Monday, May 22, 2017

Future White Progressive Suicides

There were fears 2017 would not deliver. It has. The insanity continues. The Left will not take a moment to be self-reflective or introspective. They do not do that. Especially now when they feel so close to total victory. The white progressives continue to deliver with the insane hot takes or emoting over any odd, alien person or cultural tidbit. This will continue until we hit the phase of the cycle with white progressive suicides.

There is a feeling a religious revival of some sorts will hit in the 2020s. This might just be all pieces searching for some answer to the emptiness of McWorld. If it is, one outlet will be in the pieces of the West that make up the anti-West, anti-white voter coalition ginning themselves up even more in their anger and frustration. Not just at whites but with the lack of satisfaction in life despite having power or an elite supposedly acting on their behalf. White progs are in a bind.

Some will disappear into hedonism or technology. Others will melt in if they do marry or have kids. That is a signal already out in the open from them, and it does signal self-annihilation. They will take this one step further. Their search for status and holiness points will push them towards a cycle of suicide. White progs will kill themselves in the name of equality to wipe away white guilt. It will be their act of destroying white supremacy and the legacy of white racism.

If this sounds odd, keep in mind this appeals to many different needs these white progs have. This hits the religion need with both the creation of a ritual and sacrifice. This also allows them to become the star of the play, so their narcissism gets a boost. All focus is on them for the act. Make no mistake this will become a performance art. They lack creativity or talent, but they can make up for it with one hell of a suicide.

Think of the target demographic in question. Think of the childless whites hitting late 30s now. What will they do in 10-15 years in their late 40s-50s when sex peak has passed and they are old? What do they have? Nothing. The rhetoric of antiwhite crap will be ratcheted up from the Left which will add value to doing this and they have no heirs. They can leave anything to nonwhite charities as a transfer of wealth.

How? This could be like the self-immolation of Buddhist monks to protest Vietnam, but that is too awful for the progs. Some will turn it into a play of sorts as they discuss their lives and what they are giving it up for with proper non-white props. It would give them the chance to see who would attend their funeral. Think even more narcissistic. They will use hemlock.

Hemlock gives them the chance of the slow death to pontificate when they think people will be absolutely listening for any gem of wisdom, for their inane stories and for their cares. What is tweeting, Facebook posting and random virtue signaling if not a grasp at some attention? Suicide in the name of progress for the abolition of the white race will be their final post, their final tweet, their final periscope, and the good riddance of the most delusional and insane branch of the European family.

May they bury the enlightenment with them.


Angry Midwesterner said...

SSRIs and benzos.
1st part for a general emotional numbing, second part to fall asleep. I see a lot of it empty nesters.

We are going to see Yuge-TM spikes in sleep aids. With the next wave of older childless, who were never on it.

Probably an echo boom of benzo deaths to follow opioid deaths

peterike said...

Hmmm, I wonder. Suicide does take some guts, which they lack. But madness of the crowds and all that. If some semi-known SJW does it in a very public way, it might cause some copycat events. One can hope!

I think an alternative -- and this isn't my idea -- is that we'll start to see a wave of SJWs converting to Islam, particularly the women. This is more likely in Europe where the Muslim presence is now overwhelming and far past critical mass. In the U.S. its a lot more diffused, but even here I can see it becoming a thing, with some twisted feminist logic around how "hiding my body makes me free," or some rot. And the fat girls will love it.

Dirtnapninja said...

They are already self erasing. White progs have basement level fertility. And there is a low level of of SJW conversion to islam..mostly amongst white females who are looking to up their snowflake quotient and lay claim to victim status. Converting to Islam allows you to claim instant victim status. perfect for an ugly white female who is looking to climb higher in progressive stack but doesnt want to become transgendered.

I actually welcome it. These creatures will make an absolute mess of Islam

Ken S. said...

It may have already started. Notice all the rock n' rollers doing themselves in lately?