Friday, June 16, 2017

A Social Media Wrinkle In Divorce + SM Review-Preview 94

People in our sphere have noted the comedy of the fake Facebook life. Some of us call it Fakebook for that reason. I've discussed the need buried in some people to construct a digital self that is an idealized version of a person for mass approval that slides further and further from reality. This really allows for fun with divorce.

Television rarely portrays family life as good, and Facebook is like counterprogramming to that. It is not entirely healthy, but pro-family messaging is great to see hitting people's eyeballs. The comedy is when the reality of a family situation splits entirely from the faux depiction. Women compete on all things social for status, and the idea of being married to a great guy is one many value.

Seeing the representations of your pals or family members as perfect husbands is nice to see them finally given some good PR, but it is a problem when even you know it's not hype but outright falsehoods. Not just falsehoods in his behavior but in how the wife really feels. It then creates a strain not just for the individual doing it but everyone in the know.

This becomes a major issue when the divorce hits. How many of those posts were lies? How long was the lying going? Ultimately, there is the old idea that it's not just the lie but what else can people doubt? Maybe women are just late to the game that the Internet is forever. Maybe not young women, but your older aunt that forgot every husband post from 2014-April 2017.


Last week all I had to offer was a Weimerica Weekly on real estate bubbles and the buying market right now. There were other great articles on Social Matter in my absence. Michael Perilloux had one on how to catch a wife.

This week I will outline the way we can bring the boys home and attack foreign organizations that truly threaten our national interests and security as well as already operate within our borders. Weimerica Weekly will return a little more current than before, as you may have guessed I recorded the last two in advance. Might touch on mass shootings as what makes one a media event (hint: SanFran's UPS shooting doesn't due to Mr. Lam). I dislike recording in advance but had to due to life events.


eah said...

Like your work dude -- but you should really get someone to proofread your tweets:

In contemporary America, you're father is more likely to praise you for a rainbow flag car sticker + dildo collection than a #MAGA hat


Normie: "Can you believe this craziness, OMG, so scary" Me: "No, this was predictable. You just failed to admit it's possibility."

its (although I find the wording here clumsy)

Not a big fan of comment moderation though -- in fact, I fucking hate it.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks. I type autocorrect fucks with me and then I hit tweet without reviewing it. I will SLOW DOWN and proofread them.

Pandemonium Piper said...

Every Valentine's Day everyone wins the best husband ever trophy for a familiar combination of steak, champagne, chocolate and flowers. And without fail that goes out the window with the divorce.

Slightly off topic but I can tell marital status/current divorce/new relationship just by looking at Hair length and dress size of the female.