these murdering rapists".

One of the worst instances of this was the wife of a pastor in Indianapolis being brutally murdered and raped (while rpegnant) in front of her toddler. This article is from months after when her pastor husband discussed forgiveness. Even before the criminals were caught, the pastor was rolling out on camera talking forgiveness. It was strange to see such reflexive, "I am holy, I forgive you unknown killer of my wife and unborn child".

It was an example of how many Christians have forgotten was forgiveness means. They forgive instinctively without any consideration for the concept of remorse. It could be a status bump to forgive what many would consider unforgiveable. Read the link above and see how the pastor made it all about him not holding onto the horrible feelings of anger. In the sin and horrible act on his family, there were multiple parties, not just his feelings.

This happens even after bigger events than a single murder like terrorism. The forgiveness is easily given and reveals how cheap and devalued it is. What is the awesome power of forgiveness when its spoken as if by a robot? It is common to see and hear this in the news spoken by those wonderful evangelicals that are so devout.

As descendants of the Prots, they come from that line that destroyed the idea of ritual confession. "See kids, only God knows if you're truly remorseful. Going to some silly priest will not absolve you. Silly Papists." The Prot intention that an individual would wrestle with their act and truly grasp their sin and come to terms with God is admirable. It's also possibly only good for believers with good cognitive function. It places the focus of dealing with guilt on the individual, which can be a strong feeling and religious test.

It is also a bad idea for the masses. We have to admit that many individuals barely have agency or awareness of next week. If a church continuously pushes the God loves all despite all shortcomings, that church will be full of those Christians that 'pray' on decisions, royally screw over friends, but then wipe away the act with "God loves me". This Gods loves me no matter what also twists their conception of the afterlife, but that is for another essay.

Losing the ritual of confession also disconnects one from the community, which the priest or reverend is the connector. Confessing would give the priest inside information, and even if you told no one else, there'd be a set of eyes on you that would know. It could be a behavioral control system, and with the backing of God's wrath behind it, a powerful one for the community. It combines guilt culture with a set of eyes that can shame one because of their knowledge.

There is another side to this and part of the reason why forgiveness is devalued now. We are expected to forgive everything. Grudges or even learned prejudices are strongly discouraged. Society wide, why hold one grudge? If you hold a grudge, you might be able to see patterns and hold a grudge against a group... we would not want that unless it is a grudge approved by the progressive clerisy. Forgive mere mortal, you only live once, so why hold onto any hard feelings... everybody does it.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Social Matter - Geographic Apartheid In California Exists To Entrench The One-Party State

New essay up at Social Matter. Joel Kotkin managed to discuss the rural-urban divide in California, but conveniently left out how the reason for this is buried in progressive ideology. It is all tied together. The progressive cities are like vampires that will suck the life out of anywhere to keep their wild dreams alive.

Friday, April 14, 2017

4D Chess Meme + SM Review-Preview 85

The 4D Chess Meme is a brilliant meme for the Trump phenomenon. It is not a new one, but comical when deployed. It becomes a catch all.

Trump says something weird? 4D Chess.

Trump randomly mentions someone? 4D Chess.

Trump screws up a roll out of something which fails but was not his exactly? 4D Chess.

Trump sends his own tax returns that show a billion dollar loss and then sends his returns showing a +$150 million return 8 years later signifying how much bank he made in 8 years to eat through that loss on national TV? 4D Chess.

Trump lobs missiles at Syria but at Assad prior to a meeting in Moscow between foreign ministers and while the Chinese head of state is eating dessert at Mar-A-lago because your forpol guys want the Norks dealt with? 4D Chess.

Similar to appropriating some of The Donald's speech, mannerisms, style or approach for use in everyday life, mentioning the 4D Chess when you stumble into some luck will help you. It adds a layer of mystery or a cloud around your motives, hiding them. It can cover up though for bad executions of things that somehow still turn out okay.

Where this helps Team trump is that he can use the Mad Bomber strategy but without the negative connotations. Nixon used this strategy when Kissinger was talking to the North Vietnamese to resolve the Vietnam War. Nixon wanted everyone, not just the Vietnamese, to know he would go to any length to get a deal with America on favorable terms. The real targets of his moves were the ChiComs and Soviets. He wanted them to see how serious he was. This not only helped with Vietnam but with opening China and détente.

Saying Trump was using Mad Bomber would play right into the media's hands of Trump being a psychotic loose cannon. 4D Chess is a peaceful way to portray oneself as unpredictable without any insane or violent connotations. This matters. Americans love a killer, but a friendly, thinking-man's killer.

Some serious 4d Chess would be... >HYPOTHETICAL< ...if you had analysts that saw an opposing nation trending towards breaking up or internal conflict. How would they break up? Maybe geographically, economically, or along race and ethnic lines. Ah race! One way you could push that would be to help someone who is an outsider to the political teams and already dislikes the players in the current system, doesn't want to play ball. They're young so they could be bought off relatively cheaply for potential huge gains like a penny stock. Why not give them some publicity on your network and why not marry off someone in your orbit to them? Make sure he completes his end of the bargain and knocks her up so she has an anchor baby. Just one, no more needed, but now she definitely can be a propaganda voice for you within the enemy's gates with the amazing ability to feel the true motives or inside info that does pan out. On top of this, magically you have a conduit for any information you want to pipe in or out of the country, even money. Shucks, if the asset becomes an open dissident, you have a Schelling point for all disgruntled people within the country to rally around. Plus, that person pushes a line that would fracture your opponent along one of those fault lines that your deep thinkers see as present. He just needs to say out loud what people think or feel... some may even be unaware. If they gain group awareness or even enough of them call for collective action, well then you the outside force can assist with or guarantee them the right of self-determination in the event your opponent trends closer to conflict. This is how President Wilson encouraged separatists in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the closing years of WW1.

No, I don't think Mr. Spencer is a Russian agent or that he had a GRU assigned wife, but that would be some seriously buy low, long term 4D Chess by Russia's Deep State if it were true. That's also what the Left peddles when not calling Spencer a Nazi. There was a graphic that had lines and Putin, Dugin, Spencer's Wife, Spencer and then further lines to Miller-Sessions-Trump. It is completely ridiculous. This is a warning about 4D Chess. It can sound like conspiracy​ theorizing if taken too far.


Last week I wrote on how there will be no patriarchy without patriarchs first. Weimerica Weekly was about the Pepsi Ad that made progs mad.

This week I will cover the hand wringing over the plight of impoverished areas within the blue states that shucks just happen. No one knows how it happens! Weimerica Weekly will most likely be about a topic several of you have sent my way, "Adult Day Camps".

Thursday, April 13, 2017

WW1 - The Brest Arsenal

The Brest Arsenal is a collection of military buildings on the northeastern coast of France. Munitions for the war were made there. Keep in mind that when Germany was stopped in 1914, the area that they occupied was an industrialized area. This helped the Germans commandeer French manufacturing and helped the German war effort beyond its own capabilities.
I sometimes write that WW1 was a war that straddled eras. The below picture captures it. The automation we envision with manufacturing modern weapons was partly there but partly not yet arrived. The photo below shows individuals hammering shells back into shape to be reused.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Conspicuous Prog Consumption

Within the world of organic food retailers, there is a trend emerging. The new organic consumers coming up through the ranks are not as wealthy. Whole Foods is creating newer stores that are smaller and offer cheaper options. Trader Joe's is beating Whole Foods in markets. Large grocery chains are offering more and more organic products that eat into Whole Foods. This change in organic food distribution reflects a change progressive consumerism will have to undergo: a poorer prog consumer.

Progressive consumerism allows for conspicuous prog consumption. Political identity can be expressed simply by what one buys. Think of the negative connotation Chik-fil-a has as 'hate chicken'. This works in reverse as one builds their identity. We have formed political thedes and the thedes eventually mold how we act, buy and dress. Crossing over in consumer land is not as hard as crossing over to vote, but there is something similar. Red tribe America laughs at Prius owners.

The younger prog generation is a far more minority filled consumer group. They are poorer. They are loaded with student debt. The first problem retail outlets like Whole Foods run into is that their brands are a white progressive identity. Pulling in non-whites will be a challenge. Have you ever seen a Mexican in a Whole Foods not making a delivery? Of those white progs that remain, they will be poorer than the Boomer or Gen-X generations that built the Whole Foods empire.

This also poses a problem for the idea of conspicuous consumption to signal one's progressive bona fides. If the young generation of progs cannot afford a Prius, a grocery run to Whole Foods and other artisinal, prog approved goods, how are progs going to signal? We can see progs already rationalizing their poverty as a choice with 'tiny houses' and other quirky lifestyle things. These consumer choices though are monthly, weekly or even daily.

Daily signals will need a new channel. This signaling is part of the intra-progressive competition as they jockey for status. It is entirely possible that poor progs throw themselves into political activities, social media outrage, or voicing even stranger and more leftwing ideas publicly. This is not just in mixed group settings, which are happening less, but when they are all together. Consider the venom that happens at caucuses (2008 Iowa Dem comes to mind) during primary season.

It would be wonderful for all if the progressives did not have the money to spend on signaling and would seek status in another way. This would require progressives to disengage from politics. This is a tall order as the entire system needs engagement and will prime these foot soldiers hourly to stay plugged into the political game. The other possibility is that larger brands go all in on progressivism and start aligning their product with one political tribe. Pepsi, the protest choice of the next generation!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Progressive Pepsi

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one tackles the Pepsi ad that is distilled progressivism. Capitalism wins. it will absorb everything you do. I also kick off the podcast with a note on Don Rickles who just died at age 90.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Syria: What Do We Know

Assad had it wrapped up. Assad was looking secure. Hell, rebels were signing peace agreements, other rebels were evacuating Aleppo on buses, and even Trump and Tillerson said Assad's control and victory was a fait accompli.

Then an unverified gas attack with several child victims. Child victims don't work when it's European or American children dying at the hands of terrorists. They only work when the Empire can spend money on military toys to force regime change. Trump sent 59 missiles, not much different from Obama's normal actions, but these were lobbed at an Assad air force base.

Roughly one week was all it took for a policy to change and for a president that had campaigned on non-intervention to talk of intervention without clear details. But what do we know? I've been writing on Syria for years now. Sometimes to spotlight how the Saudis and Qataris want a pipeline, the Middle East map will be remade, the Israelis want Oded Yinon implemented, or that some want to use Syria to get to Iran. Conspiracy theory has become openly stated goals from the likes of Bill Kristol and Jennifer Rubin.

We know the interests all ready for intervention beyond the odd fight against ISIS while our partners support ISIS. We know that ISIS is weakened. We know the CIA and DoD are fighting a proxy war as their separately armed militias have even fought each other. We know now Syria has Russia, Iran and possibly China saying enough, and that further action will cause retaliation (the summer 1914 situation). We know that just a week ago, the US State Department and President Trump both said regime change was not a goal, but are now backing off that. We know Secretary of State Tillerson has a meeting with Russian Minister Lavrov next week.

The dark view is that the natsec community or deep state has nudged President Trump down a path of escalation and full on war in Syria. This comes with grim possibilities in the region as the Russians and Iranians have supersonic missiles that could overload and take out American ships in surrounding waters. The Straits of Hormuz could become a hot point, and what happens to the fragile American psyche if a carrier or destroyer is sunk and is flashed on the television screen 24/7 for a week? Nuke exchange? End of USG as its last shred of legitimacy collapses? The last one is a potential upside.

The lighter view is that this is an example of geopolitical brinkmanship as the Syria war looked to be wrapping up, and the Trump administration wanted something as leverage before the Tillerson-Lavrov meeting in Moscow next week. No 4D chess, more Nixonian mad bomber for this week's meeting.

Unless you're in the White House or have a trustworthy source, no one knows anything. There is the possibility that regime change could be redefined to "Assad lives out retirement in exile and a new coastal minority general hand-picked by the Kremlin that was loyal to Assad will be the new head of state". We could see Syria split as specific interests in the game want. Do not count this out as a coastal Assad led Syria still blocks the Saudi-Qatari pipeline. Assad was within his right to protect his regime from the outside funded and armed insurrection, and he was also the weasel that sheltered Iraqi insurgents that fought US soldiers in Iraq.

America will find out shortly what is in store. There is another set of things we know. We all know the on the ground force with the best intel and knowledge of Syrian fighting that is fighting ISIS is Assad's force. We know with American air support and American restriction of rebel supplying by Turkey/KSA/US State/CIA, Assad could mop them up quickly. We know America should be fighting with Assad not against him.

We also know that the civil war in Syria was part of the CIA/State Arab Spring project. America, the Gulf kingdoms, Turkey. Israel and the EU's culpability in this gruesome multiyear war is a black mark on the rotten history of America's global empire. We know that what America and its wealthy partners should do is find a peaceful resolution to the Syrian conflict, send those Syrian men too scared to fight back home, and pledge billions to rebuilding the Syria they destroyed. Historical sites thousands of years old are not coming back, but running water, working electricity and basic shelter are possible.

Syria has suffered enough. No war in Syria. Send reconstruction funds, not bombs, and leave Syria alone to try to rebuild what they lost.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Social Matter: No Patriarchy Without Patriarchs

New essay up at Social Matter. So many call for a return of patriarchy as is a mystical force will install it. In order to call for it, we're going to have to become patriarchs ourselves. This essay considers the traits or virtues that we must refine and encourage in our fellow men in order for sanity, order and patriarchy to return.

Friday, April 07, 2017

BLM Muslim admission + SM review-preview 84

There was a news report about a college admission. Tis the season where hopefuls wait for the thick packets from their dream schools, so a human interests story would get clicks. Unfortunately, the story used spotlighted the insufferable progressives and their idiotic, clownish worldview. Ziad Ahmed gained entrance to Stanford. He is a well to do teen from Princeton, NJ who wrote for his essay simply "Black Lives Matter" 100 times. Of course he was going to get into an elite school.

Let us count the ways this kid was a shoe-in. First, he was from a wealthy family. The private high school he attended cost #33,000 a year. Princeton, NJ itself is a very nice city. Little Ahmed is a social activist, and wouldn't you know it, he even had a 'paper trail' at HuffPo that went back to last fall. There is a picture you may enjoy.

Looky loo! That is the little manlet and the Slay Queen herself. Seriously, how tiny is this little Muslim? Of course he was going to get into Stanford, but why write BLM 100 times on the entrance essay? It is a beautiful declaration of one's devotion to the progressive religion.

Here is his essay. His one time to express himself as an individual to separate his application as a rich bright kid from all the rest. What does he do? He turns it into a progressive prayer. He does not even make the essay about himself, his tribe and their current oppression in the lands of white Christians. He spotlights the victimhood of the most ridiculous movement of the recent prog history: black crooks should be allowed to rob and commit crime without police harassing them.

This is what the elite schools want. As if they would reject a kid who has pictures with Madam President. As if they are not salivating over having an activist with this kind of publicity at their school. As if professors are not already strategizing how to mold Ahmed and push him down one path or the other. What is one spot at Stanford?

Think about the white kid from a suburb or a rural area with great SATs, GPA and all around skills that got rejected thinking it was a fair playing field. Find that kid in your town. Talk to him about us. Let him know that we need him.


Last week I wrote on how the Pentagon has expanded in size and scope so much that it threatens to replace CIA/State, which is why they are freaking out so much. Weimerica Weekly was on the dysfunctional state of healthcare in America.

This week I will write on how we cannot bring a patriarchy back without patriarchs. Weimerica Weekly might have to be about the amazing Pepsi ad that seems to have sparked a fire in both the right and left.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

WW1 - French Fun

Some French troops having fun with captured German helmets. This is from 1917, which was the year of the French mutinies that nearly ended the war. The French are much maligned as 'surrender monkeys'. This is a strange reputation considering they were the most feared military force for a century. Most of 19th Century European continental policy was on containing the fierce French. It is possible immediacy bias as they did roll over quickly in WW2, and then lost in Vietnam... which has been a losing fight for many a foreign invader.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Weimerica Weekly - Sickcare

New Weimerica Weekly up at Social Matter. This one covers our dysfunctional health care debates, system and approach. There is no fix of simply health care or of insurance. The root causes strike at the American lifestyle and what the systems wants from people. We also have the negative consequences of modernity pushing use and costs up.

Orban's Smart Positioning

The lunacy in Europe continues as no one is stopping the boats. There is not much to stop. the boats simply float from the coast a tiny stretch and then the NGO boats radio the Italian Navy or Coast Guard to come and rescue them. Sending men with AKs to machine gun down the NGO workers and then the migrant boats is not on the table yet, but could be. Viktor Orban continues to be a voice of reason in Europe. If you look at his moves and message, he is strengthening his hand.

Despite being an actual product of Soros funded training, Orban has turned on the master. Orban and his government are openly going after Soros' pet university that acts as a forward outpost for regime change and pozzing nations. Remove the institution and the poz has no power node. The sinecures are not there. The propaganda fountains are shut off. These rabble rousers have to move to another country to sit in cafes and whine about the oppression in Hungary. This is a smart move to blunt the rise of the young filled with idiotic prog ideas. Every Western nation with any sense of self-preservation should be making moves like this.

Orban is not stopping there. From a messaging standpoint, Orban knows his nation is not wealthy nor doing great in an economic sense. What they have is safety and security compared to the 'troops on every corner' look of Paris or the 'barricades at markets' German look. Orban can rest on the smart decision to build a fence and say no to the migrants.

Orban is taking this a step further by offering his people an outside corrupt evil force to face. The slogan is brilliant, "Let's Stop Brussels". The faux program is that ideas put forth by random citizens will be used, but it is a way to engage the citizenry. The slogan makes Brussels the aggressor, the active pusher and the villain. It gives the people of Hungary the sense that they are doing a defensive act to preserve themselves. Brussels never being a proper democratic political force also combats the accusations that Orban's government itself is an illiberal government.

These are long term plays as Orban does see this as a long term crisis for Europe. If or more likely when Europeans start taking him up on his offer of asylum for those oppressed by their home governments in the rest of the West, a new Iron Curtain may descend upon Europe. The curtain may have a similar location as before, but this time separate Europe from Eurabia. In fifty years time, Sweden may become Somalia and France may become Algeria, but Hungary will still be Hungary thanks to Orban's smart positioning.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Coordinated Hit On "Hate"

"That's a nice family you have there. It'd be a shame if they went starving because you lost your job," so goes the modern progressive means of debating and persuading ideological or simply debate opponents. This has become the sole means that the Left has in preventing dissent out in the open. They redefine hate down to sneezing in the direction of a progressive pet voter bloc, and suddenly, you go silent at work. This is expanding after election 2016, because the game simply did not work as well. They are targeting the last bastions of dissent coordination: the online internet coffeehouses.

Twitter and Facebook can use outright censorship to ban anyone they want at any time. The problem still comes down to those that simply voice dissent. How oh how can the progs shut them down? Forget debate. Forget outright removal, for now. Simply starve them of money. It works with individuals, so it should work with websites right?

Breitbart has had the, ahem, semitic money attack despite rising clicks and page rankings. Pewdiepie was booted from a deal. Now a coordinated hitjob by both the Wall St Journal and Washington Post are going after the clicks that dissident websites get. Both articles talk about the problem of online ads going to hate sites. Corporate ad spending funds hate, but not the good kind of hate like anti-white hate, but the bad, intolerable hate. Shucks, how are we going to deal with Coca Cola and Chevy having ads on My Posting Career?!?! Seriously, MPC got a mention in WaPo, and got a fake line about WaPo reaching out for comment. WaPo lied.

It did not stop there though. The Fake News bug bit the legacy media again. Jack Nicas was busted by intrepid amateurs for using fake screengrabs. The entire narrative is being drafted up to get large platforms to overreact and then deny anyone even remotely close to the evil, hateful content any money. Besides money, this will then have the platforms implementing programs that scan for anything close to hate in the content and then autoblocking or removing said content. These articles are to get their audiences and the normies who may hear about this as it is picked up in even broader media outlets to approve squashing dissidents under the guise of stopping hate.

The news flash to the legacy media is plainly stated by Richard Spencer in one of the articles: there is no meaningful ad revenue funding the far right. it actually worked in the opposite direction.
Ha said he had blocked three of the extremist sites after being contacted by The Post. One of them, the neo-Confederate site Occidental Dissent, used the development to make a public call for more donations, earning what site founder Brad Griffin said was about $1,000 — several times more than the advertisements had produced in recent months. 
“It worked out nice for me,” Griffin said.

Breitbart would have true worries compared to MPC or these fringe sites. Most of these dissident sites thanks to the forum set up or comment boards are more like coffeehouses for chatting than pure news media sites. Our news media is reading the crime blotters, FBI stats, welfare usage numbers, etc., in short, measurable facts. This is what the progs do not get.

The progs can never admit that they own every single institution in this dying regime. They are the media and the media is them. They own the only revenue generating media outlets. They have forced all dissidents out to platforms that make little to no revenue. The Daily Shoah with its listener base should have been generating more revenue like the Chapo House left wing idiots, but there is no money in this.

Therein lies another thing the progs do not grasp. This is their job. We all do this on the side. For some of us, we see the existential crisis of the West and react. It is a passion. Richard Spencer is not going to take the abuse he gets for adsense revenue. The bright men of MPC are not in this for e-shekels. We have day jobs, but we still outsmart and outmaneuver them. The progs still do not get it.

That ignorance is a good thing.